Exclusive: This man went through a gay exorcism – and it was horrifying

A gay activist has filmed an “agonising” mass exorcism at a church which aims to ‘cure’ participants’ homosexual urges.<p>Nik Jovcic-Sas, a …


Back to back? The Tigers are looking super strong after five rounds this year. They were more organised, cleaner and stronger for longer against the Demons on Anzac Eve.

Back to back? The Tigers are looking super strong after five rounds this year. They were more organised, cleaner and stronger for longer against the …


Questionable choices abound in Lucifer’s “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better”

Picking up where we left off, based on this episode, Pierce didn’t lose his mark because he was finally selfless: It literally was as simple as …


Lucifer recap: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better – So there

<b>Lucifer attempts to prove that he’s a better man than Pierce in this week’s “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better.” Here’s your recap.</b><p>This week’s …


Lucifer season 3, episode 21 review: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

The Devil’s love is put to the ultimate test as Pierce proposes to Chloe in this new episode of Lucifer.<p>In one of the best episodes of the season, …


Watch Lucifer Online: Season 3 Episode 21

Did Lucifer manage to keep Chloe's focus away from Pierce?That was revealed on Lucifer Season 3 Episode 21 when the devil helped Chloe investigate a …


Lucifer Season 3 Episode 21 Review: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

<i>This Lucifer review contains spoilers.</i><p>“Shouldn’t you be having tea with Hitler?”<p>It took the better part of three seasons, but the cards have finally …


Lucifer recap: 'Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better'

Lucifer<p>We gave it an <b>A-</b><p>At last, at last, at last, Lucifer had a mature reckoning about his feelings for Chloe.<p>Alas, alas, alas, it happened too …


Melbourne Demons v Richmond Tigers: Live scores, stats and updates

The penultimate game of round 5 takes place on the eve of Anzac Day with Melbourne and Richmond renewing their age-old rivalry at the MCG. Follow …

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'The Exorcist' Director Films 'Terrifying' Real-Life Exorcism For His Newest Movie

"I was scared, seriously scared," says filmmaker William Friedkin.<p>The filmmaker behind one of the best-known depictions of an exorcism in pop culture …


Lucifer 'Missed His Window,' EP Says — So What the Devil Will He Do Now?

Many a <i>Lucifer</i> viewer is feeling as jilted as the Devil himself, given what we witnessed in the closing moments of the April 23 episode.<p>Inspired by …


Here's Why Recalling Kratos' Leviathan Axe in God of War Feels Amazing

Game development is still fairly secretive these days. Developers tend to shy away from revealing how games, or details within games, turn out the …


vSphere 6.7, Satan Ransomware, RDS HTML5 Client, Master's Retreat & More


Lucifer season 3, episode 21 live stream: Watch online

Lucifer returns with season 3, episode 21, “Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better.” Here’s what you need to know to watch Lucifer on TV and …


The Fall of Satan


Lucifer: What will Pierce do now?

<b>Pierce has finally got what he has always wanted on Lucifer. So what will he do now?</b><p>Pierce finally got what he also wanted. After trying since the …


Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now: ‘The Last Exorcism,’ ‘The Witch,’ And ‘The Woman In Black’

If you’re looking for the best horror movies on Amazon Prime for April, there are a trio of supernatural films that are actually scary. Whether you …


Tribeca 2018: The Dark Review - Atmospheric Zombie Horror Done Different

Starring Kevin Van Hentenryck, Terri Susan Smith, Beverly Bonner, Lloyd Pace<p>Directed by Frank Henenlotter<p>Distributed by Arrow Video<p>Director Frank …


Can exorcisms be performed over the phone?

Cardinal Ernest Simoni explained at an exorcist conference that "all is possible" through Jesus.<p>This past week, from April 16-21, more than 250 …


Can You Get An Exorcism From a Catholic Priest Over the Phone?

This year's course in exorcism suggest the answer might be...yes?<p>For over a decade, the Roman Catholic Church has been offering an exorcism course, where attendees learn step-by-step approaches to recognize the devil, distinguish possession from mental illness, and cast away demons. This year's …

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Adam Gussow & V. Scott Balcerek Talk About The Film, "Satan & Adam" by BUILD Series - Listen to music


‘I can sense Sorcha tensing up when Honor is asked, ‘Do you reject Satan?’’

Ross O’Carroll-Kelly: It’s one of the biggest days in the south Dublin social calendar


When a Filmmaker Sees Horror in Real Life

'The Exorcist' filmmaker William Friedkin finally comes face to face with an exorcism in 'The Devil and Father Amorth.'<p>Horror filmmakers are a …


Exorcisms Enter 21st Century with Cellphone-Enabled Demon Busting

This might make your head spin — officials of the Roman Catholic Church are offering a week-long course in exorcism, and dozens of Catholic priests …


Images: New Poster For Solo: A Star Wars Story

A new poster was released for <i>Solo: A Star Wars Story</i>. Ron Howard took over the project in June after the original directors Phil Lord and Christopher …

Star Wars

What will Lucifer do next on Supernatural?

Lucifer had the chance to play God on Supernatural. He’s now decided to find his bliss but what does that mean?<p>Lucifer is one of those strange</i> …


Jenny Wilson: Exorcism review – a masterclass in catharsis

(Gold Medal Recordings)<p>The opening track on Jenny Wilson’s fifth album is called Rapin*. It’s a stark, shocking title for a stark, shocking song: the lyrics describe the night the Swedish musician was sexually assaulted. But Rapin* isn’t just monumentally disturbing, it’s also strangely upbeat. In …

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Tono x Ja$on AleXander - Brothers Of Destruction Ft. Young Papi & Angel NIA (Prod. Lucifer)


Jenny Wilson: Exorcism — ‘dark electropop’

<b>Jenny Wilson</b><p><i>Exorcism</i><p>(Gold Medal Recordings)<p><i>Exorcism</i> is about demonic possession and expulsion. It is not the first time that Jenny Wilson has turned …


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