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South Korea to Ban Cryptocurrency Trading, MiFID II Causes Turmoil: Best of the Week

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Five Biggest ICO Trends for 2018

If you’ve been following cryptocurrency headlines, you probably know that 2017 was a good year for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). But what you may …


IOTA Co-Founder: the Coin Will "Definitely Be Among Top 3 Cryptos in 2018"

2017 was a big year for IOTA. Following the November announcement of plans to build a data marketplace with more than forty participants–including …


Sirin Labs‎ Plans to Open Another 5 Stores, Token ‎Now Integrated on Bancor

In a major expansion drive, Israeli startup Sirin Labs ‎today said it plans to add 5 branches over a period of a few months against the existing …

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No Taxation Without Decentralization: The IRS Closes in on Crypto

2017 was a manic year for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies all across the globe. The world suddenly began to take cryptocurrency seriously as hundreds of …

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Venezuela Begins Registry of Cryptocurrency Miners

In December, we reported when President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela announced the intention of the government to launch a national cryptocurrency, …

Nicolás Maduro

Ethereum Foundation Announces Subsidised Scaling Research Programs

As a new year’s gift to the blockchain community, Vitalik Buterin, in his first blog post of 2018, announced two subsidised programs for research and …


How to Choose Crypto Exchanges, Store Money and Avoid Scams

Exchanges are the beating heart of cryptocurrency trading, and already have a daily trading volume of billions of dollars. For retail crypto traders, …


LMAX Launches FCA Broker LMAX Global, Separating MTF Due to MiFID II

The company is separating broking services from its MTF to comply with the new EU regulatory environment.

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Lightning Network For Ethereum? ETH Surges as "Casper" Approaches

As Bitcoin calms down after its latest roller-coaster ride, Ethereum has soared to unprecedented heights. The coin briefly peaked at just over $900 …


Ripple, the Inadvertent Cryptocurrency, Approaching the Point of Flippening

Developments in South Korea this weekend caused the price of all major cryptocurrencies to drop this weekend – except one. Ripple has (as of writing) …


Bank of England ‎To Beat Bitcoin with Rival Cryptocurrency Coming Out in ‎‎2018‎

With the massive surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies, it appears the ‎United Kingdom might soon have its very own Bitcoin-like digital coin, …


Moldova Aims to Leverage Blockchain for Economic Growth

Moldova, Europe’s poorest country, is now headed to leverage blockchain technology to uplift the country from its recent misery. A group of local …


Analysis: The New SegWit2x has Nothing To Do With the Cancelled SegWit2x

The new SegWit2x fork, which is scheduled for December 28th, was announced on December 16th. Despite sharing a name with the SegWit2x fork that was …


"Imminent Divine Reclamation" - Vitalik Buterin Responds to Words of Doom

Bitcoin is turning into a failed project. The seeds of its destruction among the debris of a community blinded by numerical price increases, and …


New US Tax Law Closes Loophole for Cryptocurrencies

Unlike physical assets, investors can no longer exchange cryptocurrencies to avoid taxes.

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Japan's Embrace of Crypto is Exaggerated, Taxation is Killing Trading

Koji Higashi is one of the most prominent figures in Japan’s crypto ecosystem, working full time in the Bitcoin and blockchain space since 2014. He …


Bitcoin and Altcoins in 2017: the Year in Review

2017 has been the year of crypto.<p>This year saw the creation of more than 100 cryptocurrency-based hedge funds, a crypto market cap that surpassed …


Israel Mulls Issuing Its Own ‘Crypto Shekel’ as Legal Tender

While working on creating a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and related fundraisers, or ICOs, the Israeli Authorities are now considering …


The Ultimate Comeback: Bitcoin’s SegWit2X Fork Scheduled for December ‎‎28

Supporters of the controversial bitcoin’s SegWit2X hard fork have just announced that the split will be revived, according to a statement published …


Are Bitcoin Traders Being Taught an Age Old Wall Street Game?

Bitcoin tanked sharply today as the market appears to be swiftly shifting to Bitcoin Cash in recent hours. To be more precise, the BTC/BCH exchange …

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South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchange Files for Bankruptcy After Second Hack This Year

South Korean Bitcoin exchange Youbit has announced the beginning of bankruptcy proceedings following a hack in which 17% of its cryptocurrency …

North Korea

Japan’s Largest Car Dealership Now Accepts Bitcoin

Japan is the largest Bitcoin market today in terms of trading volume. Japanese society and the Japanese government have accepted the new-age digital …

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Vitalik Buterin: "Formal On-Chain Blockchain Governance Is Not a Panacea"

Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, has published an essay on his blog entitled “Notes on Blockchain Governance”. In this article I will offer a …


Deutsche Börse Reportedly Considering Launch of Bitcoin Futures

German exchange takes its cue from CBOE and CME Group.


IOTA Angrily Clarifies Nature of Relationship with Microsoft

And this morning, a little drama: after an argument on Twitter, IOTA confirmed that it has not actually ‘partnered’ with Microsoft, contrary to …

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CBOE and CME Group Rumoured to Be Mulling Ethereum and Litecoin Futures

Both Chicago-based major derivatives exchanges, the CBOE and the CME Group are rumored to be preparing to launch Ethereum and Litecoin futures. The …

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Waves, IGF, ‎Ethereum and Deloitte Form Alliance to Regulate ICO ‎Industry

Waves Platform, an open-source blockchain platform, announced today the formation of a ‎self-regulatory body, an industry-led initiative to regulate …


CBOE Bitcoin Futures Start Trading in Thin Liquidity

The less anticipated futures contract for Bitcoin started trading today. The CBOE’s CFE market started offering the traditional financial instrument …


Russia to Criminalize Concealed Mining of Bitcoin as Price Guns for ‎‎$20,000‎

Bitcoin prices have swung wildly this week, rising to more than $19,000.