28 photos of sound systems through the ages

An intimate look at the evolution of sound system culture


Donegal top destination for UK migrants; 100,000 more Irish born in UK than UK-born in Ireland

The number of Irish-born people living in the UK is nearly 100,000 higher than Ireland’s UK-born population, official analysis by the UK’s National …

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'A housing catastrophe': 4 charts show how millennials were priced out of Britain's housing market

LONDON — Young people are spending three times more on housing than their grandparents, according to a report from the Resolution Foundation.<p>The policy group found that millennials — those born between 1981 and 2000 — are being forced to live in smaller spaces, commute for longer, and wait on …


Faustine Steinmetz brings reworked denim to the runway

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British families are spending three times as much on housing as they were 50 years ago

The average share of income that Britain’s families spend on housing has trebled over the last 50 years, with young people having to make do with longer commutes and smaller rented accommodation, according to a new report.<p>Each subsequent generation since the Second World War has had to spend a …


Israel’s population tops 8.7 million on Rosh Hashanah eve

Growth rate stands at 1.8% for the year, with Jews now numbering over 6.5 million and Arabs over 1.8 millionThe post Israel’s population tops 8.7 …


Census: San Francisco wealthier than ever before

But population growth dips<p>The U.S. Census released the results of its latest American Community Survey (ACS) on Thursday, providing an estimate of the latest population, income, and demographic makeup of San Francisco.<p>Unlike the full census, released only every 10 years, the ACS provides a yearly …

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All the single ladies: When it comes to financial planning,women should anticipate spending more time on their own - MarketWatch

As I discussed earlier this year, people are often interested in studying the saving behavior of women. I have generally resisted this approach …


Study: US Asian Population Diverse, Growing – All About America

Pew said Asian-Americans will be the largest immigrant group in the U.S. by 2055 when they are expected to pass Hispanics. Asians will make up 38 …


More and more older Americans are slipping into poverty

There was good news in the Census Bureau's poverty report for most age groups in America. The data revealed one concerning trend, however: rising poverty among older Americans.<p>"Individuals ages 65 and older had the unique distinction of being the only population segment to experience a significant …


Why America needs a population czar

Last month, President Trump voiced his support for a bill that could cut legal immigration to the United States by half. The bill, the Reforming …

Social Security

No wonder so many American men feel like they’re falling behind. They earn as much as they did in 1972.

One of the more striking parts of the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 income, poverty and health insurance report is its data on income stagnation. While incomes went up in 2016, the current median household nonetheless brings in about as much as its counterpart in 1999 did — that is, around $59,000 (in …


Uniti (UNIT) Presents At Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Japan Conference - Slideshow

The following slide deck was published by Uniti Group Inc. in conjunction with this event.<p>129<p>Click to enlarge


Why Population Growth Is a Key Determinant of Inflation

Adam Ozimek, Moody's Analytics senior economist, takes a look at the relationship between population growth and inflation. He speaks with Bloomberg's …


Census Bureau: Median Incomes Rose And Poverty Levels Fell In 2016

There's good news on three primary U.S. economic benchmarks: the poverty rate, income level and the number of people covered by health insurance.<p>New figures released by the Census Bureau Tuesday show median household income in 2016 was $59,039 – more than three percent higher than in 2015.<p>And …

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Facebook Ad Metrics Under Fire Over Conflicting Census Data | Investopedia

Facebook Inc. (FB) has come under fire regarding its advertising metrics after a research analyst pointed out a discrepancy between user reach and …

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orwell versus huxley -- 9/07/17

07 Sep 2017<p><b>Today's encore selection -- from Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman.</b> The first half …


Maddie Ziegler revealed the creepiest present a fan ever gave her

Though she’s only 14 years old, <i>Dance Moms</i> star Maddie Ziegler has been in the public eye since she got her start on the popular Lifetime show at the …

Singapore Faces a Grim Labor Future as Population Ages Rapidly

While Japan had the biggest slump in its workforce in Asia over the last 10 years, Singapore has the most to fear from an aging population over the …


Stock pickers are piling into these 9 stocks

9. Comcast<p><i>Markets Insider</i><p><b>Ticker:</b> CMCSA<p><b>Sector:</b> Disc<p><b>Price:</b> $US40.80<p><b>Relative Weight:</b> 1.52<p><b>% of Hedge Funds Holding</b> <b>Stock:</b> 52.3%<p><b>YTD Performance:</b></b> …


Trump’s hard line on immigration could threaten the accuracy of the census

Latinos and other vulnerable communities are in danger of being undercounted in 2020.<p>The Trump administration has used the most of its federal authority to crack down on immigrants in the United States. But when it comes to the 2020 census, it will also be tasked with counting them.<p>Trump still has …


World population aging at unprecedented rates

World population aging at unprecedented rates offers huge opportunities for savvy FMCG marketers, says GlobalData


Peter Costello's 'baby bonus' generation grows up

When introducing the baby bonus scheme in 2002, treasurer Peter Costello famously encouraged Australians to "have one for mum, one for dad and one …

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South Korea is aging faster than any other developed country

For the first time ever, South Korea has more old people than young people.<p>The latest census statistics from the government show that the number of elderly people in Korea, defined as those aged over 65, hit 6.8 million in 2016, comprising 13.6% of its total population. The number of young people, …

South Korea

There is only one suburb in Sydney with no-one born overseas

You have to drive a long way to find a Sydney suburb with no one born overseas.<p>There's only one - the tiny hamlet of Wheeny Creek, 86 kilometres …

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The average dad in the US is getting older

A new study finds that the average age of fathers in the U.S. is rising as men take a few extra years to practice their dad jokes before having kids. The typical dad now is nearly 31 years old at his child’s birth.<p>That’s more than three years older than the average dad was in the 1970s. The average …


Over the past 25 years, immigrant moms bolstered births in 48 states

Without a 6% increase in births to foreign-born women between 1990 and 2015, an overall decline in annual U.S. births would have been even larger.


No, millennials aren’t killing stable employment

If millennials hop jobs, baby boomers are supposed to hang on to them, steadily climbing the ladder at the same company — or so conventional thinking goes.<p>Reality, however, is more complicated. A new report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests the older generation wasn't that much more …

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Boomers are news-illiterate couch vegetables stuck in front of their yelling, ad-saturated TVs

A Pew Research study found that "younger adults are more likely than their elders to read the news," but there are other ways of seeing the …

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The number of babies born to foreign-born mums in Birmingham

Almost half of babies in Birmingham are born to mothers who were themselves born outside Britain.<p>There were 17,404 babies born in Birmingham in 2016, …

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