Iran's drug use doubles in six years

The number of drug addicts in Iran has more than doubled in six years, with opium the country's most popular narcotic, local media reported Sunday.<p>"There are about 2.8 million people regularly consuming drugs" in the country of 80 million people, Drug Control Organization spokesman Parviz Afshar …


Should all drugs be legal?

Some experts say the best way to tackle the growing opioid epidemic is to legalize drugs entirely.

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Opiate overdose victim, organ donor, saves life of woman in addiction recovery (photos)

CLEVELAND, Ohio--On a frigid January day in 2014, Adam Shay lay in the Neurointensive care unit of the Cleveland Clinic, the rhythmic hiss of a …


Illegal drug market is booming, says UN watchdog

Report says production of heroin and cocaine is increasing as campaigners call for better measures to tackle cartels<p>• Route to recovery: how people overcome addiction<p>The world’s illicit drug economy is “thriving” owing to large increases in the production of heroin and cocaine and a wider spectrum …

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Covering America’s ‘testing ground’ for responses to drug use, HIV risk

Via Pixabay<p><i>CJR recently invited contributions from journalists whose work focuses on the healthcare challenges specific to their communities. We</i> …

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Query from a reader:<p>Is it correct to use the word assuage to indicate a lessening of something? That is, it is often used in the realm of feelings, …

Op-Ed: How drugs (and alcohol) kill – and it’s not what you think it is

Drug users are harmed more by the actions of law enforcement personnel, the criminal justice system, health practices and stigma than the harms …

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Locking People Up For Drugs Has No Effect On Public Safety Or Substance Use, Study Finds

Putting more drug offenders behind bars—for longer periods of time — has not yielded a convincing public safety return. Adam Gelb of the Pew …


TTC driver tests positive for on-duty drug use

A TTC driver has tested positive for being impaired while on duty, marking the first time a vehicle operator has run afoul of the transit agency’s …

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As Opioid Hospitalizations Soar, Report Claims Imprisoning Drug Offenders Doesn’t Affect Overdoses Or Use

Since 2005, the rate of opioid-related emergency room visits has doubled and hospitalizations are up 64%. At the same time, many states are sending …

Opioid Crisis

Imprisoning Drug Offenders Doesn't Impact Drug Use, New Study Says

Pew researchers find no direct link between penalties and drug use<p>A new Pew study released this week concludes that despite policies to the contrary, …


Prodigy Cause of Death Delayed Pending Toxicology

<b>Prodigy</b>'s autopsy is now complete and the Clark County Medical Examiner will not determine cause of death until there is a full toxicology report, …

Your Facebook posts can reveal a lot about your drug use

Your Facebook posts can reveal a lot about your drug use<p>Your folks might not be aware of your after party scene but social media networks sure are. …


Why we should talk about Carrie Fisher’s drug use

The actor and writer lived her life so unapologetically open: it’s irresponsible to ignore her addictions and struggles<p>Since Carrie Fisher passed away in December, speculation has circulated surrounding the circumstances: more specifically, whether or not she had relapsed, and if so, what exactly …


From the doctor: Can marijuana help a bad back?

Findings on lower back pain illuminate important issues in the industry.


Carrie Fisher died of sleep apnea and 'drug use' was also a factor, L.A. County coroner says

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office on Friday listed the cause of death for “Star Wars” star Carrie Fisher as sleep apnea and other factors, including drug use.<p>The coroner’s office released a short summary of its findings, but officials declined to make any additional comments. The statement …

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Worker fired for breaching policy, not over drug problem, Supreme Court rules

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed an appeal in a case involving an Alberta worker who was fired by a mining company after testing …


Addiction In The Workplace Is At An All Time High

More than 75 percent of individuals with alcohol or illicit drug use disorders continue to maintain their employment.

The Workplace

German executive at Volkswagen Japan arrested for suspected drug use

TOKYO (Reuters) - Volkswagen Group Japan KK senior executive Thomas Siebert was arrested on suspicion of using an illegal stimulant, the company said.<p>Siebert, a 53-year-old German, was arrested on Wednesday, the company said in a statement without elaborating on the drug involved.<p>"We deeply regret …


Uber should ban employee booze and drug use during 'core work hours,' report suggests

As part of an ugly inquiry into Uber's workplace culture, a law firm suggested on Tuesday that the start-up ban drug use at work-related events and …


Calgary's 1st supervised drug use site to be at Sheldon Chumir centre

'This is how we will turn the tide and this is how we will save lives'<p>Officials have unveiled plans for the first supervised drug use site in …


Your Facebook Activity Reveals a Lot About Your Drug Use

A recent study reveals how social media can detect—and help prevent—substance abuse.<p><b>This article originally appeared on THUMP Germany.</b><p>Have you ever shared stories about drugs or recollections from a chaotic party with your friends on Facebook? No? Perhaps you're the cautious type. That's smart, but …

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Call to test drugs at music festivals

A TRIAL of pill testing at music festivals will save lives, according to drug experts at Curtin University.<p>Drug checking is increasingly common at …

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Drug Education in High School Needs to be More Comprehensive

I was sitting on a couch surrounded by my friends a few nights ago, when I was informed that many of the people in this crowded high school party …

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Opioid epidemic could derail Trump’s infrastructure plans

CDC<p>The mortality rate from opioid overdose more than tripled from 2000 to 2015.<p>As the Trump administration rolls out its long-awaited infrastructure plan, the reality of the skilled worker shortage will come into clear view. Skilled labor will be needed to implement Trump’s $1 trillion plan to …

Opioid Epidemic

Being Cheated On Doesn't Just Ruin Your Life—It Also Ruins Your Health

A recent study reveals the mental and physical consequences of experiencing infidelity.<p>When I was 21 years old, my fiancé broke up with me over the phone. Many years later, I still remember the night clearly. It was a late summer evening and I was outside sitting in the driveway of my parents' …


Brighton siege: Connection between ice use and Islamic extremism 'should be investigated'

Brighton gunman Yacqub Khayre just the latest terrorist with history of substance abuse.

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In Face Of Growing ‘Nightmare Bacteria’ Threat, WHO Revises Advice For Last-Resort Drug Use

The health organization is trying to counter the growing resistance humans have to antibiotics, which has created a world in which even the most …

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AFP employee investigated for prescribed steroids he was told he didn't need to declare

An Australian Federal Police employee endured an "embarrassing" investigation into the use of a prescribed steroid, internal documents reveal.<p>Another …


Growing drug use and changing drugs laws pose challenges for employers

Not long ago, a forklift operator at Marlin Steel "mishandled" the equipment and nearly knocked into a colleague who was setting up a robot.<p>The …

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