E-cigarette flavorings may impair heart muscle function

Vaping might be a more healthful alternative to smoking, but this does not mean that it is harmless. This is the takeaway message from a new study, …


E-cigarette flavorings may change or damage heart muscle cells, says study

“These effects [from the chemicals] are kind of striking because it suggests that if this compound was interacting with the heart muscle itself, it …


Cavs' J.R. Smith Appears To Smoke Marijuana At Jay

<i>By: Evan Jankens</i> <br>@kingofthekc<p>Saturday night, Jay-Z took over Little Caesars Arena and stars were in attendance.<p>Cleveland Cavalier players LeBron …

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Vape flavourings might damage your heart: preliminary study

New research has found that popular chemicals used to flavor e-cigarette liquids may cause changes or damage to heart muscle cells.


New Study Indicates Vaping “Does Not Affect” Lung Function

<i>Nanoparticle expert, Dr. Amir Farnoud, and his team compared the effect of vapor and conventional smoke on lung surfactant and found conventional</i> …


E-cigarette flavorings may change or damage heart muscle cells, says study

Image: Paolo_Toffanin/ via AFP Relaxnews<p>New research in the United States has found that popular chemicals used to flavor e-cigarette …


Man injured after e-cigarette explodes in Macedonia Walmart parking lot, police say

MACEDONIA, Ohio -- One man was injured after an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket Friday evening.<p>The incident happened shortly after 6 p.m. in a …


Health impact of E-cigarettes: a prospective 3.5-year study of regular daily users who have never smoked

Article |<p>Open<p>Riccardo Polosa ORCID:,<br>• Fabio Cibella,<br>• Pasquale Caponnetto,<br>• Marilena Maglia,<br>• Umberto Prosperini,<br>• Cristina Russo …


Vaping companies are using the same old tricks as Big Tobacco

Big Vape is copying Big Tobacco’s playbook<p>Samir Soneji had no idea what he was getting into when he agreed to talk about the potential risks of vaping at the first US E-Cigarette Summit in Washington, DC this past May. His first clue was the booing.<p>As a professor at the Dartmouth Institute for …

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Confusion rules in an ever-changing world

Travelling Heavy: What You Need to Know About the Items You Plan to Bring With You<p>Keeping up with all the different baggage rules is not easy, …


E-Cigarette In Class Raise Concerns From Administration, Parents

NEWTON (CBS) — The principal of Newton South High School is concerned about the growing number of students that are vaping with new, discrete devices …


AHA study: E-cig users more likely to be former smokers

Presented at the AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2017, a global exchange of the latest advances in cardiovascular science for researchers and clinicians, …


Airport battery explosion; the latest in an alarming trend

(KUTV) This past weekend, TSA agent Ricardo Perez ran a smoking bag from an Orlando airport terminal. Inside, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery had …


Harry’s blog 39: A future without fags?

An economic forecasting company has estimated that if smoking in the UK declines at the current rate, nobody will be smoking by around 2050. Frontier …

The New England Journal of Medicine

E-cigarettes may slow down your heart rate

The results of some new research, to be presented at the 2017 American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions, reveal how electronic cigarettes …


Asians seek less harmful alternatives to smoking

Vapers and vaping advocates from different Asian countries have gathered for the first time in Jakarta, Indonesia to call on their governments to …

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Readers’ letters: November 8

I’ve never heard of any complaints about vaping<p>I gave up smoking at the age of 50, after having smoked for nearly 35 years.<p>I have not had a cigarette …


Musician fined 1 mln won for smoking e-cigarette on flight

A member of a South Korean reggae band has been fined for smoking an electronic cigarette on a Korean Air Lines flight earlier this year, a local …


E-Cigarettes: The Dangers and Health Risks of Vaping

E-cigs aren't the way to quit smoking — or start up a "better-for-you" habit.<p>The tobacco industry has been forced to fess up about the dangers of smoking by slapping grisly warnings on cigarette packs, but it hasn’t yet been cornered into giving such disclaimers on e-cigarettes and other vaping …


E-cigarette users save more money than smokers: Poll

Switching from cigarettes to vaping products save users an average of $1,500 per year, according to an online poll of daily e-cigarette users.<p>Packs …


Farsalinos replicates e-cigarette Aldehyde Emissions studies

“Bad quality studies accompanied by impressive press statements are becoming increasingly frequent … I think we will see some interesting …


What Parents Need to Know About Vaping

While you may find it relatively easy to talk your teen out of trying traditional cigarettes, it can be harder to convince kids to stay away from …


Singapore MPs question their government’s stance on vaping

Importing and selling vaping products has been banned in the island city-state since 2014, and possession of the products has been made illegal since …

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New Guide to Vapes, An Update to Vaping from VapeBuzz

The post New Guide to Vapes, An Update to Vaping from VapeBuzz appeared first on Spinfuel VAPE.


Vapers of South Africa - it is time to make your voices heard - VPA

• November 2, 2017<br>• VPA<br>• Opinion<br>• No Comments<p>When I first visited Cape Town four years ago, vaping was still in its infancy. I made sure to bring extra …

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Number Of Secondary School Pupils Who Have Taken Drugs Has Increased And 44% Have Drunk Alcohol

The drinking figures will come as no surprise to many parents.<p>The number of secondary school pupils who have taken drugs or used an e-cigarette has …


Market report: Miners climb as struggling Next drags down the retail sector

Mining giants buoyant from the latest positive economic indicator from China, and retailers spooked by bellwether store <b>Next</b>’s autumn sales stutter engaged in a tug of war on the stock market today.<p>London’s mining giants mitigated the <b>FTSE 100</b>’s 5.12-point fall to 7,487.96 as metal prices moved …


Vaping truckers may live longer

Study says cigarette smokers who switch to e-cigs could live 5 to 10 years longer than those who continue to smoke cigarettes.


A study from Italy looking at oral health in e-cigarette users

This clinical observational study was carried out at the Unit of Periodontology and Oral Hygiene of Calabrodental Clinic in Crotone Italy, and …


E-cigarette use by teens linked to later tobacco smoking: study

Teenagers who use electronic cigarettes are at risk of graduating to tobacco smoking, a large Canadian study suggests.

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