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Getting Started with Proper Sweep Picking Technique

I’d like to talk about getting started with sweep picking, which is a very useful and exciting technique that I often use to perform fast …


The Jazzadvice Diminished Handbook

Hey, Sorry to interrupt...<p>I know you were really enjoying this article and super excited to learn something new, but we have to stop you right there …


Country, Bluegrass, and Blues Pickin’ Through a European Lens

Jacques Stotzem<p>Bill EvansFebruary 21, 2018<p><b>New albums from Thierry Massoubre, Jacques Stotzem, and Jean-Luc Thievent</b><p><b>From the April 2018 issue of</b> …

Pat Metheny

Learn to choose the right scale for your guitar solo with these 5 cunning blues licks

<b>Choose the scale for the sound you’re after with these five licks written specially to give a certain sound...</b><p>Minor pentatonic scale over dominant …


Zakk Wylde's Blazing-Fast Chromatic Blues Shred Lick

A couple years back, Black Label Society frontman and Ozzy Osbourne axeman Zakk Wylde stopped by <i>Guitar World</i> HQ to shred through a bluesy chromatic …


Extending Common Sweep Patterns

With this lesson, take one of the most common sweep picking patterns and slightly alter it, creating several different arpeggios.<p>0<p>SHARES<p>In this …


Talking Technique: Thinking Inside the Box – Upper Structure Pentatonics

Today’s episode is all about thinking inside the box. Pentatonic box shapes only on the G and D string are easy to finger and make for quite the …

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Building a Command-Line Interface with Ruby

In this post I’ll talk about my experience building a command-line interface application with Ruby; generating a gem directory, scraping the data …

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Board Off Varial | Technique » Intermediate

Draw closes on Sun 8th Apr, 2018<p>Issue 66 Fri 9th Feb, 2018<p>6m Flysurfer Stoke<p>Ross<p>Issue 65 Tue 12th Dec, 2017<p>7m Cabrinha Drifter + Fireball Bar Set …


Rhythm Rules: 8 Ways to Navigate a 12-Bar Blues

These inventive riffs might make your next blues jam a bit more exciting.


Essential Guitar Tips for Beginners

Learning to play jazz guitar online can be overwhelming, so this essential guitar tips for beginners article aims to cover the basics.Playing a …


Watch 10 Epic Keith Urban Guitar Solos

Keith Urban's fans believe he is the best guitarist in country music, but we wanted proof.<p>The superstar is certainly amongst the best, and after …

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The Art of Synth Soloing: Tom Schuman

<b>Tom Schuman is a monster player who is not mentioned enough in the pantheon of jazz/jazz-rock players, possibly because his band, Spyro Gyra, is</b> …


How to Build Heavy Riffs and Unusual Chords From the Modes

One of my favorite ways to explore new riffs, chord patterns and melodic figures is to take one of the seven fundamental modes and use its structure …


To hear the beat, your brain may think about moving to it

To keep time to a song, the brain relies on a region used to plan movement — even when you’re not tapping along.


A Clean Sweep: Mastering Sweep-Picked Arpeggios with Yngwie Malmsteen

11<p>SHARES<p><i>The following is a classic</i> Guitar World <i>column by Yngwie Malmsteen.</i><p>When I was first getting into the guitar, I played it incessantly. I lived …


More Approaches to Drone-Based Melodic Solo Passages

It's time to drone your own way!<p>158<p>SHARES<p>Close<p>This month, we’ll continue our examination of methods for improvising melodic solos that incorporate a …


Winter Jazz series focuses on local performers in two cosy venues

KITCHENER — Growing slowly seems to have paid off for the annual Winter Jazz Festival which this year celebrates three years of featuring great jazz …


Clever Ways to Conjure Haunting, Mysterious Melodies

Two hauntingly beautiful hexatonics that are perfect for creating mysterious, exotic musical moods.<p>2<p>SHARES<p>In the April 2015 issue of <i>Guitar World,</i> I …


Test your technique with this 10-point blues guitar lead challenge

When it’s time to take a guitar solo you’ll need an arsenal of authentic techniques. Hone your chops with our challenge…


Pop Session Keyboardist Cheat Sheet

<i>This lesson originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Keyboard.</i>Growing up in Southern California, I was acutely aware of its session scene, …


Learn 5 essential blues guitar rhythm grooves with this easy lesson

Arm yourself with the rhythm chops to see you through any blues jam...


Finding the Groove Vs. Letting the Groove Find You

Q: When making music, i.e. improvising, making a song, creating a groove, etc., I find myself sometimes approaching it from what I hear while …

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Pink Rhythm’s cult funk slow jam ‘Melodies Of Love’ gets vital new reissue

The post Pink Rhythm’s cult funk slow jam ‘Melodies Of Love’ gets vital new reissue appeared first on The Vinyl Factory.

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Carlton's AFLW coach still on the mend

Carton’s AFLW team will again be without their coach Damien Keeping for Saturday night’s third round clash against the Brisbane Lions.


Premiere: Sinden & BIJOU - Technique

Premiere: Sinden & BIJOU – Technique<p>As g-house garners momentum in today’s dance music scene, genre mainstays Sinden and BIJOU continue to thrill …


How to Play Like Chicago Blues Guitar Legend Magic Sam

His 1967 release, 'West Side Soul,' is one of the most essential blues recordings of all time.<p>0<p>SHARES<p>“Magic Sam” Maghett was one of the most talented …


Improve your legato lead playing in 20 minutes with this easy guitar lesson

Legato practice is an excellent way of building control over your fretting fingers and bringing a new dimension to your solos


Video Lesson: Five Jazz Masters on Rhythm Changes

Bill EvansFebruary 13, 2018<p><b>From the April 2018 issue of Acoustic Guitar | BY ADAM PERLMUTTER</b><p>When George and Ira Gershwin first wrote “I Got Rhythm” …


Chick Corea/Steve Gadd Band At Blues Alley

Support All About Jazz and Jazz Near You!<p>If you shop at any of the stores below, please initiate your purchase from All About Jazz. When you do, All …