The Most Unusual Dog Breeds

With the decline of reindeer herding and puffin hunting over the past century, some dog breeds are struggling to find their purpose in the world.<p>The …

Dog Breeds

Do Dogs Have Nightmares? Let's Talk Dogs and Dreaming

What do little puppies dream of when they take a little puppy snooze? Well, if the often-restless way dogs sleep is any indicator, they might …


Sneaky Pooper

Reuben snuck off and came back looking very guilty. Then my boyfriend’s boss came in to tell him that Reuben had pooped in their boss’ office. Reuben …


Town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, Mourns Its First Female Mayor—a Border Collie Named Lucy Lou

We’re heartbroken to report that Lucy Lou, the first female mayor of the tiny Kentucky town of Rabbit Hash, crossed the rainbow bridge last …


Tuesday Turnaround: It's All About Microsoft...And Dogs?

Woof.<p>Microsoft's (MSFT) Aiming High<p>RealMoney Contributor Stephen Guilfoyle reported one sector where we saw some major selling pressure yesterday was …

Dog Breeds

13 rare dog breeds that make the best pets

Number 6 is basically living, breathing cotton ball<p>Dogs are an important part of the family, but sometimes you get used to seeing the same breeds …


Magpie and Whippet's Unlikely Friendship

When dog owner Steve Rostron went for an evening stroll with his pet, they came across a distressed magpie behind a telephone junction box.<p>For Mike …



I'm looking for a new home...<p>New<p>About Peach<p>Centre:<p>Kenilworth<p>Breed:<p>Chihuahua: Short Hr<p>Age:<p>8 and over<p>Sex:<p>Female<p>Likes<p>Peach did live in a home for a …


Shiba Inu - Dogs 101

…The Affenpinscher is a terrier-like toy breed of dog. This dog is filled with spunk and personality. The Affenpinscher travels well and loves to be …

Great Dane

Utt1Utt2 EP 003 | Concussions, Great Danes, and God's Best Joke


A Day in Stumptown

A Day in Stumptown<i>Photos and Story Contributed by Theresa Silverya</i>Leaves transforming from green to gold. Crisper air and cooler temps. Sweaters and …


Air Force

1 of 5<p>The star of the 1997 film comedy <i>Air Bud</i> was which of the following dog breeds?<p>2 of 5<p>In which of the following professional sports might a …


More than 500 dog fouling complaints since 2014

‘Selfish’ dog owners have been slammed after figures revealed the number of dog fouling complaints in the town since 2014.<p>Warrington Borough Council …


Cats and dogs are allowed on this airline. But your miniature horse better have a job

Want to take a flight with your cat or dog that keeps you chill? Southwest Airlines says OK. But they’re right there with United Airlines on peacocks …


Fiona Stanley Hospital doctors take break from ruff work schedule to play with therapy dogs

FIONA Stanley Hospital doctors pressed “paws” on their work for a good cause yesterday.<p>Therapy dogs from the Delta Society visited the hospital to …

Therapy Dogs

LI's Moloney Funeral Homes offer new service: a grief support dog

A distraught Dawn Tropeano-Giaramita was draped over the coffin of her 28-year-old son at Moloney Funeral Home in Lake Ronkonkoma, not wanting to let …

Long Island

The 5 best dogs in mobile gaming

Not too long ago we talked about all of the finest kitty-cats mobile gaming had to offer, but what about the best dogs on the market? You don't have …


The Great British Bark Off continues with doggy desserts

Bake Off fever is sweeping the nation and not just for people but pooches, too!<p>You may have seen our recent recipes for Biscuit Week and Cake Week as …


Hollywood Patch Readers: Thanks For Helping Us Grow

We appreciate your visits and contributions that make Hollywood Patch special. Check out our recent readership figures.<p>HOLLYWOOD, CA — Thank you, …


Golden Retriever Puppy Fights A Door Stopper

To this little one, door stoppers are a menace to civil society and must be stopped by all means necessary.


19 Mixed-Breed Dogs You Won't Believe Are Real

So. Dang. Cute!


Reporter Interrupts Livestream to Rescue Dog During Hurricane Florence

A reporter broadcasting during Hurricane Florence interrupted her own livestream in order to help rescue a dog from drowning in the rising …


Road to Westminster (RTW): Breeder Owner Handler Justin Smithey


Masked-owl avenger? Zorro the border collie is on the scent in Tasmania

Researchers are turning to a canine companion named Zorro to help them save one of Australia’s most elusive birds.<p>A crowdfunding campaign to save the masked owl has hit its $60,000 target, which means the four-month-old border collie will be enlisted on his first mission – dubbed Operation Owl-Dog …


Dealing With Food Aggression in Dogs

Resource guarding is a fundamental survival instinct for most species — including humans and wolves. In the wild, after all, limited provisions need …


The Whole Dog Journal


NSAIDs: The Dangerous Pain Meds For Dogs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (or NSAIDs – man, no wonder we abbreviate that mess!) are the most commonly used drugs in the world, both …


Dedicated dog lover reunites old pooch pals

After months apart, a volunteer at Dogs Trust Kenilworth has reunited two canine chums who used to spend their days playing together.<p>Christine McCabe …

Dogs for Good

Stephen Jenkinson knows the recipe for the perfect dog walk. As access advisor to the Kennel Club he spends his time advising local councils and …


German Shepherd K9, "Viking" Dies After 6 Years With Hamden Police Force

A 7-year-old German shepherd K-9, who was sent to the Hamden Department of Police Services from Hungary as a 1-year-old puppy, died unexpectedly …

German Shepherd