Rødhåd 'Anxious'

Berlin’s Rødhåd (Mike Bierbach) has operated in the city’s underground as a DJ and party promoter since the end of the 1990s. A techno advocate from …


Leonardo DiCaprio almost played Max in Hocus Pocus but rejected the role

In Halloween news that is certain to change the way you view the classic film forever, <i>Hocus Pocus’</i>s Max was almost played by Leonardo DiCaprio.<p>Yes, …


11 Times Tumblr Got Too Real For Y'all

Real life can be too harsh sometimes, which is why the internet is a great place to go to escape all thae chaos of the world. But, when the internet …


The Dystopian Present

In August, your humble Scrapbook noted an alarming <i>New York</i> magazine article about how the world of teenage novels is now rife with “culture cops, …

Conservative View

We Live In The Dystopia Young Adult Fiction Warns Us About

The past few decades have seen a profusion of “young adult” fiction—books written for a teenage audience—which seem to have a peculiar obsession with …

Conservative View

Sam Claflin and Laura Haddock just made us very happy

Congratulations are definitely in order<p><b>From the editors of People</b><p>Laura Haddock has joined the long list of pregnant celebrities – expecting another …

The YA dystopia boom is over. It’s been replaced by stories of teen suicide.

What it means that 13 Reasons Why is the new Hunger Games.<p>2017 was supposed to be the year of the dystopia. And it is, but not quite in the way that dystopias dominated the cultural conversation just a few years ago.<p>In the early 2010s, young adult dystopias were so prevalent as to be a cliché. They …

Blue Whale

This Copy of “Fahrenheit 451” Can Only Be Read By (Almost) Setting It On Fire

<b>What:</b> A copy of the dystopian classic that can only be read when heat is applied to it.<p><b>Who:</b> Holland-based Charles Nypels Lab and graphic design collective, Super Terrain.<p><b>Why we care:</b> Following the inauguration of Donald Trump this past January, George Orwell’s <i>1984</i> found itself back on bestseller …


Rødhåd Shares Full Album Stream

Rødhåd will soon release his long-awaited debut LP, Anxious, via Dystopian. Rødhåd, real name Mike Bierbach, is the spearhead of a generation of …


How to Tell If You’re Living In a Dystopia — And Why It Matters

If you’re a character in a piece of genre fiction these days, there’s a good chance you’re living in some kind of dystopian reality. From teenagers …

Science Fiction

Um, Disneyland's Opening Day In 1955 Sounds Like It Was A Dystopian Hell

It was basically the Fyre Festival of 1955.


Massive flight delays due to Mango pilot strike

(JNB) Johannesburg, ZA to (GRJ) George, ZA JE 821 Was 11:50 Now 13:10<p>(GRJ) George, ZA to (JNB) Johannesburg, ZA JE 826 Was 14:20 Now 15:40<p>(DUR) …

News (South Africa)

Commentary: The future of work – new underclass, dystopian reality?

Two forces combining to reshape the future of employment can have implications for our social compact and national security, says S Rajaratnam School …


Movies You Missed: 'Hocus Pocus'

Movies You Missed gets into the Halloween spirit this week. A colleague we found in the elevator was wearing a <i>Hocus Pocus</i> pin but had never seen the movie. We decided to fix that.<p>Transcript<p>(SOUNDBITE OF FILM, "HOCUS POCUS")<p>BETTE MIDLER: (As Winifred "Winnie" Sanderson) Oh, look. Another glorious …

COMICS: Gary Frank's DOOMSDAY CLOCK #5 Variant Cover Throws The Joker Into The Mix

<i>Doomsday Clock</i> artist Gary Frank has shared a variant cover for issue #5 featuring the Clown Prince of Crime. Will we finally get some answers in …


The future of surveillance is hidden in airport ads

Public anonymity is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Coming soon to an airport in Dubai is an artsy, colorful video security and customs tunnel that scans your face, adds you to a database, indexes you with artificial intelligence and decides if you're free to leave -- or not.<p>By the end of …

Philip K. Dick

How Doomsday Clock & Death of Superman Fit Into DC’s Rebirth Continuity

Since Doomsday Clock's 1992 setting references the Death of Superman, we explore DC's various timelines to determine how the two universes sync …


Chernobyl's Wild Animals Bring Radioactivity To Sweden

Wild Boar Found With 10 Times Safe Radiation<p>Wild animals from the Chernobyl region are migrating to Northern Europe and bringing their radiation with …


Margaret Atwood wants brands to stop making her dystopian books come true

The problem with science these days, author Margaret Atwood observed, is that it is mainly funded by corporations for financial gains.


Dystopian school dinners: Brazilian city to feed poor pupils pellets nicknamed ‘dog food’

Nicknamed “dog food” and made from nearly expired leftovers, a new product designed to fight hunger among school children in Brazil’s largest city …

São Paulo

The Inksect, A Short Film About a Dystopian Future Where Books Are Banned and Burned for Energy

<i>The Insekt</i> is a short film, created by writer and director Pablo Calvillo and the team at MaliArts, set in a bleak future where fossil fuels are …

Short Films

Maddow: It’s Not a ‘Sci-Fi Dystopian Thing,’ Americans Are Dying Because of Inept Government

At the beginning of her program this evening, MSNBC’s <b>Rachel Maddow</b> spent more than 20 minutes breaking down how she believes the United States is …

Rachel Maddow

Count Down the Minutes to DOOMSDAY CLOCK With New Teaser

How many minutes to midnight?


UK Ranked Third Most Cashless Society

Research from Forex Bonuses has ranked the UK the third most cashless society in the world, behind Canada in pole position and Sweden. France was …

Advertising Industry

Is Blade Runner 2049 sexist – or a fair depiction of a dystopian future?

From pirouetting ballerinas to giant naked statues, images of women dominate the film’s futuristic cityscapes – but audiences have criticised the portrayal of female characters<p>‘Blade Runner 2049 has a women problem,” cried the internet this weekend, as the critically praised sci-fi sequel hit …

Women's News

End of the World As We Know It: What's the Draw of Dystopian Sci-Fi?

NEW YORK — Grim sci-fi and speculative fiction tales are often rooted in scenarios of oppression, moral disintegration or even total social collapse …


Why Doomsday Clock's 1992 Setting is Key

This evening, DC Comics fans got their first look at the upcoming event series, <i>Doomsday Clock</i>, during a panel with DC President and Chief Creative …


Radioactive boar found in Sweden three decades after Chernobyl

A wild boar has been shot and killed after being found with radiation levels more than ten times the safe limit.<p>The boar was found in central Sweden …



DC said it was a sequel to WATCHMEN... and once you read this, you'll realize just how much it is.


Blade Runner 2049: a dystopian masterwork

<i>Posted on behalf of Elizabeth Gibney</i><p>If director Denis Villeneuve was daunted by creating a sequel to the 1982 cult noir <i>Blade Runner</i>, it doesn’t show. …

Science Fiction