Wooden powerboat race awards winners in Dubai

Al Tber 1 was crowned champion of the Dubai Wooden Powerboat Race – the Third Round of the UAE Championship.<p>The event was held on Saturday at the …

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15 of the Best Cities for Solo Female Travelers Across the Globe

January 19, 2018<p>15 of the Absolute Best Cities for Solo Female Travelers in 2018: Did your Favorite City Make the List?<p>Are you an avid solo female …


An Asteroid Bigger Than the World's Tallest Building Will Fly by Earth Next Month

A massive “potentially hazardous” asteroid spanning more than the length of the world’s tallest building will fly by our planet on Feb. 4.<p>The roughly …

Space Exploration

A 'potentially hazardous' asteroid bigger than Earth's tallest skyscraper is about to fly near our planet

• <b>An asteroid called 2002 AJ129 will pass within about 2.6 million miles of Earth on February 4.</b>• <b><br>The space rock may be 1,000 feet taller than the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.</b>• <b><br>Astronomers are taking radar images of the "potentially hazardous" asteroid, though</b> <b>NASA says it has "zero" chance of hitting Earth</b> …

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This Mission so Impossible: Tom Cruise falls again while performing an MI6 stunt scene; here's what happened [Video]

Tom Cruise has fallen yet again while performing a stunt scene. The actor's fall news comes a week after he returned to the MI6 sets following his …


Some of Dubai's best shop names - in pictures

Step into a bookstore in any major city worldwide, and more often than not, a section of its shelves will be dedicated to the tomes created by local …

United Arab Emirates

MSC Lirica heads to the UAE next winter with new longer itineraries and calls to India

<i></i>MSC Cruises is enhancing its range of cruises from the United Arab Emirates with the introduction of a second ship, MSC Lirica, from next season.

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What to do in Dubai – the ultimate winter sun holiday escape

When the British forecast is a bit frozen for the foreseeable future, why not consider an escape from the cold of winter in the UK to the heat of …


Hudson's site project: Your questions answered

CLOSE<p>A first-hand experience of the Hudson's demolition from a Detroit Free Press photographer who captured the whole thing.<p>Ever since businessman …


NASA says skyscraper-sized asteroid headed toward Earth is ‘potentially hazardous’

Imagine a piece of rock the size of the Burj Khalifa skyscraper speeding through space 15 times faster the world’s fastest manned aircraft. Now …

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7 brand new things in Dubai to check out on your next trip

The Dubai Shopping Festival is a big deal. If you don’t believe us, just have a look at the excited women thumbing through the sale racks at …


Jeddah Tower's construction update: Burj Khalifa will be the tallest building in world only till 2020 [Video]

Burj Khalifa is the world's tallest building yet but not for long. Suadi's Jeddah Tower eyes to take over the title in 2020. The construction has …


I Photograph The World Upside Down Using My Phone Screen As A Portable Mirror

Photography Hack: Finding creative ways to photograph the world is partly an obsession of mine and partly my profession.<p>As a travel photographer, …


Huge asteroid to narrowly miss Earth

A gigantic, kiometre-wide asteroid hurtling through the solar system is set to narrowly avoid Earth.<p>2:20<p>Paul Manafort Is Colluding From Home<p>1:41<p>Jay-Z …

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Tom Cruise may have hurt himself again trying to do a ‘Mission Impossible’ stunt

Soon after recovering from a broken ankle suffered attempting a “Mission Impossible” stunt last summer, Tom Cruise may have hurt himself again trying …


K-Pop Mania Sweeps United Arab Emirates With EXO Showcase

Thousands of local fans in the Gulf region turned up to listen to EXO's performance of hit song 'Power,' and sing along to the lyrics. Continue …

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17 incredible buildings opening in 2018

Burj Khalifa

Qatar may ask Iran for help in hosting the World Cup

FOOTBALL’S World Cup in 2022, to be hosted by Qatar, was always billed as a regional event. Other countries in the Gulf offered hotel rooms and …

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A wishlist of scientific breakthroughs by Robert Boyle

17th-century scientist Robert Boyle, one of the world’s first chemists and creator of Boyle’s Law, wrote out a list of problems he hoped could be …


Jeddah Tower: What does the world's next tallest skyscraper look like now?

<b>(CNN) —</b> These are the images that show what will soon be known as the world's next tallest building rising from the desert. When the 3,280-feet-tall (1,000-meter-tall) Jeddah Tower, in Saudi Arabia, opens in 2020, it will knock Dubai's iconic Burj Khalifa off its throne as the tallest skyscraper in …


So many people are climbing the iconic Lloyd's of London building that the firm is seeking an injunction to ban them

• <b>Lloyd's of London is reportedly seeking an injunction to prevent people climbing its City of London headquarters.</b>• <b><br>The Financial Times reports that court papers filed by the world's oldest insurance market claim climbers are putting themselves, others, and the building "at risk of significant harm</b> …


Dubai’s most expensive communities to rent or buy

Emirates Hills is the most expensive villa community to buy or rent a property in Dubai, according to Propertyfinder Group, which has analysed the …

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Open call for artists to have their work displayed in lights on the Burj Khalifa

Are you a designer or artist that would love to see your own work on the largest display screen in the world? Well, Emaar has just put out an open …

Burj Khalifa

Calgarian explorers among team that discovered Canada’s deepest cave near Fernie, BC

Most times, when a person travels down more than 30 storeys, it’s in an elevator. But a group of Calgary explorers used helicopter rides, helmets, …


Uber launches new time-based service for Dubai's business community

Ride-hailing app Uber has launched a new service in the UAE aimed at the business community.<p>UberHire is an on-demand, time-based option that allows …


Tom Cruise Returns to Work on ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ and Performs His Own Stunts After Breaking His Ankle: Photos

Say what you want about <b>Tom Cruise</b>, but he’s no slacker. The tireless actor is back to work for the first time since breaking his ankle in August 2017 …


5 Things To Do In Dubai On A Stopover

With all of its overt opulence and triumphs in setting extreme world records, it may seem that Dubai is nothing more than glitz and glam, but if you look past its well-groomed facade you’ll find that there’s much more to the city than showy supercars and manicured malls. Underneath its superficial …


Dh5b in trade between Dubai and Canada

150 Canadian companies have activities in the UAE

Business (Canada)

Dubai's the Very Model of a Modern Mideast Economy

Saudi Arabia is trying to reduce its dependence on oil. A neighbor has already done it.<p>For more than 100 years, the Middle East has been defined by oil exploration, production and its boundaries. Now the region is getting repurposed by its aspiration to grow beyond fossil fuel. The shake-up in …


How to see Dubai in one day

There was a time when Dubai was viewed as a mere springboard to other destinations, but not anymore. The city has blossomed like an oasis in the …