Ireland’s IVF children: an identity crisis?

Adoption was Ireland's 20th-century scandal. The rights of donor-conceived children could be its 21st-century equivalent

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Dog owners can now give pets a DNA test to see if their pooch overeats

Pet owners are getting their furry friends DNA tested to discover if they have a deadly disease, what their ancestral background is and even discover …

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Man Facing Jail for Not Paying Child Support For A Child DNA Proves is NOT His

A court in Houston, Texas, is forcing a father to pay nearly $65,000 in child support payments for a daughter he has only met once—who is actually …

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Dogs are are friendly and faithful to human beings because of their genes, finds study

Tests found a link between certain genes and canine behaviour, such as paying attention to strangers.<p>Dogs are faithful and friendly to human beings …


Maine police use DNA testing to identify woman found dead on road

Maine State Police are using DNA testing as part of their efforts to identify a female homicide victim whose body was found on a road in Cherryfield

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Salvador Dalí’s Exhumation Leads to Haunting, Fittingly Surreal Discovery

The artist’s body was exhumed so forensic experts could take DNA for a paternity test.<p>One month after a court ordered Salvador Dalí’s remains be exhumed to collect DNA for a paternity test, forensic scientists have done exactly that in Spain.<p>On Thursday evening, forensic experts exhumed the …


CRISPR Structure Data Reveals How Cas Enzymes Choose Target

New data from Jenifer Doudna, Ph.D., co-pioneer of the CRISPR-Cas9 genome-editing technology, and her research group at the University of California, …


Salvador Dali's Coffin Was Opened for DNA Testing Today

(FIGUERES, Spain) — A court spokeswoman says that forensic experts have opened Salvador Dali's coffin to obtain DNA samples that could help settle a …

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9 Amazing Things We've Achieved in 2017 With Help From CRISPR

Hooray!<p>There's a good reason why the powerful CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool has earned the moniker of being 'revolutionary'.<p>The relatively easy …


Forensic scientists to DNA test Salvador Dali

Forensic scientists and legal experts have begun taking DNA samples from the embalmed body of Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali in a bid to …

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DNA barcodes provide a new high-tech tool for environmentalists

<i>Editor’s note: Canada Day 2017 marks the sesquicentennial of Confederation. While the anniversary is a chance to reflect on the past, The Conversation Canada asked some of our academic authors to imagine what our world will be like in 2167 – or “Canada +150”. Scientist Robert Hanner looks at how an</i> …


Library of CRISPR targeting sequences increases power of the gene-editing method

CRISPR, the gene-editing technology that has taken biology by storm, is now more powerful than ever. Scientists have assembled a library of RNA …


6 Women Reveal the Family Mysteries They Solved Using Ancestry DNA Tests

Are they worth the time and money? Here's what our testers thought.<p>One of the best-selling product during Amazon's Prime Day sale earlier this week? The DNA ancestry test kits from 23andMe, discounted to $50 from their original price of $100. And it's no surprise: With our melting-pot culture and …

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DNA Testing Suggests Dogs Needed No Convincing to Befriend Humans

Dogs have loved us for thousands of years, despite humanity’s many flaws and foibles. New research suggests dogs were domesticated from wolves just …

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Bacterial Infections In The Brain Could Be A Key Link To What Causes Alzheimer's

"<p>They discovered a 7-fold increase in the amount of bacteria.<p>Researchers in the UK have found what they believe could be a significant clue in the hunt for what causes Alzheimer’s disease.<p>Scientists from the University of Bristol used a process called DNA sequencing to examine the post-mortem …

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DNA Testing Frees Former Marine Accused of Stabbing 11-Year-Old Boy More Than 20 Times

Citing DNA testing, Houston officials have dropped a murder charge against the man they accused of killing an 11-year-old boy last year, PEOPLE …


The whole-genome landscape of medulloblastoma subtypes

Abstract<p>Current therapies for medulloblastoma, a highly malignant childhood brain tumour, impose debilitating effects on the developing child, and …

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Exhuming Salvador Dalí: Paternity Suit Leads to Artist's Grave

In a surreal development almost worthy of one of his paintings, Salvador Dalí's grave is scheduled to be opened tomorrow (July 20) in an effort to …

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​Apparently, Most of Your DNA is Garbage

A new study claims 75 to 90 percent of DNA serves no purpose​<p>Anyone have somewhat fond memories of that day in high school biology when you got to re-create DNA using marshmallows and toothpicks? Whether or not you can remember the names of the different parts (or even that DNA actually stands for …

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In South Asian social castes, a living lab for genetic disease

In certain states in southern India, anesthesiologists know to ask anyone undergoing surgery whether they belong to the Vysya, a regional group traditionally associated with traders and businesspeople.<p>Anecdotally, medical workers know that some people with Vysya ancestry – who live primarily in …

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Baby Charlie Gard granted US permanent residence status

Seriously sick baby Charlie Gard, whose parents are battling a UK court over how best to treat him, has been granted permanent resident status in the …

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We Took 23andMe DNA Tests And Some Of Us Were Shook

When it comes to your lineage, there's the story that your grandparents tell, and then there's the story that your DNA tells. To win a trip based on your DNA, buy a 23andMe kit or enter for free online.<p>Posted on July 18, 2017, 19:09 GMT<p>We asked our BuzzFeed coworkers where they thought their …


DNA test confirms teen missing since 1976 was John Wayne Gacy victim

CHICAGO — A St. Paul, Minn. teen who went missing more than 40 years ago has been identified as a victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, authorities announced Wednesday.<p>DNA samples from the remains of a body found in the crawl space of the notorious killer match those of James "Jimmie" Haakenson, …


Modern Dogs Evolved From A Single Population of Wolves About 40,000 Years Ago

This dog cranium was discovered in Germany in 2010, next to Neolithic human remains. The skull is about 4,700 years old. Photo by Amelie …

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Examining the Rise of DNA Testing in Football

Football has become a battleground for sports science, and DNA testing is the latest weapon being wielded by clubs looking to gain an advantage. In effect, teams are aiming to win games long before the ball is placed in the centre circle. Instead—ushering in a new era of player management—lab tests …

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What Breed Is Your Dog? Test Its DNA to Find Out

When "She's a mutt!" just won't cut it.<p>If you've ever walked a dog, you've probably fielded a question about what breed it is. Now, a new start-up wants to give you the answer to that question with startling specificity. Embark wants to be the 23AndMe of dogs, genetically discovering your pet's …


The uncertain future of genetic testing | Ars Technica

"Every time our cells divide and copy their DNA, mutations can arise."<p>Bringing genetics into medicine will lead to more accuracy, better diagnosis, …

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HarvardX Biomedical Data Science Open Online Training<p>In 2014 we received funding from the NIH BD2K initiative to develop MOOCs for biomedical data …

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Dog DNA testing company Embark moves to Boston, raises $4.5M - Boston Business Journal

An Embark kit costs $199 online.<p>Embark Veterinary Inc., a startup that makes easy-to-use dog DNA-testing kits for owners, breeders and vets, …

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Genetic sequencing unravels rare disease mysteries

UCLA was among the first medical centers to use exome sequencing, which can analyze more than 20,000 genes at once.

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