Japan's demographic time bomb is a bad omen for the US

Over the last five years, Japan's economy has contracted by more than two trillion dollars in GDP and 1 million people in lost population.<p>If the US doesn't keep investing in immigrant labor and flexible work schedules, it could be only a couple decades behind.<p>Experts call situations like Japan's …


The Green Movement Is Led By The Same People Who Run Everything Else -- White Men

“Finding qualified leaders of color to fill these positions should not be difficult."<p>Many of the nation’s leading environmental groups remain overwhelmingly white and male, according to a new report released on Thursday.<p>Advocacy group Green 2.0 compiled the study, titled “Beyond Diversity: A …


Here's how investors might want to position themselves for the changes that are taking place in global demographics

Demographics are destiny, and unfortunately for Western economics, destiny isn’t on their side.<p>Speaking at the Mauldin Economics’ Strategic Investment Conference in Orlando, founders of Real Vision TV Raoul Pal and Grant Williams dissected the profound demographic changes now taking place and how …

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American Exceptionalism - Decelerating Population Growth, Accelerating Money Growth

Since 1971, and the disconnection of the dollar from a finite gold backing, the value of money (the dollar) has been determined by its purchasing …

Money Supply

Census says Evanston lost people last year

New population estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau released this morning indicate Evanston's population declined last year, but is still higher …

U.S. Census

Are one in four French young people really unemployed?

One in four young French people are unemployed.<p>This is a “particularly bad” rate of joblessness according to the BBC.<p>Levels of French youth …


3 out of 4 American children in families rely on their mothers’ salaries

Nearly three quarters of the country’s 33 million children in families (around 74%) rely on their mother’s earningsin a country where dual-earning married couples was the most common type of household, followed by households led by a single mom, according to an analysis of American Community Survey …

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Oregon Population 2017 (Demographics, Maps, Graphs)

4,144,527<p>The northwestern state of Oregon is the 9th largest in the US in terms of land area, but it has a sparsely spread population by comparison. …


Expert Doubts China’s Population Number, Saying India May Be No. 1

BEIJING — Chinese people cheering on their country’s ascent sometimes comfort themselves with the idea that Asia’s other behemoth, India, is years from surpassing China’s population and decades from emerging as a potential economic peer.<p>But Yi Fuxiang, a Chinese scientist based in Wisconsin, boldly …

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Chemed Corporation (CHE) Presents At Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2017 Health Care Conference - Slideshow

The following slide deck was published by Chemed Corporation in conjunction with this event.<p>147<p>Click to enlarge

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Carolina Village plans expansion to house baby boomers

Carolina Village plans to expand its campus to serve the next generation of retirees: baby boomers.<p>Plans have been submitted to the city of …

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are making it harder for millennials to buy homes

If you've been in the market for your dream home, you may have found that it's particularly difficult to find one right now.<p>Housing inventory has rached historic lows across the country, and competition is heating up.<p>According to an analysis conducted by real-estate site Zillow in April, there are …


The Next Government Must Commit To Stopping Female Genital Mutilation

In the run up to the General Election political campaigners are pounding the pavements pushing their party's pamphlets through voters' doors.<p>Promises about tax, the NHS and improvements to the education system are likely to get a mention on the leaflets, but it's highly unlikely you'll see anything …

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8 Reasons You Should Care a Lot About the 2020 Census

Do you care about the 2020 census? You should. We <i>all</i> probably should care more about the 2020 census, because John Thompson, the director of the …


Leveraging Demographics in Emerging Markets (EMCG)

It is often said that the U.S. has an aging population. The same goes for Japan and other some other well know developed markets. In addition, …

Emerging Markets

Chinese Youth: If You Don’t Get Married Soon, The Party Will Help

China’s Communist Youth League announced it would help solve the big problem of unmarried “youth in old age.”


Michigan Senate Votes for Tough Crackdown on Female Genital Mutilation

Both doctors and parents forcing children to undergo the procedure will face up to 15 years in prison.

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China's Demographic Time Bomb Continues to Tick - Bloomberg

China's demographic time bomb continues to tick.<p>Even after the government cleared the way for couples to have a second child, working women are …


One surprising way millennials and baby boomers disagree about financial independence

Imagine extraterrestrials landed on Earth and knew nothing about young people beyond what could be gleaned from millennial-shaming stories on the …

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How Japan Is Trying to Fix its Population Crisis

Japan is the world’s senior citizen. Decades of improving life expectancy and falling birth rates have produced a rapidly aging and shrinking …

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CREDIT SUISSE: Huge demographic changes in the US could hit these 14 retail stocks

The demographic makeup of the US will change dramatically over the next 10 years, and a new report from a group of Credit Suisse analysts led by Seth Sigman shows that those changes could have a big impact on consumer spending and the well-being of certain industries.<p>According to the report, the …


Thompson’s days were numbered at the Census Bureau

Good riddance to John Thompson, the head of the Census Bureau.<p>You all know Thompson because he’s been featured regularly in this column over the last …

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VR Porn is Growing Incredibly Fast

In a report released on Thursday, Pornhub Insights has noted a substantial uptick in the past year in the popularity of virtual reality porn. It …

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The popularity of the baby name 'Donald' tumbles in 2016

The popularity of the name "Donald" for baby boys in the United States fell from 2015 to 2016.<p>"Donald" dropped 45 spots over the course of the year, down from being ranked 443 to 488, according to data from the Social Security Administration published Friday. The name has been decreasing in …


Amandla Stenberg Directed and Edited Her First Music Video

Amandla Stenberg has come a long way from playing Rue in <i>The Hunger Games</i>. The actress' latest movie is a teen romance, <i>Everything Everything</i>, out on …

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Atheists are dying out. Long live atheists

The number of babies born to mothers with no religious affiliation will dramatically decline over the next 40 years, according to new research.<p>By …


Some charts from the Census data released this week on US household income • AEI

The Census Bureau released its annual report this week on “Income and Poverty in the United States” with lots of new updated data on household income …


Amandla Stenberg Makes Their Music Video Debut

"Let My Baby Stay"<p>At this rate, there isn't anything that Amandla Stenberg can't do. The 18-year-old NYU student, actor, author, and activist has been busy promoting their latest film, <i>Everything, Everything,</i> but unbeknownst to us, Stenberg managed to slip in her own cover of Mac DeMarco's song "Let …

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How millennials are shaping Dallas' retail landscape - Dallas Business Journal

Demographics are impacting the industry significantly. You have a baby boomer population that was the largest in history, and they’re now …


Amandla Stenberg Just Revealed Yet Another Talent

When she’s not busy with a catalogue of other causes, Amandla Stenberg is an actress. For her upcoming role in <i>Everything, Everything,</i> where she plays …

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