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Since I started traveling at the end of 2017, I didn’t really stop and now live in a small city in Indonesia. Although I am not traveling a lot …

Digital Nomads Are Growing Up: Anywhere Workers Define The Future Of The Workforce

Free-Photos / Pixabay<p>Digital nomads aren’t just the hippies of 2018. They are actually redefining what it means to be in the workforce.<p>The term …

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Samsung DeX Sparks a Productivity Revolution on the Galaxy Tab S4

In a world dominated by spontaneous team meetings and weekend business travel, it is vital for companies to help employees detach from the desk and …

Samsung Galaxy

Youth hostel chain Selina inks deal to open massively in Israel

Selina, the youth hostel chain founded by Israelis Daniel Rudasevski and Rafi Museri, has signed a partnership with Ampa Real Estate to build hostels …

Tel Aviv

How to Make Money Helping Others Make Money Abroad

If you’re following this podcast, there’s a good chance you want to make a living from anywhere in the world. As it happens, there’s a company that …


Remote Work Digital Nomads Study 2018 - The Anywhere Workers

A study by<p>Anywhere Workers<p>Watch video<p>There’s a new generation of workers who won’t be tied to any one place. They can’t be restricted by the confines …

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Laws, taxes, and more: A practical guide to living the dream and becoming a digital nomad

Stop dreaming, start planning.

Ho Chi Minh City

How This Woman Won The Coolest Travel Job Ever: Chief Digital Nomad

Chelsea Odufu has a travel job that most people only dream about: She’s the chief digital nomad of Fiverr, and she has been exploring Asia as part of her role.<p>And the best part of it? She won this job.<p>It’s a big trend right now — the travel dream job, a buzzy way for companies to generate publicity …


The 15 Best Cities In The World For Remote Working And Digital Nomads

I’m a freelance writer and conduct more than 90% of my work remotely for clients dotted around the world from the UK and US to Portugal, Denmark and Asia. And I’m not the only one – remote working has never been more popular and accepted, and the uptake of people embracing it (the digital nomad, if …

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Poem: “Coffee Shop Hullabaloo”

Poem: “Coffee Shop Hullabaloo”<p>August 13, 2018 by Joe Puentes<p>Poem: “Coffee Shop Hullabaloo”<p>The coffee shop is abuzz this morning with the usual …


I'm A Digital Nomad & Here's Why You'll Fall In Love With This Lifestyle, Too

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job and traveling the world? Well, as a digital nomad, you don't need to. I'm a digital nomad, and this means …

Los Angeles

The Garmin InReach Mini is this digital nomad's new best friend

If you spend your life in cities or on the interstates that connect them to one another, it’s easy to forget that there are parts of the world where …


Vibes CEO Makes Millions Selling Earplugs From His Van

Vibes CEO Jack Mann is making millions selling hi-fidelity earplugs from his van after hitting the road when he scored big on ABC's “Shark Tank.<p>Mann, …

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10 tips for planning the perfect staycation

San Antonio

10 Facebook Groups you can join for free to find your next remote job or project

Did you know that there are Facebook Groups <i>dedicated</i> to helping you find remote work?<p>Man-in-the-middle marketplaces like UpWork, Freelancer, …

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Listen to Embracing Van Life with Asheville Van Life Founder Micah Pulleyn | News Radio 570 Clips | Podcasts

Micah Pulleyn explains how the van life culture is rising to stardom. Find out how people thrive in their careers while exploring the world and enjoy …


What it Feels Like to Be a Digital Nomad

Amazing! I had just arrived to Mount Cook…The post What it Feels Like to Be a Digital Nomad appeared first on Blogging From Paradise.

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Mapping Railways in Africa

Some years ago, I was inspired by some digital nomads that did a railway map about South East Asia. They showed that with a few tricks, you can make …

South-east Asia

WolfReloaded investing profile on StockTwits

About<p>Formerly known as WolfOfPoloniex, Professional Crypto Trader. Follow me on or …


What 5 of the Most Popular Products on ProductHunt Can Teach Entrepreneurs About Meeting Customer Needs

ProductHunt is one of those websites that can turn into a rabbit hole. There are so many great ideas floating around there that without even …

Product Hunt

This 29-year-old digital nomad is making millions while traveling the US in his van

When Jack Mann's alarm clock goes off in the morning, you won't find him knotting his tie and rushing out of the house to the subway. He'll be …


An Expert Guide to Working Remotely and Traveling the World

The digital nomad lifestyle has become more common, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Welcome to Remote-ivation 101.<p>Once a crazy pipe dream for …


Living in Barcelona for Digital Nomads: The Guide for a Successful Remote Life

Often touted as among the best destinations in the world for digital nomads, Barcelona not only boasts all the attractions that make it popular with …

Remote Working

8 work backpacks for adults that are cooler than your dad’s

What once was considered just for school-aged kiddos or for nerds is now a mainstream, must-have for every professional’s wardrobe: a backpack. As an …


Five Hidden Gem Destinations for Digital Nomads

Whether you’ve been freelancing for years, have recently landed your first gig or are just thinking about taking the plunge, there’s no denying that …

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What They Don't Tell Women About Remote Work

For many, working from home is the dream. Whether it’s cutting down on commute time, avoiding office politics, or gaining greater workflow …

Remote Working

Urban Park Crossover Backpack

Make light of packing when you use the Urban Park Crossover Backpack. Ready to take on everything from your travels to your every day, this versatile …

Crowd Funding

The Best Credit Cards for Digital Nomads and Long-Term Travel

Having the right travel credit card is important for any trip, as it can earn valuable points or miles as well as provide valuable trip protections. …


Find your community: travel networks that inspire

The internet is a vast resource when it comes to travel – there’s an abundance of websites and apps designed to aid those looking to explore. At Lonely Planet, we curate collections of our experts' best recommendations, but we also realise the value of community, of conversing with fellow …


These 6 Youth Travel Trends Are Changing the Industry

Research shows that Gen-Z and Millennial travelers will continue to encourage transformation in the travel space.

Generation Z