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Sony’s Mirrorless Cameras are Winning Over the Pros: Bloomberg

The ongoing battle over camera supremacy between Canon, Nikon, and Sony is receiving more mainstream attention in the business world. <i>Bloomberg</i> has …


Sony A7 III vs A7R III vs A7S II: How do they compare?

<b>Sony’s A7 interchangeable-lens camera series is notable for using</b> <b>full frame</b> <b>sensors and a traditional DSLR ape-ing form, yet, conveniently, being more</b> …


Here’s How Much Sony Autofocus Has Improved in the Past Few Years

Want to see how much Sony has improved the autofocus abilities in its cameras? Photographer Dave Dugdale made this 6.5-minute video comparing the AF …

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Travel packing tips and what to pack: 10 items I never leave home without

I don't travel with a Kindle. I used to, and I found it pretty handy. But then I just stopped. I realised I like having an actual book to hold. I …

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The plot thickens: Nikon just registered the “NIKONOS” trademark

Another very interesting development: similar to the NOCT trademark, two weeks ago (on July 31st) Nikon also registered the "<b>NIKONOS</b>" trademark which …


Dawn of the First Digital Camera

Technology vanishes. It either succeeds and becomes ubiquitous or fails. For example, there was a time when networking and multimedia were computer …



<b>Review Date: July 16, 2018</b><p><b>Bottom Line:</b> Canon's EOS Rebel T7 SLR camera features an upgraded image sensor, but is still way behind the curve in other …


These are ALL the short lists for the 2018 T3 Awards at Ministry of Sound

By Duncan Bell<p>This year, the T3 Awards celebrates its triple quadrennium. That means it's been going for 12 years (obviously). Twelve years is a long …

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Here's What Happened When Lady Gaga Played A Tiny Sydney Club In 2008

<i>All week long, Music Junkee is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Lady Gaga’s debut album</i> The Fame. <i>You’re welcome.</i><p>—<p>Looking back now, it’s wild to …

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9 Reasons Why a $300 Nikon D700 from 2008 Is Still a Great Full Frame DSLR for Serious Photographers

Finding an inexpensive full frame camera is difficult these days. And with Nikon set to release a new mirrorless full frame camera this month, things …


Prominent Photo Blogger Steve Huff Falls Prey to Canon 1D X Mark II Scam on Amazon

Becoming the victim of a camera buying scam on the Internet could happen to anybody. That’s the message in the below video from prominent photo …


How Much Equipment Does a Professional Photographer Need?

We all get stressed about our gear at some point in our careers. Knowing how much and what quality of photography gear you need is complicated. This …

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Watch how Nikon tests the durability of its D850 professional DSLR

Keen hobbyists and professional photographers go for full-frame cameras for a myriad of reasons, not just in the expectation of shooting images of …


10 surefire ways to get your sharpest-ever photos

Although nearly all modern digital cameras can focus the lens automatically (the Leica M9, Leica M9-P and Leica Monochrom being notable exceptions) …


The elephant in the sea Photo by Mike Korostelev — National Geographic Your Shot

Canon EOS

Favorite Perseid meteor shower photos

2018 has been an exceptional year for the Perseids! Thanks, everyone, for submitting your photos. Here are a few of the editors’ favs.<p>Deborah Byrd …


Tranquil Landscapes of Himachal. Photo by Sachin Chausali — National Geographic Your Shot

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BART board passes security upgrade plan after ‘horrific crimes’

The BART board of directors voted at its Thursday meeting to upgrade security after recent violent crimes in BART stations, according to the meeting …

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Mirrorless Revolution 2014 - We Said It Back Then - Luminous Landscape

<b>The Mirrorless Revolution 2014</b><p>I recently published an article about the upcoming <b>Mirrorless War</b>. The video and article seem to have gotten a lot of …


Pelican's bathing Photo by Erberto Zani — National Geographic Your Shot

Canon EOS

Goodmorning world Photo by Asmae Dachan — National Geographic Your Shot


The world's finest underwater photography in the Through Your Lens photo contest

Now in its 14th year, Through Your Lens is an underwater photography competition focusing on the marvels of undersea worlds. The incredible Grand …

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20 Stunning Examples Of Double Exposure

A peculiar genre, double exposure has been used and cherished in photography ever since the analog era for its surrealist elements.<p>The technique of …


Tip to Calculate and Use Hyperfocal Distance for Better Landscape Photography

Hyperfocal distance, much like the “Sunny 16 Rule,” is one of those things that has arguably lost some relevance in the age of digital photography; …

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Here's How Much Sony's Autofocus Has Improved in Just a Few Years

A few years ago, Sony's cameras (and mirrorless cameras in general) were generating a lot of buzz in the industry, but one of the primary complaints …


Tamron 70-210mm F/4 | First Impressions

It’s no secret Tamron’s Di lenses are making headlines in the industry. Perchance, influenced by Sigma’s success, Tamron’s public perceived identity …


Editor’s Pick: Tesla surfboard, Striking steak knives and an electric Harley-Davidson

Allow me to extend our warmest congratulations on reaching the end of another working week. The weekend is upon us, all flushed with the promise of …

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Life Update from Little Saigon: Henri Wrist Strap Pro Edition, New Montreal and Downtown LA Workshops, and 2 Days Left to Submit for STREET CLUB Loved Ones Assignment

Dear friend,<p>Just wanted to give you a little life update– from the LA Suburbs (specifically, Little Saigon in Orange County):<p>Singapore<p>A quick life …

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Harmonie Photo by Martin Gaudreault, photographe — National Geographic Your Shot


9 household items that were actually invented by NASA

From memory foam mattresses to cordless vacuums…<p>When you think of NASA, images of space, astronauts and meteor showers may spring to mind. But did …

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