Drinking Water

10 Ways to Make Drinking Water a Part of Your Daily Routine

Drinking water has health benefits beyond hydration, including improved energy and healthier skin. Conversely, there are also many negative effects of not drinking enough H2O. Health experts recommend drinking half your weight in ounces of water every day, but with busy work and life schedules, …


Drinking Water Blamed In Hundreds Of Illnesses, 13 Deaths, CDC Reports

<b>Follow KDKA-TV</b>: Facebook | Twitter<p>(CNN) — Clear water is not always a sign of clean water — or so suggest two new reports on water-associated disease …


$300 billion war beneath the street: Fighting to replace America’s water pipes

Much more is at stake than billions of dollars.<p>A national conversion to plastic pipes would amount to a massive experiment with public health because …


The GOP’s dirty attack on rural America’s clean water

House Republicans appear to have a new favorite pastime: Keeping Americans from ever being able to go to court.<p>At a time of heightened tensions on …


Expert explains the effects of water rationing

Cape Town - With water rationing in full effect, a UCT expert warns there is a greater chance of discolouration and contamination as a result of …


This new twist to drinking water proves it’s still the best beauty trick in the book

Ask a celeb the key to glowy skin and they’ll exclaim back, “Drink a lot of water!” It’s the oldest beauty trick in the book. But, even though …


Microscopic parasite found in Cork drinking water

A microscopic parasite that can cause respiratory and gastrointestinal illness has been detected in the drinking water supplies of two areas in north …

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Cleaner Water On The Go With LifeStraw’s Personal Water Filter

Used by non-governmental organizations and humanitarians around the world, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is the safest, easiest and most …


Plastic in drinking water: What are the risks to human health?

CARDIFF, Wales: Plastic microparticles are finding their way into our drinking water.<p>We already knew tiny pieces of plastic find their way into …


The benefits of public wildlands, explained

Posted by Jeff on Nov 7, 2017 @ 8:57 am in Conservation | 0 comments | Last modified: November 7, 2017<p>We’ve all seen the Instagram pictures of hikers …

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Perth's drinking water polluted by waste

November 6, 2017 12:00AM<p>PERTH’S drinking water catchment has been polluted by waste stockpiles — right under the nose of the State’s environmental …


Potentially deadly legionella bacteria found in Perth Children's Hospital water

A new problem has struck trouble-plagued Perth Children's Hospital, with the potentially deadly legionella bacteria detected during routine water …


The trick to keeping your bottles cool on hot days

There's nothing worse then being miles into a long, hot ride and reaching for a refreshing drink, but getting a mouth full of gross, hot water. …

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Extreme rain is stopping the sun from killing deadly pathogens in drinking water

Climate change is more than just shorter winters and higher air conditioning bills. It is also hampering the sun’s ability to naturally kill …

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Uncharted waters: Where did all the drinking water in Avon go?

An investigation of biliing woes in the town of Avon's water system is nearing an end. People who've been getting a free ride may not like the result.


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<b>Multiple product options available</b><p>These plastic adapters are available with various connection types. <b>PFA Push-to-Connect Fittings</b> require no special …


No Tom Brady, drinking water will not save you from sunburn

Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen are well-known for their strict diets and thoughts on food.<p>However, Brady’s latest admission that he believes …

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Australian support provides clean drinking water and sanitation to Bullay Bala, Punjab

Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Margaret Adamson today opened a facility in Bullay Bala, Punjab which will provide the community with clean …


De.mem wins $250k contract

De.mem has secured a contract worth $250,000 from Maranoa Regional Council, Queensland.


What Do You Know About Your Drinking Water?


A disease in Dhanbad has children without smiles

High fluoride content in groundwater is crippling entire generations in several Dhanbad villages, leaving them with weak bones and stained …


The One Thing Prevention’s Health Editor Never Leaves Home Without

This $13 bottle has a unique feature that makes drinking water less of a chore.<p>As a health editor, I’m hyper-aware of how important water is for overall good health. My grandfather, who lived to age 95, drank tons of water throughout the day, and would raise his glass and proclaim, “Best drink in …



Drinking water on an empty stomach immediately after waking up is a common habit among Japanese people. The reason for this habit is the numerous …

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6 Reasons To Refill Your Water Bottle Right Now (Besides Staying Hydrated)

Forty-three percent of adults don't drink enough water throughout the day. Are you one of them?...


Toxic firefighting chemicals 'the most seminal public health challenge'

US environmental official says Pfas chemicals found in firefighting foam is contaminating water supplies<p>A top United States environmental official has described the contamination of drinking water by toxic firefighting chemicals as the most seminal public health challenge of coming decades.<p>The US, …


In Times of Emergency, UNICEF Steps Up

Since August, in what officials are calling a "textbook example of ethnic cleansing," military forces in predominantly Buddhist Myanmar have driven …


Toowoomba named as city with best drinking water in Australia

A city in Queensland has been judged to have the best-tasting drinking water in Australia, with Toowoomba receiving the top gong by popular vote in …

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Gov. Snyder stepped up charitable donations in 2016, giving 42% of his income to charity

LANSING Gov. Rick Snyder stepped up his charitable giving in 2016, despite a drop in his overall income, according to tax return records released to …


Drinking Water for Millions in Rural America Contaminated With Suspected Carcinogen

Drinking water supplies for millions of Americans in farm country are contaminated with a suspected cancer-causing chemical from fertilizer, …


What you should know about free lead testing for your New Orleans water | NOLA.com

As New Orleans faces $1.8 billion in street improvements, there is something to worry about besides snarled traffic and mourning the loss of so many …