Love hot dogs? Here's how to enter the Nathan's Famous competitive eating contest at the Iowa State Fair

Nathan's Famous

All-Star Hot Dog Eating Contest | 07/18/2018 |

The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest brings their All-Stars to Washington D.C., taking on Kevin Millar and Cliff Floyd

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Man dies from flesh-eating bacteria after eating bad oysters

A Florida man died from a flesh-eating bacteria after eating bad oysters, according to officials.<p>The Florida Department of Health said that the …

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Eating too many hot dogs is linked to mania, study finds

Watch out, Joey Chestnut.A new study by scientists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has linked eating too many hot dogs and salamis with the onset …


Man Dies After Eating Oyster In Sarasota

1 hour ago<p>Oh fudge!<p>I was always aware of the risks involved when eating raw shellfish or oysters, but they're so goooood!<p>Most of the time you'd think …


No college football coach has thought more about eating than Mark Richt. Here's his theory on Thanksgiving Dinner...

No college football coach has thought more about eating than Mark Richt. Here's his theory on Thanksgiving Dinner...<p>David M. Hale, ESPN Staff …

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Nigella Lawson warns people are using 'healthy eating' to disguise eating disorders

Obsession with healthy eating is simply a disguise for eating disorders, Nigella Lawson has warned.<p>The TV chef chillingly warned modern diets that …

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Florida man dies after eating oyster tainted with 'flesh-eating' bacteria


Kevin Millar talks hot dog eating contest, and old stories from the Red Sox

Kevin Millar catches up with our own Camera Guy, Moose, and talks about why he wasn't "cheating" he was "sharing" at hot dog eating contest.

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Food allergies in focus after teen dies after eating cookie

Food Allergies

Eating dinner before 9pm could cut the risk of developing cancer

Eating dinner before 9pm could cut the risk of developing breast and prostate cancer by a fifth<p><b>Eating at least two hours before bed reduces chances</b> …


Thinking you're on a diet is half the problem

Non-dieting eating styles such as “intuitive eating” and “mindful eating” suggest everyone possesses the natural mechanism to ensure good nutrition …


Researchers identify brain area linked to motivational disruptions in binge eating

Scientists have discovered that a small group of brain cells in the hypothalamus called 'orexin' neurons could be a promising target for medications …


Therapist's Corner: When to Refer for Eating Disorders

1) He or she has hit a plateau in therapy<p>Often eating disorder and disordered eating clients plateau in outpatient therapy alone because there is not …

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Nigella Lawson says that healthy eating might be disordered eating in disguise

Nigella Lawson, queen of buttery sauces and spatula-licking puds, has warned that healthy eating ‘fads’ might be disguising eating disorders.<p>She told …

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Cape Cod Beach Briefly Closed After Shark Seen Eating Seal

EASTHAM (CBS) – A Cape Cod beach closed temporarily Monday afternoon after beachgoers saw a shark eating a seal.<p>The shark was spotted eating a seal …

Cape Cod

Vintage Celebrities Eating Ice Cream

If there's a holiday we're definitely observing, it's National Ice Cream Day. Whether it's straight out of the pint or decked out in a cone, the …

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Vijay Sethupathi Has Unique Eating Habits : Chetan Devadarshini Interview | 96 Movie

Chetan and Devadarshini,the celebrity couple, share some candid moments from their life. Chetan also opens up abut the fun incidents that happened …

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Dietician details battle with orthorexia, obsession with eating healthy

Registered dietician Heather Caplan joins Megyn Kelly TODAY with her story of how she allowed healthy eating and calorie-counting to take over her life. Caplan describes how she got into strict “food routines,” experienced anxiety around traveling due to food availability, stopped menstruating — …


This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything

A series of YouTube videos showing a man eating food hit the internet today.<p>No that’s not a joke. It’s short clips of a man eating every kind of food you can imagine, and it’s the most harmlessly bizarre things I’ve seen on YouTube for a while.<p>Wanna see him eating mayonnaise? Chocolate pudding? A …


What Is Clean Eating, Anyway?

The concept of clean eating isn’t clearly defined. Learn the core values and guardrails to find out if this approach is one for you!<p>Let’s talk clean …


Eating disorder symptoms: Experts share warning signs

Claire Mysko, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association, and Ramani Durvasula, a psychologist and author of “You Are Why You Eat,” join Megyn Kelly TODAY to discuss the warning signs of eating disorders and offer guidance on how to have healthy conversations about food. "It's important for …

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Eating Disorders Affect Overweight People

Ranker's top 10 movies about an eating disorder all focus on girls driven to become too thin. No wonder most people equate the phrase "eating …

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2 kids die after eating isaw in Camarines Sur

Two children reportedly died after eating chicken intestine locally known as isaw and grilled blood or ”betamax” in Milaor town in Camarines Sur.

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Woman details 15-year battle with eating disorder on Megyn Kelly TODAY

McCall Dempsey was a college student when she became obsessed with her eating and exercise habits, later turning to Adderall, a medication for those with ADHD that can be an appetite suppressant. Dempsey joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to talk about her journey toward acknowledging her disease and seeking …

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Intermittent Fasting vs. Eating Disorder: Experts Weigh In on Where to Draw the Line

Before the ketogenic diet rose to mainstream popularity, it was Whole30, Paleo, DASH . . . and the list goes on. Though some trendy diets are significantly safer than others, we also have to consider the risks that come with drastically altering our eating habits — especially when weight loss is …

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Inflation Is Eating Away Worker Wage Gains

For the second month in a row, annual inflation fully offset workers’ average hourly wage growth<p>WASHINGTON—U. S. inflation hit its highest rate in more than six years, with consumer prices eating away at modest wage gains by American workers and underscoring questions about how much they are …


Life Mastery Podcast 41 (Motivational Mastery: Learned Eating Behaviors)


Take an Eating (and Drinking!) Tour of Georgia

From classic Southern comfort food to cutting-edge cuisine, from the cities to the mountains to the coast, hungry travelers will devour the Peach …

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Does eating at night make you fat?

Some media reports say that eating at night makes you gain weight, others say that it has no effect on body weight. So who is right?