WinOps 2017 - Docker on Windows - from 101 to Production

Intro slides for the WinOps workshop. Sets the scene about Docker and Windows containers, modernizing traditional apps with Docker, and the differences between Linux and Windows containers.

Getting Started With Docker Compose

Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running multi-container Docker applications. With Compose, you use a Compose file to configure your …


Rocker Project

Managing Users<p>When using an RStudio-based instance over a public network (e.g. cloud server), remember to launch RStudio with a custom password as an …


Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Podcasts

The Docker PodcastStay up-to-date on Docker and related development topics by tuning into The Docker Podcast.


Docker Tip #21: Measure Your Docker Containers' Resources

It’s very beneficial to see how much resources your containers are using. Armed with that knowledge, you can then provision machines that match up …


Docker loses its first-mover advantage to Kubernetes - now what?

A funny thing happened on the way to Docker, the company, dominating a new era of container-based applications. Its core technology became a …


Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Open Source Tools

Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)Though not a tool itself, the CNCF is a collection of open source tools that aid with Docker implementation.


Big Data Sandbox Free Trial with Hadoop Docker Environment

<b>FREE TRIAL</b><p>Talend Big Data Sandbox<p>Hit the easy button for Big Data with Hadoop, Spark, and Machine Learning:<p>A <b>ready-to-run Docker environment</b> to test a …

Big Data

Deep Dive into Docker Swarm Mode

Since its first 1.12 release on July 2016, Docker Swarm Mode has matured enough as a clustering and scheduling tool for IT administrators and developers who can easily establish and manage a cluster of Docker nodes as a single virtual system. Swarm mode integrates the orchestration capabilities of …


Microservices Dockerization

This article is the continuation of my last article Distributed Application Development Through Microservices.Docker is a world-leading CaaS …


Mesos Borgs Google’s Kubernetes Right Back

September 7, 2017 Timothy Prickett Morgan<p>The rivalry between Mesos, Kubernetes, and OpenStack just keeps getting more interesting, and instead of a …


Elixir Releases & Docker — The Basics Explained

You’ve heard about Docker, you’ve heard about Releases — but what exactly are they? Should you use them? Can they work together?<p>Deploying an …


Master Docker: The Complete Toolkit - Official Resources

Docker’s Official ResourcesDocker BlogHere you’ll find all Docker announcements, especially about new product features.


How to Be a Cloud Agnostic Kubernaut and Go Wild With Kubernetes

When you talk about distributed systems nowadays, Kubernetes will be name-dropped. What is all the fuss about and why should you care and how it will …


How to use microservices and containers for IoT

Microservices and containers were not created with the internet of things in mind. However, they are in a position...<p>to solve several of the key …

Internet of Things

Varnish and Docker: First Contact

Docker has been on my radar for quite a few years now, but I have to admit, as a C developer, I never really cared about it. I run Arch Linux on my …


Want a Docker Hacking Challenge? Try This Vulnerable VM

If you work with Docker and want to see whether you’re skilled enough to spot misconfigurations and insecure deployments, a penetration testing …


Selenium Grid Using Docker

This article is featured in the new DZone Guide to Automated Testing. Get your free copy for more insightful articles, industry statistics, and more! …


Unified Smart Availability for Windows, Linux, and Docker

Thanks to Don Boxley, co-founder and CEO, and Conner Cox, Director of Business Development at DH2i, for taking me through DxEnterprise v17, a unified …


Why your company should consider shelling out for the new Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker has always been free, but recently the company rolled out a new enterprise edition of its container technology. Here's why large companies …


Magical Docker Swarm Mode: App Setup

Docker Swarm Mode is the built-in orchestration engine bundled with Docker 1.12. The Docker team has made a product that allows deploying a …


Docker Compose + GPU + TensorFlow = ❤️

Docker is awesome — more and more people are leveraging it for development and distribution. Instant environment setup, platform independent apps, …


Review: VMware’s Photon OS shines for Docker containers

With the Photon open source project, VMware hopes to build a community around the practice of running containerized applications in virtual …


Deploying your Keras model

Demo | Sourcecode<p>My colleague Gidi Shperber and I thought it would be interesting to develop a small server (or possibly a mobile app) that would use …


3 Resources to Drive Better Docker Performance in vRealize Operations

<i>By: Lora Johnson</i><p>Enterprises requiring more dynamic and resilient environments to support modern applications and microservices often turn to …


Video Series: Modernizing .NET Apps for IT Pros

Elton is a Developer Advocate at Docker, focused on spreading the word to the Microsoft community. He's a Microsoft MVP and has been building …


Docker Tip #18: Please Pin Your Docker Image Versions

Pinning a version just means that you set a specific version and there’s varying degrees of how precise you can pin your versions.


How to create and manage Docker networks

Docker allows you to create specific networks and attach containers to them. Here's how to make use of this highly flexible feature.<p>Docker is one of …


Vulnerable Docker VM

Ever fantasized about playing with docker misconfigurations, privilege escalation, etc. within a container?<p>Download this VM, pull out your pentest …

Virtual Machine

Auto-Scaling Docker Swarm Services Using Instrumented Metrics

If you prefer reading, please visit Auto-Scaling Docker Swarm Services Using Instrumented Metrics tutorial from Docker Flow Monitor documentation. …