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SDCC ’18: Scott Snyder’s New Project Is The Batman Who Laughs

If you’d been reading our Liveblog of the <i>Justice League</i> panel, you’d already know this, but it’s <i>The Batman Who Laughs,</i> a 6 issue mini-series written …

Justice League

SDCC ’18: All of Friday’s Comic-Con News in One Place

New titles, panels and things that go bump in the night


SDCC ’18: Surfside Girls Gets a Second Volume from Top Shelf

Top Shelf has announced a second graphic novel in the <i>Surfside Girls</i> series. Kim Dwinnell’s <i>Surfside Girls (Book Two): The Mystery at the Old Rancho</i> is …

Southern California

SDCC ’18: Sonic the Hedgehog Races on a New Planet in Team Sonic Racing

The lead-in to the upcoming video game arrives in October


Disney Fires James Gunn Over Decade-Old Offensive Tweets

It’s being reported in multiple venues that James Gunn has been fired off <i>Guardians of the Galaxy</i> for offensive tweets. Click through, and you’ll see …

James Gunn

Robin Gets Brutal in First ‘Titans’ Trailer for DC Universe

“F–k Batman.”<p>The first trailer for “Titans” — the first original scripted series for DC Entertainment’s new streaming service, DC Universe — was …


DC Universe’s First Streaming Show, ‘Titans,’ Looks As Dark And Gritty As DC’s Movies

“What you are about to watch contains explicit language, adult themes, violence, and may not be suitable for viewers under 18. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.” DC Universe: get excited!<p>The trailer for DC’s debut streaming service series, <i>Titans</i>, was unveiled to coincide with San Diego …

Harley Quinn

SDCC ’18: Silvestri’s Batman Project Finally Announced

It's a Batman/Joker team-up


Action-packed new Titans trailer sees Robin declaring ‘f*** Batman’

Robin’s no longer got any time for Batman.<p>DC’s upcoming new TV series Titans has been previewed ahead of this year’s Comic-Con, which kicks off in …

Entertainment (UK)

SDCC: Co-Publishers Lee and DiDio on the Future of DC Comics

DC Comics co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio took to the stage at Comic-Con International in San Diego this year for their annual “Meet the …

Graphic Novels

ComiXology is Running a Massive Sale on Digital Comics for SDCC

Lots of awesome products are released for San Diego Comic-Con, but many of them are exclusives that aren't available outside of the show (without …


SDCC ’18: Barnes & Noble Has “Comic Convention Collectibles” For People Not at SDCC

Not at Comic-Con but still want convention collectibles? Barnes & Noble has their “Comic Convention Collectibles” available at their stores during …

Barnes & Noble

The Comics Journal Returns to Magazine Format

Surprise! In an announcement at CBR yesterday that flew way under the radar, it was announced <i>The Comics Journal</i> is returning to print.<p><i>TCJ</i> stopped …


SDCC ’18: Shredder Gets in Touch with Himself in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder in Hell

Mateus Santolouco will be both writing and drawing the five-issue mini-series, <i>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder in Hell,</i> which Group Editor …


SDCC ’18: Action Comics Makes the Guinness Book of World Records

This one likely falls under the category of “obviously,” but Guinness World Records gave <i>Action Comics</i> the title of “Longest-running Super hero comic …

Action Comics

SDCC ‘18: Jeff Lemire Pens Essex County TV Pilot, Explains Unbelievable Productivity at Jeff Lemire Spotlight Panel

<b>By Zack Quaintance</b><p>Jeff Lemire revealed at a career spotlight panel on Thursday that he has finished writing the pilot for a TV adaptation of <i>Essex</i> …

Graphic Novels

ComiXology kicks off its SDCC sale taking up to 80% off Marvel, DC and so much more

Fans from all around the world have taken to San Diego today as Comic-Con 2018 has begun. To celebrate, ComiXology has kicked off a massive SDCC sale taking up to <b>80% off</b> a wide selection of digital comics and graphic novels. Today’s sale has everything from DC classics like Batman and Superman to …


Hidden Gems From DC’s SDCC Digital Sale

Amazon is currently offering the “DC SDCC Sale.”<p>This is a very deep and wide ranging sale to dig through, so here are a few tips for items that might …

Digital Comics

Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour – A Five Week Event in October

It’s Halloween all October long for Wonder Woman as DC is launching a five-part weekly: <i>Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour</i> Event. …

Justice League

Another DC 99¢ Digital Trade Paperback Pre-Order

Amazon once again is offering a pre-order of <i>DC Superhero Girls Vol. 5: Out of the Bottle</i> for 99¢.<p>If you’re interested in this, jump on it fast. They …


ART PREVIEW: The “Agent” Arc Begins in X-O MANOWAR #19

Shipping in September, <i>X-O Manowar #19</i> finds Aric with a new job: he’s an agent of G.A.T.E. charged with defending Earth against extraterrestrial …

Graphic Novels

SDCC ’18: Comixology Originals Official Announcement and Graphics

Now that you’ve read <i>The Beat’s</i> liveblog of the Comixology Originals announcement, here’s the official announcement with graphics.<p>Official PR …

Graphic Novels

Aftershock’s Lost City Explorers Gets a TV Development Deal

<i>Lost City Explorers</i> is a relatively new comic. It debuted in June from Aftershock and there are only two issues out so far. However, it is once again …

New York City

2000 AD Thinks You Need a Free Comic to Go With the Duncan Jones Rogue Trooper Movie

Duncan Jones will be making a Rogue Trooper movie. That’s official now. (And if you haven’t seen his film, <i>Moon,</i> it’s well worth your time.) 2000 AD …

Comic Books

Work Camps for the Socially Regressive in the Aftermath of a War of Science and Sorcery – Dead Kings Arrives In October

<i>Dead Kings</i> is a new title from Aftershock by Steve Orlando and Matthew Dow Smith about the nightmare world in the aftermath of global war of magic …

Blade Runner 2049

Marvel Launches Digital Originals Line with 'Jessica Jones'

Three new titles will be announced for the digital imprint on Saturday at Comic-Con.<p>Ahead of the official launch of San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel …


See Walt Simonson’s Fantastic Four #1 Variant

Marvel has announced another <i>Fantastic Four</i> #1 variant cover, this time by former <i>FF</i> cartoonist Walt Simonson, wherein Benjamin J. Grimm has an …


Spider-Man, The X-Men and Iron First Square Off with Typhoid Mary in Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man #1

Typhoid Mary has returned and it’s up to Spider-Men, Iron Fist and the X-Men to stop her when <i>Typhoid Fever: Spider-Man</i> #1 arrives in October.<p>Clay …


PREVIEW: Gotham’s Fiends Invade Riverdale in Archie Meets Batman ’66

Arriving on shelves tomorrow (7/18), <i>Archie Meets Batman ’66</i> has Gotham’s villains migrating to the peaceful environment of Riverdale. Or is that …


Mars Attacks Brings the Spacerays and Saucers in October

Kyle Starks and Chris Schweizer revive the classic franchise

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