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Inside the drug testing service trying to keep festivalgoers safe

The festival season is well underway, which means thousands of young people are gathering in fields to party – and many will use drugs.<p>Despite …

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Dangerous risk for a fictitious high: Addicts share blood with 'Bluetooth'

"Bluetooth" involves one addict injecting themselves with heroin, then injecting their own blood into a friend's. It's a dangerous and risky …

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'That House Is Evil': Former Tenant Reveals Tales of Bannon's Old Porn and Meth Pad in Florida

Horror stories involve Bannon and his ex-wife.A few months ago, the <i>Washington Post</i> got wind of an investigation into whether presidential aide and …

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Canadian Woman Banned from U.S. After Border Agent Finds Proof of Drug Use on Her Phone

A young woman from British Columbia was issued a lifetime ban at the U.S. border after officials found an email, between herself and her doctor, …

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‘Whitney: Can I Be Me?’ tells a familiar yet always tragic story of a singer gone too soon

The life and too-early death of singer Whitney Houston was a train wreck lots of people say they saw coming but no one was able to stop.<p>Dead at age 48 in her Beverly Hilton hotel room, Houston was as celebrated as she was gifted, and as clips from the documentary "Whitney: Can I Be Me?" …

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Pictures at an Opioid Overdose Exhibition

Is a picture worth a thousand public service announcements? That’s a question that the loved ones of overdose victims are facing now. Last week, …


Scotland's drug death crisis needs a radical harm reduction response – now

The newly published figures of annual drug-related deaths (DRD) in Scotland are appalling. The National Records of Scotland figure of 867 represents …


Canadian woman banned from US for life after border agent searches phone, finds email to doctor about drug use

A 28-year-old woman from British Columbia was banned for life from entering the United States after a US Customs and Border Protection agent searched …

Heroin Death Rate Among Teenagers Rises As Heroin Use Falls

A new CDC analysis of drug overdoses among teenagers reinforces a point I make in my column today: Heroin use is much deadlier than it used to be, …


7 Everyday Excuses We Make to Avoid the Truth of Addiction

Alcoholics and dependent drug users often make excuses for their behavior. In fact, this is one of the signs of addiction. When you have to make …


Experts Think This Is Why Scotland Has The Highest Drug-Related Death Rate In The EU

New figures show that Scotland's rate of drug-related deaths per head is more than double that for England and Wales.<p>Scotland has the highest rate of drug-related deaths in the EU and over twice as many people die as a result of drug use north of the border than in England and Wales, according to …

New study suggests energy drink consumption could lead to drug use

Energy drink consumption could be a gateway to drug use, a new study suggests.<p>Energy drinks are marketed as products that increase alertness and …


Mother shares image of daughter's final moments after overdose

The mom of a 22-year-old dead after an overdose shared a photo of her daughter’s final moments in a bid to help others battling addiction.


Drugs for fun: why do we feel so bad about feeling good? - Home | On Drugs

People do drugs for all kinds of reasons to do drugs — to improve an athletic performance, treat an illness, or, for people in the throes of …

'Prevalent' drug use in Tasmania's local football leagues prompts call for random testing

There are fresh calls for random drug tests in Tasmanian football leagues amid claims the use of illicit drugs is prevalent in community sport.

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Toronto activists say decriminalizing drugs will save lives

People on the frontlines of the opioid overdose crisis say they know exactly what needs to be done to save lives and tackle the “public health …

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Is your doctor drug tested? That depends on where he works

<i>Many hospitals have drug-free policies for their employees. But doctors aren't always employees at the hospitals where they work.; Credit: Hero</i> …

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Melania Trump ditches fight against cyber-bullying to tackle drug use

But she's still being 'thoughtful' about cyber-bulling, so that's good<p><b>Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde</b><p>Donald Trump may have become a bit of a Twitter rant …

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Bellevue Vote Proves the County-Wide Ban on Safe Drug Sites Is Unnecessary

<b>The Bellevue City Council</b> voted to ban safe drug sites on Monday. It was the wrong decision, but it was theirs to make—just as it is up to …


To win the fight against AIDS, we must end the war on drugs

Opinion: Injection drugs remain a key driver of the global HIV epidemic—and to solve it, we have to reform drug criminalization<p><i>Dr. Julio S. G.</i> …

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LinkedIn editor: One of top hiring problems is employee drug use

In our Work in Progress series, we explore the future of jobs and the issues facing the American workforce. Hiring is up more than 17 percent …

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Faith in Recovery Pt. 2: The Surprising Truth About Religion and Drug Use

World Religion News<p>Posted by WRN Editorial Staff<p>Informative list may change the way you see religion<p>“Every addicted person brings with them a …


Drug use at Osheaga: Tips for surviving the trip

Montreal hospitals are bracing for the next edition of Osheaga, the massive party/festival that last year attracted more than 135,000 attendees, …

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'Trainspotting generation' most likely to die from drug use

Surge in deaths among 40- to 49-year-olds last year helps fuel another record high in drug use deaths<p>People in the “Trainspotting generation” are most likely to die from drug use, after a sharp rise in deaths among 40- to 49-year-olds last year, official statistics show.<p>The mortality rate among …


Does research support Ann Coulter's claim there's a racial correlation to lying about weed use?

Do scientific studies find African-Americans are "about 10 times more likely to lie and say they hadn't smoked pot?" as Ann Coulter claimed recently?

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Va. Mom Allegedly Said She Killed Her Daughter to Save Her From Aliens by Sending Her to Heaven

A 27-year-old Virginia mother accused of fatally shooting her 6-year-old daughter last February allegedly told investigators she wanted to send the …


Legal Drug Use And Your Security Clearance

The Office of Personnel Management aims to clarify sensitive issues with its new application form.


Tasmania's former chief magistrate says war on drugs not working

Former chief magistrate Michael Hill throws his weight behind the call to decriminalise all illicit drug use in Tasmania, saying the war on drugs is …

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How on-site drug testing at festivals can help save lives

<i>This year, between six and 10 UK festivals are hoping to provide drug testing on site following the recent increase in drug-related deaths. As the UK</i> …

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Sometimes Mindfulness Means Getting High at a Music Festival

It's Sunday morning after a night spent dancing on the beach to electronic music. Waves lap nearby, the dance floor nothing but sand lit up by fire spinners and LED lights. In domes constructed of neon spandex, groups of people have gathered for yoga—and maybe more dancing. They're not, as you …

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