Oakland’s Lake Temescal closed due to toxic algae

Lake Temescal in Oakland was closed to swimmers and dogs Tuesday after an outbreak of toxic algae was detected in the water, park officials said.<p>The toxic blue-green algae and other water quality issues were due to the drought and unusually warm weather conditions last week, park officials …


Gov. Jerry Brown signs $125 billion state budget without a veto

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown signed a $125 billion state budget Tuesday, stamping his official approval on a package of bills his office negotiated with Democratic leaders and then ushered through a Democratic-controlled Legislature.<p>Brown signed the budget without a news conference or a single …

California Drought

Accidental discovery could lead to drought-proof crops

A group of Australian National University (ANU) scientists have made a major breakthrough that could improve Australia's food security during drought.<p>…


Osman Resort 2018

Osman Resort 2018<p>Courtesy Photo<p>Osman Resort 2018<p>Courtesy Photo<p>Courtesy Photo<p>Osman Resort 2018<p>Courtesy Photo<p>Osman Resort 2018<p>Courtesy Photo<p>Osman …


Controversial beachfront sand mining operation along Monterey Bay to close

The last coastal sand mine in the United States, a facility on Monterey Bay that scientists say has caused significant erosion of beaches in the …

California Drought

Kenya needs to protect elderly people during drought and famine emergencies

Pockets of Kenya are affected by harsh drought. About 4 million people in the country face hunger, starvation, malnutrition and possible death. North …

Sustainable Development Goals

County approves new permit for Chiquita Canyon Landfill

<i>About 55 percent of Los Angeles city garbage ends up at the Chiquita Canyon Landfill. Here, Luis Santana drives a Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation</i> …

California Drought

'Can we go back to watering our driveways now?' and other lessons to consider before California's next drought hits

The last drought’s behind us, which means the next one’s on the way.<p>With summer here to remind Californians what it’s like to be hot and thirsty we fired three big questions at <b>Bettina Boxall</b>, the Los Angeles Times’ most experienced water reporter.<p>She answers in these short videos.<p>So Bettina, were …

Lesson for California: Before expanding solar energy, figure out a way to store it.

<b>To the editor:</b> Your article correctly reports that California generates and pays for more electricity than it currently needs. But the “why” is dim by more than a few watts. (“California invested heavily in solar power. Now there's so much that other states are sometimes paid to take it,” June …

California Drought

Is Giant Sequoia National Monument Next on the Hit List?

By Jason Mark<p><i>Sequoiadendron giganteum.</i> That's the scientific name for the giant sequoia: the mammoth trees found in California's Sierra Nevada that …

National Parks

Lake Tahoe water level approaches max limit after heat wave

Californians and Nevadans who watched Lake Tahoe’s water levels recede during the historic drought experienced in the states over the past few years …

Lake Tahoe

The Kings River flooded from snowmelt that couldn't be measured or predicted

The flooding that displaced residents in 90 homes along the Kings River in the Central Valley over the weekend was more than a week in the making.<p>For eight consecutive days last week, temperatures from Fresno to Bakersfield exceeded 100, according to the National Weather Service.<p>Wildfires burned, …


San Juan Capistrano sues state regulators to block $350-million power line project

The city of San Juan Capistrano is suing state regulators over a proposed $350-million transmission line that critics argue is just the latest in a series of unnecessary and costly utility projects.<p>In a 35-page lawsuit filed late Friday in U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, …

California Drought

California big tunnels win early approval. Questions remain

SAN FRANCISCO – Gov. Jerry Brown won crucial early approval from federal wildlife officials Monday for his $16 billion proposal to re-engineer California's north-south water system, advancing his plan to build two giant tunnels to carry Northern California water to the south even though much about …


Kings River flooding forces hundreds to evacuate near Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say 90 homes remain under mandatory evacuation orders following levee breaches along the Kings River, the result of …


Vinegar: A cheap and simple way to help plants fight drought

Researchers at the RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science (CSRS) have discovered a new, yet simple, way to increase drought tolerance in a …


Burgum proclaims North Dakota fire, drought emergency

North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has proclaimed a statewide fire and drought emergency because of extremely dry conditions.<p>Burgum on Monday ordered all …


Excerpts from Steinbeck’s Novel About the 2013-17 California Drought

“This drought emergency is over. But the next drought could be around the corner. Conservation must remain a way of life.” —California Governor Jerry Brown<p>When 2015 was half gone, and the sun climbed high above the 405 and stayed, an In-N-Out wrapper blew down the highway like a tumbleweed, and a …

California Drought

New Lake Tahoe lodge praised as boon to economy, environment

More than two decades after developers first faced a series of stringent regulations, a $100 million lodge has opened on the south shore of Lake …

U.S. Ranchers Are Being Forced to Sell Cattle Due to Drought - Bloomberg

It’s so hot and dry in northern parts of the U.S. that cattle ranchers are frantically selling off animals to trim their herds as hay crops and …


County water agency may suffer multibillion-dollar legal blow

A legal ruling that San Diego County water officials said would save customers here up to $7 billion has been overturned.<p>A California appellate court …

California Drought

Massive grass fire shuts down highway in northern California

Plus, a nationwide manhunt for a Utah man suspected of killing 3 women, and find out ways to help slow Alzheimer's.

California Drought

The Sierra snowpack is massive, and melting fast

The barrage of storms that pounded the Sierra Nevada this winter and spring added up to a snowpack that's massive.<p>Amid a major heat wave all of that snow is now melting — and fast.<p>How fast?<p>One way to quantify the speed of the melt is by measuring the runoff, the rate at which water is flowing down …


Emergency food will run out in drought-hit Ethiopia by next month, warn aid agencies

International aid agencies warn that starvation looms as food is running out in drought-hit Ethiopia.


California Gov. Jerry Brown blocks parole for Charles Manson follower and convicted killer Bruce Davis

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- California Gov. Jerry Brown blocks parole for Charles Manson follower and convicted killer Bruce Davis.


Here’s How to Report Shops That Are Air Conditioning the Whole Block

(Credit: Generation 180) It’s a common sight on hot summer days: The shop door open to customers, A.C. on, enough chilled air pouring out to create a …

California Drought

Photo Gallery: Josh Hart Predraft Workout

Villanova guard Josh Hart works out for the Los Angeles Lakers on June 5, 2017 at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, California.<p>Villanova guard …


California water chief at helm of Oroville crisis retires

A water manager who led the state's emergency response to the erosion of the nation's tallest dam says he's retiring.<p>Acting Director Bill Coyle made …

Oroville Dam

California invested heavily in solar power. Now there’s so much that other states are sometimes paid to take it - Los Angeles Times

California Drought

Climate Change Altering Droughts, Impacts Across U.S.

As a major drought devastated the West and Midwest beginning in 2012, farmers racked up billions of dollars in crop losses and water managers …

Climate Change