A look into the Drupalgeddon client-side attacks

Drupal is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS), along with WordPress and Joomla. In late March 2018, Drupal was affected by a …


Why I'm leaving Drupal for Laravel

For the past 6 or so years, I have been a Developer that primarily works with Drupal and I've pretty much married to it for better or for …


Migration: If entity lookup fails to find a matching term then the entire row should fail

I have a list of terms for a vocab which I need to import. However the original term data is not sanitized. So we want to only import if entity …


Migrate API: custom Drupal-to-Drupal migration

Sooner or later every developer faces this scary (actually, not) process called “Migration”. If you’re one of them, you must have heard about one of …


custom module not working with custom bootstrap subtheme - Drupal 8

I made a bootstrap subtheme 'mint', and in mint.libraries.yml :<p><b>mint.libraries.yml</b><p>Now this 'framework' styles are used in mint.info.yml …


Strict standards issue with Drupal 7 custom module

The following error message is displayed when I visit the homepage:This is coming from a custom module and the line within the if statement is the …


Cryptocurrency Miners Exploit Widespread Drupal Flaw

Researcher: 400 Sites or More Fall Victim to Massive, Forced Monero Mining Operation Jeremy Kirk (jeremy_kirk) • May 8, 2018<p>A remote code execution …

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Nightwatch in Drupal Core

Drupal 8.6 sees the addition of Node.js based functional browser testing with Nightwatch.js. Nightwatch uses the W3C WebDriver API to perform …


How can I step-debug a drush command with ddev and PHPStorm?

I need to debug a drush command in a ddev project, but I don't know how to do it. In ddev v0.18.0, the PHPStorm debugger breaks at the beginning, but …


Cryptojacking hits hundreds of high level Drupal sites

A widely-publicised Drupal flaw dubbed "Drupalgeddon2" has been exploited to cryptojack more than 340 government, corporate, and university …

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Cryptojacking Attack Hits Hundreds of Websites to Mine Monero

Advertisement<p>Cryptojacking has been one of the most significant security threat researchers have been facing ever since cryptocurrencies took off …


Aussie websites targeted by cryptojacking campaign

​At least four Australian websites have been targeted by a cryptojacking campaign that installed browser mining software Coinhive.

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No longer the bridesmaid, Drupal is now favored for cryptomining attacks

Drupal has always been the bridesmaid to WordPress, the bride of content management systems. Now, Drupal has finally become popular, but for the …

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Drive-by cryptominer found in hundreds of unpatched Drupal sites

Just because the number of drive-by cryptomining reports have slowed down doesn’t mean the practice has stopped. A security researcher has revealed …

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400 Websites Secretly Served Cryptocurrency Miners to Visitors

A hacker managed to tamper with the websites by exploiting a serious flaw in the Drupal content management system software.<p>PCMag reviews products …

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400 Drupal sites infected with malware that secretly mines cryptocurrency

It seems like there’s no stopping the crypto-jacking epidemic, as hackers continue to steal unsuspecting users’ computing power to mine cryptocurrency.<p>Security researcher Troy Mursch from Bad Packets Report has discovered that a number of websites using an outdated version of the Drupal Content …


Drupalcon 2018 Edition

Welcome to the latest edition of the top modules for Drupal 8! Below I recap my newest list that I presented at Drupalcon, Nashville along with …

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More Than 300 Drupal Sites Cryptojacked

More Than 300 Drupal Sites Cryptojacked<p>What do the sites of the San Diego Zoo, the government of Chihuahua, Mexico, Lenovo, UCLA, and DLink have in …

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'Cryptojacking' Software Attack Hits Hundreds of Websites

Hackers have injected hundreds of websites running the Drupal content management system with malicious software used to mine the cryptocurrency …


Following severe security flaws in Drupal from March, 350+ sites including several government domains are now serving cryptomining scripts to users' browsers


Hundreds of big-name sites hacked, converted into drive-by currency miners

Critical "Drupalgeddon2" is still being exploited six weeks after it was patched.<p>A mass hacking campaign that targets a critical vulnerability in the …

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Drupal Sites Fall Victims to Cryptojacking Campaigns

After the publication of two severe security flaws in the Drupal CMS, cybercrime groups have turned their sights on this web technology in the hopes …


Multiple virtual directories in Azure Web App on Linux

I want to host multiple websites in single "Azure Web App on Linux". I am hosting Drupal website on this (PHP 5.7). But there is no such option in …


How to Integrate Google Analytics with Drupal 8

Are you a Drupal website owner? Are you a content marketer? Are you a digital marketer or a Drupal developer? If your answer to any of these …


Creating multilingual variables

A super quick blast from the past today; a Drupal 7 based article!<p>I had some work recently to create a new "setting" variable for one our Drupal 7 …


Liferay Community Edition Portal 7.1 on the Horizon, More Open Source News

Liferay Community Edition Portal 7.1 Alpha 1 is now available, which means it’s entering phase two of its beta program focused on reporting and …


Cryptojacking Campaign Exploits Drupal Bug, Over 400 Websites Attacked

Hundreds of sites vulnerable to 'Drupalgeddon 2.0' have been impacted by a massive cryptomining campaign.

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Trying to work on a client's Drupal site from my local machine

I have a client who wants me to update their Drupal site. I've never done this before, and I want to work on it from my local machine just in case …


Hello Kitty: Malware targets Drupal to mine for cryptocurrency

The Kitty malware not only targets website servers and visitors but also leaves a cheeky note for cat lovers out there.<p>The latest version of the …

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Quickstarting Drupal 8

Before and around Drupalcon Nashville there was a lot of discussion around improving the first time experience. Things we achieved for example is a …