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Museums in London: The oldest objects you'll find in the capital | London Evening Standard

If you’ve trifled with the Tudors and dabbled with the Dark Ages, you may think you know your history.<p>A trip round London's museums will tell you …


How Israel tries to save the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is drying up at a rate of one meter per year – and the mining industry plays a big part in that. The Israeli government now sees a …

Israeli Government

Israel steps in to stop the Dead Sea from dying |

Israel is looking to auction off the rights to mine the Dead Sea years earlier than scheduled in a bid to maintain one of the country's biggest businesses without worsening an environmental tragedy. The Dead Sea's mineral-rich waters are today harvested by Israel Chemicals as ingredients for …


Israel seeks early re-tender of mining rights to shore up Dead Sea

EIN BOKEK, Israel (Reuters) - The Dead Sea is shrinking at the rate of about a meter a year, leaving behind deserted beaches and sinkholes in a slow-motion environmental disaster.<p>The main culprit is the drying up of the Jordan river, its main tributary, as communities upstream draw on it for …


How to report fish kill, other dead sea life from red tide

<b>SARASOTA BAY, Fla. --</b> The view may look appealing, but to many nearby residents around Sarasota Bay, it isn’t.<p>Fish kill at the shores of Sarasota Bay …


Liaoning sea cucumbers dying of heat

A large number of sea cucumbers have been dying due to the heat in Liaoning Province, causing direct economic losss of 6.87 billion yuan (around 1 …


Epic 7 Day Israel Itinerary

Israel is such an interesting country! If you are wondering what to expect from Israel, here’s how I would describe it.<p>Tel Aviv is a vibrant city …


New hotel and leisure complex to be built at the Dead Sea

A new expansive tourism center is on the drawing board for Ein Bokek, the hotel and resort district on the Dead Sea, the Ministry of Tourism and the …


307. The Forbidden Scriptures Of The Apocryphal And Dead Sea Scrolls W Dr. Stephen Pidgeon by Now You See TV - Listen to music


Florida algae crisis: Dead sea turtle count at 400 as red tide could last until 2019

FORT MYERS, Fla. – The number of dead manatees and sea turtles continues to climb as red tide strangles the life out of coastal Southwest Florida waters.<p>Bloom conditions started in November, and 400 stranded and dead sea turtles have been pulled from the waters surrounding Lee, Collier, Charlotte …


SUP Foiling in the Dead Sea

Bordering Israel, the West Bank and Jordan, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth at over 1400 feet below sea level. And at almost nine times …

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Lapid: Jordan Valley will always remain part of Israel

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid insisted during a tour of the Jordan Valley on Monday that the strategy would remain part of Israel in any potential …


Seventy Years On, What Scholars Have Learned from the Dead Sea Scrolls

Over 70 years have gone by since the discovery of ancient scrolls in the Judean Desert by Bedouin shepherds, a discovery that led in turn to locating …


Scribes in the Dead Sea Scrolls

<b>Biblical Scribe.</b> The scribal figure depicted here, which comes from a third-century fresco at the site of Dura-Europos, is superimposed over an image …


Quint: The Lasting Images From Israel

As the 46 national teams in Netanya scatter home across the globe, here's a glimpse at my "best of" — images and memories from Israel.<p>This was a …


Ultramarathoner runs 26 hours to help people stay sober

A man who ran multiple three-mile loops through Dix Park Sunday told ABC11 he's really running for his life.

Mount Everest

On digital: That Summer — a fascinating treat for fans of Grey Gardens | Financial Times

<b>Directed by Göran Olsson, 2017</b><p><b>Dogwoof</b><p>Do not watch this movie. Not if you have never seen the Maysles brothers’ astonishing <i>Grey Gardens</i> (1975) — and …


Boat passengers shocked as great white feasts on whale

Passengers aboard a fishing boat watched in awe as a massive great white shark feasted off the floating carcass of a dead whale.<p>When the five-metre …

White Shark

Not a giant squid: Dead sea creature identified as decomposing whale

Fishermen near Juneau called biologists to report the sighting of a giant squid carcass yesterday. But the dead animal was not what it seemed. …


Video shows tons of plastic floating on Caribbean sea off Dominican coast

A video shared on social media by NGO Parley for the Oceans shows large amounts of plastic and debris floating in the Caribbean sea off the coast of …


Israel's Together to sell cosmetics based on cannabis, Dead Sea minerals

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel’s Together Pharma said on Tuesday it will set up a new company with Premier Dead Sea to sell cosmetics based on cannabis and Dead Sea minerals.<p>The firm said the products would be based on CBD, or Cannabidiol — a constitute of the cannabis plant that is used in some …


Two Israeli firms seek to cash in with Dead Sea cannabis cosmetics

Israel’s Together Pharma Ltd., a manufacturer and distributor of medical cannabis, has signed an agreement with local skincare firm Premier Dead Sea …


Medical Cannabis Company Together Pharma to Set Up Skincare Company

Together has partnered up with Israeli cosmetics and skincare company Premier Dead Sea for the venture

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Archaeologists discover a 12th Dead Sea scroll cave

Officials race to find more caves before they are looted.<p>Archaeologists from Hebrew University were excavating a cave on the cliffs west of Qumran, …


Could the ocean ever become too salty for life to exist?

It may taste good on crisps, but too much sea salt can be harmful to fish and plants.<p>In the open ocean, whatever water evaporates must eventually …


Detoxify With These Herbivore Botanicals Dead Sea Bath Salts

9:25 PM 07/02/2018<p>Sometimes we all need to take some time to ourselves to destress and decompress after a long day (or long week). Taking a hot bath …

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Eitan Reiter - Loop For Today (Sebastian Mullaert & Wa Wu We Remixes) / Circle Of Live Recordings


Scholars discuss significance of Dead Sea Scrolls at Boulder interfaith gathering

Religious groups from around Boulder gathered Sunday night at the Islamic Center of Boulder to learn about the history of the Dead Sea Scrolls and …


Fragments for Sale: Dead Sea Scrolls -

Årstein Justnes on selling scripture<p>Since 2002 more than 75 previously unknown Dead Sea Scroll fragments have surfaced on the antiquities market, and …


Chemical leak discovered near Dead Sea plant; residents told to remain indoors

Breaking news. (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)<p>X<p>Dear Reader,<br>As you can imagine, more people are reading The Jerusalem Post than ever before. Nevertheless, …

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