There's a lot more to the San Andreas Fault than meets the eye

The San Andreas fault is infamous for the many California earthquakes its caused throughout history. But what does that mean for us today? How prepared are we for earthquakes in California?<p>Subscribe to <i>Mashable</i> on YouTube for more episodes of <i>Present History</i><i>.</i>

San Andreas Fault

West Coast's Earthquake Warning System Gets $4.9M Boost

Caltech and six other institutions were awarded a total of $4.9 million in funds by the U.S. Geological Survey Monday for the development of an …

U.S. Geological Survey

New plate adds plot twist to ancient tectonic tale

A microplate discovered off the west coast of Ecuador adds another piece to Earth’s tectonic puzzle, according to Rice University …

Physical Geography

Supervolcanoes: A key to America's electric future?

Most of the lithium used to make the lithium-ion batteries that power modern electronics comes from Australia and Chile. But Stanford scientists say …

U.S. Geological Survey

There’s plague in Arizona. Authorities warn of fleas that can infect people and pets.

Public health officials in two Arizona counties are warning residents about the discovery of plague bacteria, an endemic concern among those who live in the American Southwest but unsettling, nonetheless, given the disease's devastating impact on human history.<p>Navajo and Coconino counties are …

U.S. Geological Survey

BREAKING: North Korea rocked by EARTHQUAKE sparking fears of missile launch

GETTY / TWITTERNorth Korea has been hit by an earthquake<p>The earthquake struck not far from North Korea's capital of Pyongyang, where despot Kim …

North Korea

The Antarctic ice sheet conceals 91 volcanoes. Should we be afraid?

A newly-discovered volcano range in Antarctica has prompted a flurry of doomsday predictions<p>Media covered the weekend discovery that the Antarctic ice sheet hides at least 91 newly-discovered volcanoes with an array of alarming headlines. “The greatest concentration of volcanoes has been found in …

U.S. Geological Survey

Ancient Earthquake Turned Mosaic Workshop into Time Capsule

An earthquake-toppled house in the ancient city of Jerash is providing archaeologists with clues on how artisans constructed mosaics during the …


How friction evolves during an earthquake

By simulating earthquakes in a lab, engineers at Caltech have documented the evolution of friction during an earthquake—measuring what could once …


Minnesota residents concerned after quarry blasts | Miami Herald

Southern Minnesota residents are on edge after another quarry blast from a nearby mining operation sent a barrage of rocks through a neighborhood.<p>The …

U.S. Geological Survey

Magnitude 3.3 earthquake shakes Ottawa-Gatineau

A mild earthquake gently shook parts of the Ottawa-Gatineau area Monday but federal officials said there were no reports of damage.<p>Earthquake Canada …

Canadian News

Escalating Use of Pesticides Harm Already Imperiled Aquatic Invertebrates

A new analysis published this month by U.S. Geological Survey scientists found pesticides at high enough concentrations to harm already imperiled …

U.S. Geological Survey

What You Should Know About the San Andreas Fault

The San Andreas Fault is a crack in the Earth's crust in California, some 680 miles long. Many earthquakes have occurred along it, including famous …

San Andreas Fault

Elephants help rescue hundreds from flooded Nepali safari park

KATHMANDU (Reuters) - Elephants helped rescue hundreds of tourists from a flooded jungle safari park in Nepal, officials said on Monday, as the death toll from flash floods and landslides after four days of heavy rain rose to 70.<p>The Rapti River overflowed its banks in Sauraha, 80 km (50 miles) …


Preliminary magnitude 3.4 earthquake hits near Running Springs

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude 3.4 has struck near Running Springs, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Los Angeles

Small earthquake hits island in Alaska's Aleutian chain | Miami Herald

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake has hit an island in Alaska's Aleutians chain.<p>The Alaska Earthquake Center reports that the earthquake struck 3:24 p.m. …

At least 47 dead in Nepal after heavy rain triggers floods and landslides

Landslides and flooding triggered by heavy rain have killed at least 47 people in southern Nepal and left thousands homeless, police said Sunday.<p>The death toll was expected to go up, with about two dozen other people missing and feared dead after three days of heavy downpours in at least nine …


Video Footage of the 2016 Earthquake at Sony Kumamoto Sensor Factory

On April 16, 2016, disaster struck in Kumamoto in the Kyushu region of Japan. A series of earthquakes, including a magnitude 7.0 mainshock was struck …


The Bees Are Better, But They're Not All Right

Total population collapse? No. Weaker insects? Yes. Problematic pesticides? Probably.<p>Remember when all the bees were dying? When we were headed for, as Time magazine put it in a cover story in 2013, "A World Without Bees"?<p>I do remember that, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this headline …

U.S. Geological Survey

Strong earthquake rattles Indonesia's Sumatra

Tremors felt as far away as Singapore, but no reports of Tsunami<p>A strong earthquake struck Sunday off the coast of southern Sumatra in Indonesia, …


Rare books, artworks and archives lost during KU flood

Aug 15, 2017-<p>Rare books, art works and valuable archives of Nepali artists were lost on Saturday when floods triggered by incessant rainfall entered …


Strong 6.4 earthquake hits Indonesia’s Sumatra: USGS

A strong 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit off the Indonesian island Sumatra on Sunday but there was no tsunami risk, seismologists said as panicked …

U.S. Geological Survey

Indian seismologist Arun Bapat had predicted August 8 China quake

Indian seismologist Arun Bapat had warned, a day before it struck, of the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that rocked China on August 8, killing close to 40 …


When the U.S. Military Came to Guam

The island’s wildlife has been a casualty of the military presence.<p>Since North Korea threatened to fire missiles into the water around Guam, much has been made of the island’s strategic importance. It is the westernmost U.S. territory; it is home to two existing military bases—for the air force and …

U.S. Geological Survey

Parkinson's patients like me prepare for the inevitable falls, but most of us get up

One day the fall shall come.<p>I’m not referring to autumn’s inevitable arrival but to my klutzy response to gravity.<p>And I will collapse in a heap like a sack of Idaho russets.<p>As Joe Bonamassa sings: “This train gotta mind of its own.”<p>My body is misbehaving like a runaway San Francisco cable car, and …

San Andreas Fault

Earthquake detected near Tuscaloosa; 7th in recent months

A small earthquake was detected in western Alabama near Tuscaloosa on Friday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.<p>The magnitude 2.3 earthquake …

U.S. Geological Survey

Some thoughts on Amerindian origins and on the evidence of historical DNA

When I was growing up in southern California, some eons back, the theory that Native Americans had arrived by traveling by foot across a now-lost …

U.S. Geological Survey

Magnitude 5.9 quake strikes off Chile coast: USGS

(Reuters) - A magnitude 5.9 quake struck off the coast of Chile, 102 km west-southwest of Coquimbo, at depth of 10 km (6 miles), on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.<p>(Editing by Alison Williams)

U.S. Geological Survey

Joining Forces for Honest Environmental Journalism - Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists

For some years I worked in a BBC newsroom, where each morning on the way in I’d pass a friend sitting at his desk. He’d often greet me this way: …

U.S. Geological Survey

2 aftershocks recorded in quake-hit Batangas

MANILA - At least 2 aftershocks were recorded on Sunday in Batangas province, 2 days after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake hit the area, the Philippine …