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The best sites for finding high-quality, free images

So often we want to find images to use in our everyday work. Google images doesn’t really provide the answers when it comes to high quality CC free …


These 16 companies want to make technology work for everyone

And they are competing for more than $1 million.<p>By Rebecca Linke | August 18, 2017<p>Inclusive Innovation Challenge finalist EFL uses psychometrics to …


Afghan Entrepreneur Empowers Women Through Bitcoin in Afghanistan

Emerging Markets<p><b>Afghan entrepreneur, Roya Mahboob, announced her intention to organize a conference for bitcoin in Afghanistan to showcase projects</b> …


10 questions about edtech to ask your kid’s teacher

From flipped classrooms to bring-your-own-device programs, what you need to know if your school is going edtech<p>Is your school beefing up computer labs, getting wired, buying devices, and investing in teacher tech training? Are you hearing more about “blended learning,” “flipped classrooms,” and …

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Top Tool Takeaway: Summer Edition

Summer means technology updates and announcements. This month’s offerings include a set of digital citizenship lessons from Google, a new app from …

School Libraries

Beginning the School Year: It’s About the Learners Not the Content

Too many classes, all grade levels, begin the school year with getting down to academic business – starting to cover content, discussing expectations …

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New Chromebook Tools Promote Media Literacy

By Meghan Bogardus CortezApps for the popular device help students navigate the web.


3 Tips to Keep Parents Assured that Student Data Is Protected

By Meghan Bogardus CortezSchools and families can work together to make sure information is kept private.


The Obama Foundation Doubles Down on Digital Citizenship

The recently-launched Obama Foundation wants to hear from us.<p>One of its first initiatives is to encourage better “digital citizenship.” In order to tackle this big and important topic, Glenn Brown, the Chief Digital Officer at the Foundation, is turning to all digital citizens (that’s us) to help …

Google Partners with ISTE and Others to Create Digital Citizenship Game

By Meghan Bogardus CortezBe Internet Awesome aims to educate digital civility in an interactive way.

Education Technology

How Parents Can Instill Good Digital Citizenship in Kids

Increasingly, our lives are lived online. It is a relatively new way of interacting that continues to evolve at a startling rate, yet if one thing is …


10 Workplace Skills That Will Help Our Learners Succeed Beyond School

Modern workplaces are as much a living breathing thing as the world they operate in. Ever-changing and evolving, they offer new daily challenges and …

The Workplace

Embracing mobile devices and social media tools

Fast disappearing from schools are internet “lock and block” policies that keep students off social media and restrict them to carefully curated …


The 60 Best Books for Teachers to Transform Learning and PD

Teachers love reading, as any great leader and innovator does. If you’re looking for some more books for teachers covering a range of different …

Education Technology

First Digital Citizenship Summit in Africa to be Held in Nigeria

Press Release, Hartford, CT— July 18, 2017<p><b>Diverse range of speakers and participants to address the responsible use of technology and social media to</b> …


Digital Citizenship: What We’re Hearing From You

By Evie Freeman, Digital Analyst, and Manon Murray, Editorial Associate, Obama Foundation<p>Last week, the Obama Foundation’s chief digital officer, …

New Tool from GoGuardian Uses AI to Boost Efficiency and Protect Students

By Meghan Bogardus CortezContent filtering has gotten more intelligent with Admin 2.0.


Notimia, a News Agency That Gives Voice to the Indigenous and Afro-Descendant People in Mexico

Photograph taken during the Meeting of the Indigenous and Afro-descendant Communicators in Oaxaca, México, 2015. Credit: Mikel Blasco/CCEMx (Spanish …

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Digital Citizenship: What’s Your Approach?

By Glenn Brown, Chief Digital Officer, Obama Foundation<p>Last time I posted here, I called for your help with the Obama Foundation’s work on digital …

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VVSD among state leaders in 1-to-1 Chromebook rollout

When classes begin Aug. 16, Valley View School District 365U students and educators will be the beneficiaries of one of the largest simultaneous …


Digital Technologies Hub: Online safety

Online safety and digital citizenship<p>Introducing and using technologies with young people is important for their present and future lives, yet it …


9 social media dos and don’ts for your children

SINGAPORE: Just like how you join online mummy groups to get to know other mothers, your children’s active participation on social media platforms …

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Educators Offer Advice About Teaching Good Digital Citizenship

By Dan TynanDelivering lessons to kids about proper online behavior not only fosters cyberethics, but helps keep them safe online.


3 Classroom Tips for Stronger Digital Learning

More and more classrooms are gaining access to digital technology. And that’s a good thing. In a world that is increasingly reliant on digital tools, …

Michael Bennett helping 100 African girls get first-rate education

As we’ve covered in the past, Bennett has been calling on NFL players to do more and say more when it comes to social causes. Clearly, he’s putting …


ISTE 2017: 6 New Products Unveiled on the Show Floor

By Jena PassutNew offerings from big tech companies highlight this year’s megaconference in San Antonio.


Is Digital Literacy the Most Important Kid Skill?

To help students be ready for the challenges of their digital connections, infrequent workshops at school aren't enough. Media educator and producer …



Schedule<br>6/26<br>8:30-9:30 BYOD<br>Using Weebly to Create Professional and Student Portfolios<br>Sign in form<br>Session evaluation<p>6/27<br>10:30-12:30 Poster<br>EdTech …


ISTE 2017: New Standards for Educators Focus on Data, Digital Citizenship

By EdTech StaffISTE used educator feedback to guide the development of the latest standards.


Helping Students Build a Presence Online

Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS<p>To what extent should we give students the opportunity to create their own presence and, dare we say it, brand …