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School-based traineeships for Indigenous students highlighted

Minister for Industry and Employment, Ben Carroll visits Bendigo Police Station. Pictures: DARREN HOWE<p>Acting Inspector Leesa Johnson. Picture: DARREN …

Indigenous Australians

STEM has become a buzzword and a fad: NSW education minister

STEM has attracted national attention in recent years, but the NSW education, Rob Stokes, says it has now come an educational fad.


Wollongong Public School students celebrate Harmony Day

The message of Harmony Day is ‘everyone belongs’ and that’s certainly true at Wollongong Public School.

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Islamic School of Canberra has its federal funding restored

The school battled to prove it was independent of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.

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How #MeToo can guide sex education in schools

<i>Six months after the explosive allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein came to light, giving impetus to the</i> …


Public school lobby criticises Labor's 'arbitrary' $250m for Catholic schools

President of organisation accuses ‘a small number of Catholic bishops’ of holding sway over education policy<p>A public school lobby group has blasted Labor for pledging to restore $250m of funding to Catholic schools, labelling it an arbitrary and partisan move that has astonished parents of public …

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Migrant students 'outperforming Australian-born classmates'

Migrant children, particularly those from India, China and the Philippines, are achieving better academic results than their Australian-born …


Last chance to halt the closure of Balhousie Primary School in Perth

Date set for closure<p>A date has been set for the closure of Balhousie Primary School.<p>A consultation has begun to give parents a last-chance bid to …


Migrant children at the head of the class in Australia, OECD report finds - Natasha Robinson - ABC Splash -

Children from India, the Philippines and China are outperforming their Australian-born classmates by significant margins, according to a global …


Gonski results undermined by deal to protect well-off schools, audit finds

Queensland government told there’s no guarantee funding redistribution is delivering results<p>Measures to protect well-off schools from funding cuts under the Gonski model ultimately “undermined” efforts to improve results in disadvantaged areas, a report by the Queensland Audit Office has found.<p>The …

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Parkland Shooting: What Can We Learn from Abroad?

If you are looking for students who exemplify the "take-action" aspect of global competence, look no further than the survivors of the Parkland …


Principal of shrinking Mackay high school quashes rumours

New student population data from Education Queensland has revealed a 21 per cent drop in enrolment figures


'Political neutrality': ANU removes student from marketing material

An Australian National University law student who insisted on including comment on Australia's "inhumane" refugee policies in a proposed profile …


Australian Story: Mar 19

<b>Australian Story</b> has a follow-up episode to its 2017 profile on NSW teacher Eddie Woo, on a one-man mission to make maths cool.<i>My wife and I call it</i> …

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Public schools receiving large subsidies for Indigenous students are axing cultural education rooms

NITV News can reveal that two South Australian schools receiving millions in state education grants, with more than $600,000 specifically provided …


Construction begins on Indigenous university housing for remote and regional students

St Catherine’s College is a university residential facility in Perth which run a program called Dandjoo Darbalung for Indigenous students from …

Indigenous Australians

The school of tomorrow: Designing great spaces to learn

I read an interesting article this week, about the future of leisure vs. the future of work, which in a way reflected what I was chatting about in my …

Education Technology

ACT sends NSW students to Canberra's poorest, most-disadvantaged schools

New policy locks interstate pupils out of coveted inner-city schools.


Australia doesn't have too many universities. Here's why

<i>This article is a longer read. Enjoy!</i><p>Recent closures and transfers of university campuses and the University of Wollongong’s opening of a campus in …

Higher Education

What student at centre of Trinity haircut saga wants to happen

Trinity Grammar students, parents and alumni turned up in their hundreds at an unprecedented meeting on Tuesday night to issue a warning over the …


Blues, La Trobe Uni expand partnernship

CARLTON Football Club is delighted to announce it has entered into an expanded partnership with one of Australia’s top universities.<p>Offering more …

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How to get an apprenticeship in Australia

Apprenticeships are an ideal way to earn, learn and build a life in a new country. Structured training is combined with practical work experience …


Struggle to recruit teachers in Perth and Kinross

Council trying to fill the gap<p>Perth and Kinross Council is struggling to fill teaching posts in rural areas and in some key subjects.<p>At a meeting of …


#NeverAgain: do student protests work? History tells us they can

When 17 students and teachers were murdered on what should have been a peaceful school day, students across the US took to the streets to demand …


Fast track for Andrew’s new expedition

In an inconvenient quirk of their biological clocks, the giant eagles insist on laying an egg or two in late August or early September. They also get …


'Cut our education = cut our futures': Moora students front and centre of Perth CBD truck protest

The crowd arrived at the steps of Parliament House at 11.30am, and are currently waiting for Education Minister Sue Ellery to speak.<p>Despite the …


Phoebe’s voice being heard far and wide

Last year, the 16-year-old won the People’s Choice NT Song of the Year with her original song Castaway.<p>“I started singing when I was really, really …


Australian parents spend less time helping children with school work

"Solutions are unlikely to lie in schools alone and require parents to think what more they can do at home to help," Mr Birmingham said.<p>However, …


Labor's $250m promise to Catholic schools reveals a funding horror story

Bill Shorten’s pledge comes as the latest in a series of deals on both sides of politics corrupting fair school funding plans<p>Almost a year ago we thought that peace had been declared in the school funding wars. True, the Turnbull government’s “Gonski” school funding changes fall well short on many …


Queensland floods: Cyclone potential looms as Premier inspects damage

Following four days of torrential rain and flooding in north Queensland, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will today visit to assess the damage.<p>The …