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Skirmisher Publishing Releases Men & Monsters of Polynesia

All around the world, different peoples have their various tales and legends. Strange monsters, mythical heroes, lost civilizations, fantastic …

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Best Secret Scuba Diving Spots

You’ve done it all — Thailand, Indo, the Great Barrier Reef, even the Maldives. What’s next on your diving bucket list? Here are a few of the world’s …

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6 remarkable facts you may not know about Easter Island

Easter Island or Rapa Nui as the locals call it, requires a long journey and only one plane can fly there at a time, but it is one of the most …

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The US Department of Justice has announced the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers for interfering in the 2016 presidential race. Plus, we look back at a 1961 summit between John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev. It was a meeting that has some parallels to Monday's summit between Donald …


'Fortnite' Season 5 Cinematic Finally Reveals What Those Rifts Were For

Durr Burger is back!<p>Season 5 of <i>Fortnite: Battle Royale</i> officially kicked off this morning, and alongside the massive new update we also got a …


Tourism to a Dying Ancient Culture

“The modern world has come for our little island,” says Heu Rapu Haoa in Max Lowe’s short documentary, <i>Amo</i>. Heu is one of the 800 remaining speakers of his native tongue. His home, Rapa Nui, known widely as Easter Island, is one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world.

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Lizardman Figure (Moko) | Rapa Nui people | The Met

Kjellgren, Eric, Jo Anne Van Tilburg, and Adrienne L. Kaeppler. <i>Splendid Isolation: Art of Easter Island</i>. New York, New Haven and London: The …

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Artist creates stone castle 'Yelang' in Guizhou

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Around the World by Private Jet: Around the World Tours 2018

<b>Expedition Overview</b><p>Alongside a team of National Geographic experts, explore 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites.<br>• Attend a demonstration of traditional Andean weaving techniques by National Geographic grantee Nilda Callañaupa in Cusco, and then travel to Machu Picchu by train.<br>• Join archaeologists on Easter …

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Can Easter Island’s treasures withstand storms of climate change?

<b>Judy Woodruff:</b><p>Finally tonight, what humans build, what humans destroy.<p>Jeffrey Brown takes us to a magical spot in the South Pacific for his series …

Easter Island

49 Islands You Must Visit Before You Die

There's a big world out there filled with islands just waiting for your arrival. We curated the 49 best islands across the globe that you absolutely <i>must</i> visit before you die. Time to get out the bucket list.<p>Image Source: Instagram user mrscdubs<p>Image Source: Instagram user destinavos

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Radio Orlog #26

A long and adventurous journey by camel caravan through the hot desert all the way to the irradiated beaches of the tropical republic of Krautland, …

Easter Island

Voronoi diagram of airports

Jason Davies created a voronoi diagram of the world's airports projected onto an interactive 3D globe. Easter Island's airport claims the largest …

Easter Island

Hat Trick: Researchers Solve a Lingering Mystery About Easter Island’s Statues

Archaeologists have long wondered how the hats atop Easter Island’s iconic statues were put in place.<p>Easter hats are nice. Easter Island hats, …


The Clever Way the Easter Island Statues Got Hats

It sounds like a riddle: How did the moai, the giant stone carvings on Easter Island, get their hats?<p>In fact, it’s a legitimate conundrum. Somehow, …


Archaeologists Believe They Have Finally Cracked The Mystery Behind The Hats Found On Easter Island Statues

Archaeologists have long been wondering just how the builders of the moai statues on Easter Island managed to get solid rock hats upon the heads of …


Postcard: Easter Island, Chile

Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean and known for its 800+ monumental Moai statues, Easter Island is an intriguing destination. Learn more …

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Climate Change Could be Ultimate Civilization Killer

Did climate change already kill all the aliens we've been searching for?<p>According to astrophysicist Adam Frank, it's certainly a possibility — and …


This Week In History News, June 3 – 9

The truth about Roman crucifixion, the hats on Easter Island's statues, and gruesome remains from a Goth murder.The post This Week In History News, …


Mystery of Easter Island finally solved? - CNN iReport

The key to the riddle of Easter Island was hidden in plain sight, but was not seen for long time. While we were all fixing our attention on giant statues – Moai -we forgot to pay enough attention to stone platforms they were standing on. And those platforms were the key to the riddle.<p>Polynesian …


Climate change killed the aliens, and it might kill us too, new simulation suggests

Easter Island's demise suggests all of human civilization may face a similar fate.<p>Did climate change already kill all the aliens we've been searching for?<p>According to astrophysicist Adam Frank, it's certainly a possibility — and whether humans are doomed to the same fate may already be out of our …

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Maybe we haven't found aliens because they all died from climate change

Where the heck are the aliens? We’ve sent them a golden record, we’ve looked for signs of them on Mars and to the far reaches of the solar system. …

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Easter Island mystery solved?


Travel Booking Site Flaw Reveals Your Personal Data With One Click...

Hey Martin and Kim, hope you enjoyed your Easter Island tour from May 3rd-9th.<p>If your name is John Smith, you may not need to worry too much, but if …

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How huge stone ‘hats’ were placed on Easter Island statues

Experts have worked out how the ancient people of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, were able to place massive stone hats on the island’s famous statues.<p>A …


Easter Island mystery solved: How huge stone 'hats' were placed on famous ancient statues

Experts have worked out how the ancient people of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, were able to place massive stone hats on the island’s famous statues.<p>A team of researchers that includes experts from Binghamton University, State University at New York, worked out that the island’s inhabitants used a …


Ingenious Technique Explains How Easter Island Statues May Have Gotten Their Giant Hats

Some of Easter Island’s <i>moai</i> statues are adorned with large red hats, the heaviest of which weigh as much as 13 tons. Archaeologists have to struggled …


How Did Easter Island Statues Get Their Massive 'Hats'?

Archaeologists put on their thinking caps to solve a long-standing puzzle about another kind of cap: the enormous stone "hats" that sit atop the …


REVEALED: Mystery of how Easter Islanders put giant hats on famous statues solved

Revealed: How ramps and ropes were used to put the giant hats on Easter Island's mysterious statues<p><b>The ancient people of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui,</b> …