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With all the attention you are seeing on Linux and its use on the internet and in devices like Arduino, Beagle, and Raspberry Pi boards and more, …


android 7.1.2 + ARMv7

I meet this problem when I compile the Android 7.1.2 source code after I updated my debian. I do not know that is the real problem . It seems problem …

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Debian 9.4 released

The Debian Project has released the fourth update to Debian 9 "stretch". As usual, this update mainly adds corrections for security issues, along …


Amazon EC2 Tuning Apache Memory

An Apache web server running on an Amazon EC2 Linux instance intermittently becomes unresponsive. Messages appear in the system log for the instance …


Updated Debian 9: 9.4 released

The Debian project is pleased to announce the fourth update of its stable distribution Debian 9 (codenamestretch). This point release mainly adds …


How to Setup iSCSI Server (Target) and Client (Initiator) on Debian 9

In the data center world, large capacity Storage Area Networks (SAN) have become the minimum standard. As cloud providers and virtualization also …


How do I determine what OS packages are required for a Haskell executable?

I've just compiled an executable with stack build and then just copying over the executable to a different machine, however running the application …


Debian GNU/Linux Now Available for WSL In The Windows Store

Lately Microsoft has been pushing out new Linux distributions for the Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) lately. First, Kali Linux was released …


Debian, Kali Linux distributions now available in the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is making good on its promise from a year ago to make more Linux distributions available from the Microsoft Store for use on Windows 10's …


As Debian comes to Windows 10, should we worry Microsoft will 'embrace, extend, and extinguish' Linux?

Personally, I am not a fan of running Linux distributions on Windows 10 -- WSL, virtual machine, or otherwise. While I appreciate Microsoft's focus …


Sharing Folders between a VirtualBox Host and Guest Machines

This post is the 4th installment of the VirtualBox series. The focus is on how to share folders between the host and the guest OSes. Part 1 of the …


How to Install NetBeans IDE 8.2 in Debian, Ubuntu and Linux Mint

The <b>NetBeans</b> is an open source and award-winning <b>IDE</b> (integrated development environment) application for <b>Windows</b>, <b>Linux</b>, <b>Solaris</b> and <b>Mac</b>. The <b>NetBeans IDE</b> …


How to install sudo on a Debian minimal server

Once you install Debian to function as a server, you might notice it's missing something important--sudo. Jack Wallen walks you through the process …


How to Install Java 9 in Debian and Ubuntu Systems

This tutorial will guide you on how to install Java 9 Standard Edition Development Kit (JDK) in Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions using PPA …


What is Debian all about, really? Or: friction, packaging complex applications

Another weekend, another big mailing list threadThis weekend, those interested in Debian development have been having a discussion on the …


Best Linux Distribution

<i>See which distro won in the kick-off of 2018's Readers' Choice Awards.</i> more>>


Installing PowerShell Core on macOS and Linux

2/2/2018<p>13 minutes to read<p>Contributors<p>For Linux distributions that are not officially supported, you can try using the PowerShell AppImage. You can …


How to install a minimal Debian server

Debian is an ideal operating system that can easily meet your data center needs. Jack Wallen walks you through the process of setting up a minimal …


The 5 Best Linux Distributions for Development

Title: The 5 Best Linux Distributions for Development19 JanLearn more


​Google moves to Debian for in-house Linux desktop

Google is officially moving from Ubuntu to Debian for its in-house Linux desktop.<p>I will show that it's possible to install, configure, and use this …


Google ditches Ubuntu for Debian for internal engineering environment

Switches commercial model for contribution to open source



A CLI task manager, written in Haskell<p>Tasks stored in a Markdown file in the current working directory - for easy version control<br>• Uses vim style …


Linspire Is Back From The Dead In 2018

Remember Linspire? The Linux distribution formerly known as "Lindows" is back from the dead.....


Reposcanner - Python Script To Scan Git Repos For Interesting Strings

Reposcanner is a python script to search through the commit history of Git repositories looking for interesting strings such as API keys, inspires by …


Barnaby - Fresh Made Lemonade (Debian Blak Remix)

The Contenders: Barnaby, straight-out-the-gate, 22-year-old UK native making luscious R&B vs. Debian Blak. You've heard Blak before with his tracks …

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Write a Simple Go Application to Work With BigQuery Data on Linux

Go is an open-source programming language that enables you to easily build software on Linux/UNIX machines. When Go is paired with the ODBC Driver …



The Debian project has announced the launch of, a site that enables browsing of the source code for every package shipped with the …


How To Find Your Raspbian Version

A quick tip for you today folks, to show you a few different ways to identify the Raspbian version you’re running on your Raspberry Pi....

Security updates for (US) Thanksgiving Day

Security updates have been issued by <b>Arch Linux</b> (jbig2dec), <b>Debian</b> (libspring-ldap-java, sam2p, and xorg-server), <b>Fedora</b> (postgresql), <b>openSUSE</b> (cacti, …


Baaa-d moooo-ve: Debian Linux depicts intimate cow-sheep action in ASCII artwork

User files bug report on age-old packageLinux distro Debian is under fire for distributing a software package containing an "ASCII representation of …