Domestic Violence

Calgary police seeking domestic violence suspect, partner

Injuries sustained during a violent domestic encounter have police concerned for the wellbeing of a Calgary man wanted on a number of warrants, and …

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Domestic violence expert shares details of NFL's Ezekiel Elliott investigation

SB Nation spoke to Tonya Lovelace, one of the independent advisers the NFL appointed to the investigation.<p>The NFL’s investigation into domestic violence allegations against Ezekiel Elliott took more than a year to complete. During the investigation, four independent advisers were consulted to sift …

Ezekiel Elliott

1 dead, 2 injured after domestic violence incident on UNC campus


The verdict on domestic violence data and the Church: Believe the women

The research doesn't show that men who go to church more often are less likely to abuse their wives, write Naomi Priest and Nicholas Biddle. We …

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Tinder stabbing victim 'won't be silenced' but still checks her wardrobe for attackers

A NSW doctor who survived an attempted murder at the hands of an ex-boyfriend says she won't be silenced when it comes to domestic violence and wants …

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Empowering Aboriginal schoolgirls to fight domestic violence

Sitting under the shade of a gum tree in a dry river bed in Central Australia, senior Aboriginal women are working to empower a group of schoolgirls …

For MLB’s 2-year-old domestic violence policy, success is difficult to quantify

Joe Torre, chief baseball officer of Major League Baseball, talks with reporters following a meeting of Major League Baseball owners, Wednesday, Aug. …


Liberia: FGM Excluded From Domestic Violence Act

[Observer] Officials from the National Working Group Against Female Genital Mutilation calling for President Sirleaf's timely intervention to include …

Female Genital Mutilation

Ezekiel Elliott's suspension and appeal, explained

Here’s everything you need to know about what led to Elliott’s suspension and what comes next.<p>On Aug. 11, the NFL finally announced a six-game suspension for Ezekiel Elliott to start this season, after an investigation spanning more than a year. The suspension stems from domestic violence …

Ezekiel Elliott

App to help women escape domestic violence through financial independence

Since time immemorial women have stayed with violent partners because they can't afford to leave.


Chris Brown documentary criticised for 'victim-blaming' comments about Rihanna

The R&B singer appeared to blame Rihanna for provoking his 2009 attack due to her 'trust issues'.

Rhinestone Cowboy

Chris Brown's Response To The Night He Assaulted Rihanna Is Unconscionable

The rapper downplays the violence that occurred between the former couple and essentially blames Rihanna for provoking him.<p>Chris Brown has 'opened …

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Fontana incident now considered domestic violence, not abduction, police say

A Fontana incident that was thought to be a possible abduction was later determined to involve domestic violence after the suspect saw his own …

Los Angeles

NFL shifts blame for Zeke suspension to police and NFLPA

Sure, Jerry Jones and a few other aggrieved owners are privately griping about Roger Goodell’s heavy handed methods behind closed doors, but this …


We need to talk about domestic violence, terrorism and mass shootings

What if we treated violence against women as a national security issue?<p>Think about the men in recent years who have committed public mass violence or acts of terrorism. More than half of mass shootings in the United States are related to domestic or family violence. And even when a relative is not …


Carroll comfortable with Brock signing after domestic violence arrest

Kevin Jairaj / USA TODAY Sports<p>The Seattle Seahawks signed cornerback Tramaine Brock on Thursday, and head coach Pete Carroll is confident the team …


Of Course the Charlottesville Driver Has Been Accused of Domestic Violence

This is what violent men have in common.<p>This is how it goes: A violent man wreaks havoc — he shoots up a clinic, he opens fire at a nightclub, he aims a gun into a crowd of politicians, he drives his car into a crowd of protesters. We mourn. We tweet condolences. We donate to the fundraisers. …

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What Domestic Violence Against Men Looks Like

“It’s hard for a guy to say ‘I need help,’” says Paige Flink, the chief executive of the Family Place, a domestic violence shelter for men in Dallas …


The NFL and the Players Association Are Having a Flame War Over Domestic Violence

There is a familiar kind of horror with these things now. The star athlete accused of something terrible. The long, slow league investigation into …

Ezekiel Elliott

Hurley: NFL Releases Sanctimonious Statement On Domestic Violence Victims

<i>By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston</i><p>BOSTON (CBS) — This country — and really, the world — has many problems when it comes to the handling of domestic …

Ezekiel Elliott

Army chief cracks down on DV: ‘I reject them as members’

Shocking domestic violence rates occuring in Australia1:15<p>Take a look at some of the most shocking domestic violence statistics from the past few …

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In a sad twist, Zeke Elliott's suspension may actually hurt the fight against domestic violence

A wretched stalemate of a conversation in a Colorado coffee shop over the weekend brought home to me that many Americans simply refuse to confront …


Former Home and Away actor accuses police of homophobia

Ginger<p><b>“ONE police officer was very rude to me and as he was going down the stairs to leave he said, ‘F***ing poofters,</b> …

Fan brings 'Free Zeke' sign to Cowboys training camp

The NFL threw the book at Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, hitting him with a six-game suspension after looking into his ex-girlfriend’s …


The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence

James Alex Fields Jr., 20, is accused of driving his car into a crowd of people protesting a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville. (Elyse Samuels,Sarah Parnass,Whitney Leaming/The Washington Post)<p>Before police in Virginia arrested a 20-year-old man they said plowed his car into a group of …

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Florida male stripper arrested after stabbing lover in the eyes during domestic dispute

Fight was sparked when Justin Calhoun accused Mark Brann of being a cannibal.<p>A Florida male stripper is accused of stabbing his partner in both eyes …


Police: New York teen chokes mom’s ex-boyfriend to death after seeing him beat her

NEW YORK — A woman’s son allegedly choked his mother’s ex-boyfriend to death Monday after spotting the man beating her inside their New York …


Domestic violence attention turns to pets, the voiceless victims

They are the voiceless victims that can sometimes be forgotten in the dialogue about domestic violence, but new attention is being paid to the pets …

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Mom Of Charlottesville Suspect Repeatedly Called 911 On Her Son For Violent Threats

As a teen, James Fields was accused of spitting at his mom, hitting her in the head and threatening her with a knife.<p>James Alex Fields Jr., 20, the white nationalist accused of plowing his car into a crowd of protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing a woman and injuring 19, appears to have …

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People Still Don't Understand Men Can Be Victims of Domestic Abuse

Jennifer Ponce, who works to end intimate partner violence, often encounters people who think victims can only look a certain way.

Domestic Abuse