No One Can Figure Out If This Photo Is Of A Wedding Dress Or A Wedding Cake

The wedding industrial complex is back at it with a new version of The Dress — but this time, it's not a lighting trick.<p><i>Brides</i> reports that a U.K.-based bakery created a wedding gown-shaped wedding cake that looks so realistic that many people can't tell it apart from a real-life wedding …


11 Dreamy Wedding Dresses Less Than $500

Just imagine what you can do with all that leftover dough!<p>Yes, you <i>can</i> find a gorgeous gown for any type of wedding — without breaking the bank. Here, 11 stylish options, all less than $500.


This pizza prom dress will make you look like a real life Domino's princess

The only date we need is a large margherita with extra mozzarella.<p>Sadly my prom days are long behind me but that doesn't mean I've forgotten the pain of trawling the high street trying to find <i>the</i> dress.<p>After one too many ill-fitting strapless numbers, I finally settled on a very boring black, Debut …


Amber Rose Shows Off Major Cleavage in Mini Dress (PHOTO + 360 VIDEO)

<b>Amber Rose</b>'s bodyguard sure has a lot of body to guard ... especially when her curves are on full display like this.<p>Here's Amber leaving Warwick …


Law that pardons rapists who marry their victim could finally be abolished in Jordan

<b>Archaic legislation which frees rapists from conviction so long as they marry their victims could finally be abolished in Jordan.</b><p>Following more than …

Wedding Dresses

Emma Watson is a statuesque goddess in this wedding-inspired gown

With Barcelona Bridal Week happening right now, we thought we’d had just about all the wedding dress inspiration we could handle for the week. …


Celebrate 70 years of Dior at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs

To mark its 70th anniversary, Dior is showing the most beautiful creations designed by its most iconic creative directors at the Musée des Arts …


Plus-Size Wedding Dresses Are Having a Moment | Brides

There has never been a better time to be a bride shopping for a plus-size wedding dress. With ASOS Curve, Eloquii in collaboration with Stone Fox Bride, and ModCloth all launching plus-size wedding dresses in the last year, women are finally getting the sophisticated wedding-dress options they …


It's Prom Time! Don't Forget to Read the 21-Page Rulebook

The rules of prom used to be simple. Get a date, rent a tux or buy a dress, pick up a corsage, and maybe splurge on a limo.<p>Today, things are a little more complicated. At Boylan Catholic High School in Illinois, the do’s and don’ts of prom-wear alone stretch to 21 pages.<p>Melissa High School in Texas …


This Prom Dress is a Scream

A Florida high school student created an incredible, wearable version of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" for prom. WTLV's Lewis Turner reports.


Dip-Dyed Wedding Dresses Are the Coolest New Trend to Hit Pinterest | Brides

Gone are the days of stark white wedding dresses, brides! Thanks to a recent trend that's blowing up all over Pinterest, more and more brides-to-be are searching for a wedding-dress style—and color—to fit their own personality. And what better way to project to the world who you really are than …


30 Wedding Shoe Photo Ideas We Love

These real wedding shoe photo ideas from real brides are perfect for your wedding day.


Under Cover: Fashion’s New Dress Code

Finally, summer is in sight. Savvy shoppers will want to stock up on sunscreen, rosé and, perhaps most important, a new warm-weather frock of two. A good dress invites the kind of free-spirited ease that one craves as temperatures rise. And this season the news is not about showing off skin or …


The Prom Dresses I Wish I Bought (and What I Wore Instead)

#Regrets<p>I’ve never been one to regret past decisions — not even the long list of questionable wardrobe choices I may have made over the years. This no-regrets policy applies to both my four-year-long emo phase that lasted throughout high school (Hot Topic email subscription included), as well as my …


FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: What We Wore to Prom

<b>Leandra</b> <i><br>Prom 2007</i><br>"The year was 2007. I'm wearing a gold brocade dress by AKA which I bought for $398 at an Intermix in Florida over Passover like two …


This Guy Started Crying When He Saw His Girlfriend In Her Prom Dress

MY HEART. 😭<p>Sometimes, a facial expression really does say it all.<p>On Saturday, Nolanah Garcia, a high school senior at Southside High School in San Antonio, Texas, brought Devin Collier, her boyfriend of three years, to tears when he saw her in her prom dress for the first time. On Sunday, she …

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5 Cute AF Ways To Re-Wear Your Prom Dress

Bonus: they'll all pass the school dress code.<p>Even if you only spent $20 on your prom dress, there's just something soul-crushing about knowing …


10 Ways Romy and Michele’s Bold Style Is Still Everything

Twenty years ago today, the cult classic <i>Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion</i> was unleashed unto the world, changing our (and Art Fry, the inventor of Post-Its’) lives forever. Full of hilarious one-liners (“Do you have some sort of…businesswoman special?”), and bold fashion choices that made us …


Florida student wears Black Lives Matter-inspired prom dress


10 Bridesmaid Dresses You Will Actually Want to Rewear

So pretty!<p>Sure, every bride ~says~ they've picked a bridesmaids' dress their BFFs will totally rewear, but that's a lie. Here are a few flattering options you actually *can* wear again, because they're so cute — oh, and they're all less than $200.


Getting married in 2018? Here are the new wedding dress trends to know now

Another round of bridal fashion weeks is underway around the world, which is good news for anyone planning a wedding in 2018 as you can now get your first glimpse of what the designers are dreaming up ahead of your big day next year.<p>Here, we’ve picked the top seven trends to take note of, straight …


We've Gone Starry-Eyed For This 1 Print

Once in a blue moon, there's a motif that catches on like wildfire in the fashion world, and the one we've been seeing everywhere? Stars. You've probably already spotted this trend in one of your fitness classes with everyone fangirling over these amazing star-print leggings, and since then, this …


Pizza Dress is Perfect for Pizza The Hutt's Wedding

Costume designer Olivia Mears aka “Taco Belle” aka “AvantGeek” is at it again with a cool dress that looks like a pizza. When she’s standing up in …


The Ridiculously Beautiful Bridal Fashion Week Wedding Dresses You Need To See

You can never have too much tulle. Fact.<p>Whether you're engaged or not, you have to admit that looking at wedding dresses has a certain addictive …

Wedding Dresses

The Best Thrift Shops in Canada to Score Second-Hand Gems

If you’re tired of fast fashion, we’re right there with you. Poorly made, hyper-trendy clothes that are basically disposable aren’t good for your …


Temperley Bridal & Wedding Dresses Spring 2018

Temperley Bridal's Dahlia collection is ethereal, romantic and feminine, perfect for a bohemian bride.


Matching Prom 2017 Looks for You and Your Date

Twinning for the winning.<p>Nervous you and your date are going to show up to prom in clashing outfits? Don’t sweat it. Get your insta-captions ready because we’re taking duo dressing to a whole new level— matching more than just your traditional corsage and boutonniere.<p>Even if you’ve already found …


The Outfits From ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’ Really Hold Up

“All in all, I’d have to say they’re really... not bad!” —Lisa Luder<p><i>Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion</i> came out 20 years ago today (!!!!!). You’d think that the clothes in this iconic film about attending your high school reunion when your life seems lacking would have aged poorly, but quite …


This Wedding Dress Cake Might Be More Beautiful Than a Real Wedding Dress

Wait until you see the train.<p>We've seen some extravagant wedding cakes over the years, including this castle and Kaley Cuoco's upside-down chandelier. But when it comes to the most beautiful one we've ever seen, this dress-inspired design takes the cake (we had to). It was baked by Emma Jayne Cake …


Would You Actually Wear These Wedding Dresses?

Are you the princess dress type?<p>Posted on April 24, 2017, 13:37 GMT<p>1. Would you get married wearing this dress?<p>Would You Actually Wear These Wedding Dresses?<p>Take quizzes and chill with the BuzzFeed app.<p>Oops. Something went wrong. Please try again later<p>Looks like we are having a problem on the …

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