Macron and Trump: Dandruff diplomacy?

IN THE PAPERS - Wednesday, April 25: From handshakes to kisses to that “dandruff diplomacy”: What's to be gleaned from Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron's subtle power grab during their meeting in Washington? Also in the news, Madagascar face political trouble over controversial electoral reforms. …


The Agonizing Question at the Heart of North Korean Diplomacy by ThisMorning - Listen to music

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How to Prepare a Post-Trump Renaissance in Diplomacy

Diplomats have time to find solutions to long-term problems — and those created by Mr. Trump's neglect.<p>Read Full Article »

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Sen. Murphy Says Pompeo Needs to Put Diplomacy First

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut says CIA Director Mike Pompeo is not qualified to be Secretary of State. He speaks on "Bloomberg …

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The Evisceration of American Diplomacy

Ronan Farrow: “After Tillerson’s brief and chaotic ride as America’s top diplomat, Pompeo will face a Department with an uncertain future, in which …

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Debating Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula With Victor Cha and David Kang

Victor Cha

The U.S. Launches Diplomacy With North Korea

The Pompeo mission has generated cautious optimism that Trump's summit with Kim, now America's main foe in Asia, will actually happen.

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Trump's Korea Diplomacy: Progress Without Purpose

Editorial: The revelation of face-to-face talks between Kim Jong-un and Mike Pompeo shows that things are changing, but it doesn’t prove that …

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Syria's Chemical Weapons and the West: From Diplomacy to Military Action

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Does Trump admin deserve some credit for N. Korean diplomacy?

Congressman Ted Lieu told Jake Tapper that he thinks any diplomatic effort to denuclearize North Korea is a smart move.

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Selfie Diplomacy and the Era of Foreign Minister Stéphane Dion

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Haley on Syria strike: We gave diplomacy chance after chance

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Chas Freeman ─ Diplomacy as Risk Management

4 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.<p>Joukowsky Forum.<p>Reception to follow.<p>This lecture, the final in a series of three, will consider the implications of the ongoing …

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18 Mins Ago<p>The response came amid a flurry of speculation about Cohen's future in light of the aggressive raids on his residence and office by …

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Diplomacy has failed, force is the only option in Syria: Molan

Senator Jim Molan has told Sky News that force — likely in the form of a missile strike — is the only retaliation that Syria can expect after the use …

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To Russia with love? Korean diplomacy 2018-04-10 | Espresso

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Episode 29 - Clumsy Diplomacy fails while Baden-Powell blunders in Mafeking

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Students test diplomacy skills in huge model UN conference

More than 800 students from across the state traveled to downtown Minneapolis for this weekend's YMCA Model UN conference.


Trump puts personal ‘touch’ on diplomacy with Macron

Trump and Macron exchanged handshakes, hugs and backslaps in the open, but behind those public displays, the two leaders disputed foreign policy concerning Iran, Syria and North Korea.


Transatlantic Diplomacy, North Atlantic Environments, and the Fisheries Dispute of 1852 | Environmental History

From American independence the fisheries of the North Atlantic were a sticking point between the United States and Great Britain. Diplomats met …

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Fewer diplomats, more armed force defines US leadership today

A strong legacy of U.S. leadership and engagement in global politics has been reduced today to what I call kinetic diplomacy – diplomacy by armed …

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The entire English soccer team gave the Nazi salute — for diplomacy’s sake

It was part of the British government’s plan to appease Hitler<p>On May 14, 1938, more than 100,000 soccer fans filed into Berlin’s Olympic Stadium to …


Could K-Pop Diplomacy Bring Peace to the Koreas?

K-pop group #RedVelvet and #Seohyun of Girls' Generation will head to North Korea in April to perform ahead of a meeting between South Korea's Moon …

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The Pope who founded modern diplomacy

Pope Alexander VI epitomizes the corruption of Renaissance popes, but his use of ambassadors to consolidate power was ahead of its time. For more, watch "Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History," Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT.


Big Oil closer to tapping Mediterranean gas bounty; Activity follows years of U.S. diplomacy to harmonize economies of once-hostile Israel, Egypt and Jordan

Activity follows years of U.S. diplomacy to harmonize economies of once-hostile Israel, Egypt and Jordan

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Commercial Diplomacy and Political Risk | International Studies Quarterly

The modern investor-state arbitration regime was explicitly designed to replace commercial diplomacy as a mechanism for protecting foreign …

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Diplomacy is a Feminine Art: Gender and International Hierarchies in Diplomacy

<b>Ann Towns</b> (PhD, University of Minnesota) is an associate professor in political science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Her research deals …

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American diplomacy needs a facelift

When a U.S. president thinks most positions at the State Department are "unnecessary" and insists "I'm the only one that matters," it's a safe bet that serious, professional diplomacy will get short shrift. And that has clearly been the case in the Trump administration. President Donald Trump and …

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Education & Training

The <b>AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy</b> aims to build the educational structures, tools, and resources to support the next generation of science …


Pakistan gets a dash of music Diplo-macy

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - American DJ and record producer Diplo brought his Mad Decent Block Party to Pakistan's capital over the weekend, headlining a roster of musicians including local Pakistani acts.<p>For two-time Grammy winner Diplo, playing Pakistan is a way to foster good relations with the mostly …