Digital Citizenship

Race towards the First “Crypto-Country” in the World

Estonia has introduced various use cases for Blockchain in public services including the voting system and health services, and initially planned to …


To Teach Digital Citizenship Effectively, Educators Say It’s Time to Unblock Social Media

Since 2011 Banned Books Week has included a day to recognize banned websites. This year, on September 27, 2017, the American Association of School …


A small Pacific island will now let you pay for citizenship with bitcoin

You can now purchase citizenship of the country with the world’s 34th most powerful passport with bitcoin.<p>The Vanuatu Information Center, which handles applications to the Pacific island country’s honorary citizenship program, announced this month that the center has secured government approval for …


Kudos wants to be a gentle introduction to social media sharing for kids

Just as pre-teens in the 1990s were warned away from dialing 1-900 numbers, kids now need to learn how to navigate social media responsibly. Kudos, an app for kids aged eight to 13 with around-the-clock moderation, positions itself as a safe introduction to social media that also teaches its young …


Empowering Students as Digital Leaders

By expanding our focus in school from digital citizenship (safety) to digital leadership (effective voice), teacher and author Jennifer Casa-Todd …


You Can Buy Vanuatu Citizenship With Bitcoin, 43 BTC Worth Today

The Vanuatuan citizenship that is sold for Bitcoin, allows visa-free travel in 113 countries, including European Union, Russia, and Great Britain.


Top Digital Citizenship Resources For Your School or Classroom

Digital Citizenship Week is nearly here! Digital Citizenship is a hugely important factor to K-12 education, and it’s only becoming more and more …


How to secure your digital life, according to VP of Norton Security - Digital security

In the last two years, India witnessed a tremendous technological boom, unparallel to anything we have ever seen before. The number of smartphone …


‘Shocking’ number of youngsters have bullied peers or trolled celebrities online, research finds

Teenagers should be given lessons in online citizenship after research found a ‘shocking’ number of youngsters have bullied peers or trolled celebrities online, the think-tank Demos has concluded.<p>More than one quarter of 16-18 year olds admitted ‘bullying or insulting’ someone on the internet, …


Rights and Responsibilities in an Age of Surveillance

As surveillance becomes more ubiquitous and “normalized” in our society, I’m wondering if the parable of the boiling frog may apply and how these …


Classroom Instruction Resources Of The Week

Each week, I publish a post or two containing three or four particularly useful resources on classroom instruction, and you can see them all …


Digital citizenship: Young peoples' rights on social media

Designed to help students aged 7 to 11 develop the resilience, power and information they need to thrive online, this teaching pack comprises:<br>• a …

Education (UK)

Coding for what?

Because this week is National Coding Week in the UK, we are discussing the potential consequences of young people learning to code. While there is …

UK Universities

Singapore and Australia First to Launch DQ Institute Cyber-risk Reporting System for Children

Launched worldwide in March 2017, #DQEveryChild is a digital citizenship movement that addresses parents’ concerns about their children’s exposure to …


Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media

Social media is an increasingly important part of students’ lives. According to a recent study by Common Sense Media, the average teen spends over an …


Join the 2017 Student Blogging Challenge – Starts October 1

Want to learn more about blogging with your students while connecting with classes around the world?<p>The Student Blogging Challenge is run twice a …


Google Extends Digital Literacy Training to Teachers

By Meghan Bogardus CortezThe tech giant’s Be Internet Awesome campaign now includes a free course for teachers.

Digital Literacy

This Video Will Make You Change Your Vision to Future-Focused Learning

There’s no better gateway to future-focused learning than STEM education. In a word, STEM is fantastic. It has the power to really transform …


This Startup Adds “Digital Citizenship” To School Curriculums

Now that every kid is on social media, maybe it’s time schools start teaching how to treat others on those services.<p>One day last year, about 30 fifth graders at Seldens Landing Elementary School in Virginia were issued tablets and asked to answer questions about cyber-bullying. They started with …


3 Tips for Managing Phone Use in Class

Ten is now the average age when children receive their first cell phones, and those phones quickly find their way into classrooms. While cell phones …


8 Ways to Support Digital Citizenship Skills with Google

Pinterest<p>It’s NOT About Google, It’s About the LEARNING! – PART 2: Digital Citizen<p>I am a big fan of using Google tools to support learning, and I …


Disclosure Statements, EdTech Ambassador Programs and Digital Citizenship

Natasha Singer’s (@natashanyt) September 2017 article in the New York Times, “Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues,”</b> …

Social Media Marketing

The right stuff: Teaching kids about copyright

We (rightfully) spend significant time and energy teaching kids to be aware of their digital footprints. Stories abound about momentary lapses of …

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Google Releases Free Course to Help Educators Teach Digital Literacy & Citizenship

Technology in School<p>Google Releases Free Course to Help Educators Teach Digital Literacy & Citizenship<p>Sep 6, 2017<p><b>STAYING SAFE IN THE WILD WILD WEB:</b> …

Digital Literacy

Citizenship in the age of Digital Transformation

The power of digital transformation is getting ingrained in our everyday life and is strongly impacting the way we live, work and communicate with …

Digital Health

How school leaders can combat ‘filter bubbles’ and ‘fake news’

Information literacy has been a hot topic of recent conversation. Many folks believe that web sites that traffic in false information and ‘fake news’ …


Can Banning Phones in School Curb Cyberbullying?

« Wisconsin District Denies Some Students Enrollment in Virtual Schools | Main<p>As schools across the country prepare to start the new academic year, …


Surfing lessons

Yes, the Internet can be a dark place, but that doesn't mean parents and teachers should avoid it, argue Kelly Gallagher-Mackay and Nancy Steinhauer. In this excerpt from their new book Pushing the Limits, the educators offer ideas on teaching kids how to use the web wisely<p>One Montreal school board …


A List of More Than 30 Useful Digital Citizenship Resources

Chances are you’ve heard a lot about digital citizenship by now. Many reputable and respectable organizations have devoted their life’s work to …

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