Modern Design and Trees Define Roman Apartment Used for Studio, Living Space

Moving beyond the classic definition of an architectural design studio, a unique hybrid space in the center of Rome serves a dual purpose with one …

Interior Design

Not allowing Saturday to define the season

It was not as though Saturday night was anything new.<p>There was the 1988 game when Bill Curry-coached Alabama rallied from 27-10 down to beat UK …

College Football

Big wars have powerful and long-lasting effects on a country's foreign policy

How to explain — and, if possible, predict — a great power’s foreign policy is a perennial question for scholars of international politics.<p>Although a lot of scholarly writing in international relations focuses on the broader <i>system</i> of states (bipolar, multipolar, open, closed, norm-driven, …

Foreign Policy

Your internet isn't getting any faster, but government might soon call it 'high-speed' anyway

Is the government doing a good enough job getting internet access to the people?<p>Until recently, the government's own assessment was no — things could be better for many Americans fed up with slow service, high prices or a lack of competition. But a looming change in the way officials define …


Give us the power to break into illegal schools, Ofsted chief says

Give inspectors the power to break into suspected illegal schools, an Ofsted chief has demanded as he warns that “flimsy” laws mean that children are left in “shocking” conditions.<p>Matthew Coffey, the chief operating officer at Ofsted, said that the individuals running unregistered schools are …


John Kelly taming Donald Trump's chaotic White House

by Ashley Parker and Philip Rucker<p>White House chief of staff John Kelly has a new evening routine: He periodically strolls the perimeter of the White …

Australian News

Liberals define the middle class, sort of

OTTAWA — The Liberals speak constantly of strengthening the Canadian middle class, but any precise definition of that amorphous category of people …

Canadian News

Why the Trump Tax Cut Is Necessary

Competing visions of the world will clash and America may change its economic future and define its national policy for years to come. Or not.The …


How to Rethink Personal and Professional Relationships

Relationships are the basis of a strong company, and rethinking relationships based on changes in the workplace can define a company's culture and set them apart from the competition.<p>Just like technology, office spaces, and work schedules are changing with the future of work, so too are …

The Workplace

Why bootstrapping your startup is usually the best option

There’s a gross misconception that shapes today’s startup landscape: you have to raise money in order to successfully launch a scale a company. It makes sense that young entrepreneurs would live and die by this notion, because some of the most successful startup stories of all time begin with a …


Artificial Intelligence vs. Machine Learning vs. Deep Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are all the rage these days — but with all the buzzwords swirling around them, it's easy to get …


Hiring for Fit vs. Hiring for Inclusion: Which Route Should You Take?

HR professionals are talking a lot about "hiring for fit," and the concept seems sound. After all, to create and maintain a strong corporate culture, …

Human Resources

Measuring Procurement Performance – Not So Easy After All

<i>Editor’s Note: Join Ardent Partners’ analysts and 150 global procurement and supply chain leaders and practitioners for Ardent’s second-annual</i> <b>CPO</b> …


How to Land a Seat at the C-Suite Table

Among many small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB), human resource departments are no longer seen as an isolated administrative function. Instead, …

Human Resources

Watch artist Flynn Talbot blend sculpture, fabric, and light

Australian-born artist Flynn Talbot is currently exhibiting Reflection Room, a large installation with cool and warm lights meant to evoke the sun …


We risk Britain's future without a united, ego-less approach to Brexit

We all like to see our prejudices confirmed and preconceptions validated. It’s called confirmation bias: we search for, interpret, favour and remember information that confirms our own beliefs and hypotheses. Even when news is impartial or framed in a neutral way we look for and find information …


19 moments that define Diego Costa’s rollercoaster relationship

Over nine months of speculation appears to be coming to an end with the news that Chelsea have agreed a deal for Diego Costa to return to Atletico …

English Premier League

Wojo’s Pigskin Picks: Border wars could define UM, MSU

Michigan-Purdue is merely the opener in a huge one-day clash between the neighboring states of Michigan and Indiana.

College Football

Explain Redux like I'm five

I'll try to introduce the core concepts of Redux (store, actions, reducers, subscriptions) with a super simple example.<p>Let's say you have an apple. …


Leadership Does Not Simply Refer to the Few Individuals at the Top

Although most companies acknowledge the value of effective leadership as a determinant of their success, many businesses struggle to find the optimal formula for their leadership team.<p>Leadership does not only refer to the few individuals at the top of the organizational hierarchy. Rather, leaders …


This Woman Tried On 2 Pairs Of Jeans In The Same Size To Prove That Clothing Labels Are Total B.S.

"Do not define yourself by a number."<p>We all know clothing sizes often vary wildly, and one South African blogger recently demonstrated just how true that is with a mind-blowing new Instagram post.<p>Body-positivity activist Mira Hirsch shared two side-by-side photos of herself in a dressing room. In …


Gallery of How a Le Corbusier Design Helped Define the Architecture of Southern California - 1

Image 1 of 4 from gallery of How a Le Corbusier Design Helped Define the Architecture of Southern California. Photograph by Elizabeth Daniels


PhD at 28 for township scientist who broke from the crowd

The son of a domestic worker and a gardener is the youngest student to be awarded a doctorate at Cape Peninsula University of …

Obama: Climate change may define the century

Former President Barack Obama says climate change is a "threat that may define the contours of this century more than any other."


Calling all readers: What do you call your neighborhood?

Without question, Hoodmaps is a product of the millennial-driven 21st century.<p>Search for the service online, and the site is described as the “love …


MS Dhoni will play in the 2023 World Cup, says Michael Clarke

Michael Clarke on Tuesday said that former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is back in his prime form. Clarke has no doubt about Dhoni playing in …

Sports (India)

The new emerging markets? Report says green finance will become "core element of global capital markets"

Green finance is set to be the new emerging markets for investors, according to a report out today forecasting it will become “a core element of …


HR Leaders Define the Characteristics of High-Potential Talent

<i>What is the number one characteristic you look for when identifying high-potential talent?</i><p>Eighty HR professionals answered this question during …

Human Resources

Trai floats consultation paper to promote easing of doing biz

To promote "ease of doing business" in the telecom sector, regulator Trai today floated a consultation paper that has proposed time bound approvals, …


6 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Social Media Marketing Goals

In today’s digital landscape, chances are social media is a vital piece of your marketing mix. After all, people <i>live</i> on social platforms these days …

Social Media Marketing