Juul’s Lobbying Could Send Its Public Image Up in Smoke

Over the past year, Juul, the vaping sensation that dominates 70 percent of the US e-cigarette market, has tried to cultivate the image of decent …

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JUULing: The vaping trend parents need to understand

Vaping — inhaling the aerosol vapor produced by an e-cigarette — isn’t a new activity among teenagers, but the products and packaging have become …

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Juul Madness

Vaping prohibitionists ignore the vast public-health benefits of the new technology.

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Why Tobacco Stocks Have Lost Around 20% This Year

Tobacco stocks sold off this year largely on concerns that cigarette makers would struggle to transition to newer technologies.<p><b>What happened</b><p>It's just …


Funding cuts lead to dramatic fall in prescribing of stop smoking products

The number of prescriptions issued in primary care in England for nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) fell by 75% between 2005/6 and 2016/17 and …

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Ryanair flight loses cabin pressure, 33 hospitalized: German police

BERLIN/DUBLIN (Reuters) - Thirty-three Ryanair passengers were treated in hospital, some bleeding from their ears, after their Croatia-bound plane lost cabin pressure and made an emergency landing in Frankfurt on Friday, German police said on Saturday.<p>Oxygen masks were released on the Ryanair …

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Air China Will Fire Pilots Who Caused 25,000-Foot Drop

The captain and first officer of an Air China 737 that plunged 25,000 feet after one of them starting vaping in the cockpit will be fired, the …


Those with MS Are Cautioned About Unsafe Stem Cell Treatments

People with multiple sclerosis sometimes become desperate and will travel to other countries for experimental stem cell treatments. That’s not always …


Could the US-China trade war extinguish Juul’s hot streak?

The Trump administration’s tariffs on Chinese imports mostly apply to industrial items, but consumer products are also getting hit.Juul, the hottest vape pen on the market, may be among them.<p>The $34 billion in tariffs that went into effect on July 6 did not cover e-cigarettes, but a separate round …


Vaping vs Smoking.

(<b></b>) If we go back in time, we will understand that smoking has left a black mark in the history of humanity. Initially, it was believed …

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Jonathan Rhys-Meyers pictured running errands after being arrested for 'drunken fight' on a plane with his wife Mara

JONATHAN Rhys-Meyers has been seen running errands just days after he was arrested following a “drunken fight” on a plane with his wife Mara.<p>The …

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One Photographer's Love Letter To The Horses Of Iceland

Whatever your politics, a little furry body with a large, presidential head is indisputably funny.<p>What would happen if every one of a city's streets …

Liv Tyler

CEO Daily | Newsletters | -

July 13, 2018<p>Good morning.<p>I’ve never been a huge fan of the AT&T-Time Warner deal. The potential synergies that could come from merging a mobile …

Wilbur Ross

GSU study: Vaping failed 90 percent of time to lead smoker to quit

E-cigarette makers say their products are designed to help tobacco smokers quit.<p>A new study from Georgia State University raises questions about that …

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5 Science Channel Shows You Must Watch to Be the Most Engaging Party Guest

There was a time, back in the olden days, when people thought watching TV would make you stupid.Being a "couch potato" would rot your brain and be a …

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This Natural Root Can Remove Fluoride From The Brain, Says Study

Did you know? Fluoride — a trace mineral which is added to certain toothpastes and the public’s water supply — is a neurotoxin when consumed in …


E-Cigarette Maker Juul Will Offer Lower-Strength Nicotine Pods

Juul Labs Inc., the maker of the popular e-cigarette brand that has recently come under fire from health officials over its popularity with young …


These holiday destinations have made vaping illegal

While vaping may be fine in your home country, there are parts of the globe where owning an e-cigarette can land you in serious trouble. Ever since the World Health Organisation published a study which claimed that e-cigarettes may not help smokers kick the habit, several countries have clamped …



Everything we learned about Brian Henson's upcoming raunchy puppet comedy.


Smokers up to 45% more likely to suffer from irregular heart beats

Smokers are up to 45% more likely to suffer from deadly irregular heart beats, study finds<p><b>For every 10 cigarettes smoked a day, the risk of atrial</b> …

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Massachusetts DPH launches statewide ad campaign on dangers of e-cigarettes

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health is launching a statewide ad campaign to teach parents of school-age children about the dangers of vape …

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Transgender teens are the most likely to smoke tobacco or use e-cigs

E-cigarette use is up amongst LGBTQ teens, with a survey conducted by the Ohio Department of Health showing that LGBTQ teens were far more likely to …


Longmeadow's CLOSE Coalition focusing on "upstream prevention"

The younger someone is when they first try alcohol or drugs, the more likely they are to develop addictions later, prevention experts say.That's why …

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Bad News for Anyone Who Thinks Vaping Will Help Them Quit Smoking

This study shows how unhelpful e-cigs can be.<p>We all know the kinds of people who vape to look cool, but you probably know just as many others — if …

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Florida man says he wasn't drinking while driving, only while stopped

<b>VERO BEACH, Fla.</b> - A Florida man stopped for drunken driving denies he was actually drinking while driving, claiming he only drank while he was …


As Juul Flies High With New Funding, Vapes Become a Target

Investors are lining up behind Juul Labs Inc., a startup that makes electronic cigarettes popular with young people. But as vaporizers have taken …


Study Finds E-Cigarettes Cause as Much Cardiovascular Risk as Regular Cigarettes

New research details how popular electronic cigarettes could impact heart health of smokers more than standard cigarettes.

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Juul Raises $650 Million in Funding That Values E-Cig Startup at $15 Billion

E-cigarette maker seeks to raise $1.25 billion to fund its rapid expansion<p>E-cigarette maker Juul Labs Inc. has raised $650 million as part of a fundraising round that values the fast-growing but controversial startup at about $15 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.<p>The investment …

Venture Capital

Juul Labs blazes to $15B valuation

A new fundraising round by e-cigarette player Juul Labs values the company at about $15B, sources tell The Wall Street Journal.<p>Juul Labs has already …


Smoking, vaping banned at University of Hawaii campuses

ADVERTISING<p>Smoking and tobacco use, including vaping, is officially banned on all 10 of the University of Hawaii’s campuses under a new law.<p>The …

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