David Leyonhjelm

David Leyonhjelm to host disgraced alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos at Parliament House

Disgraced alt-right figure Milo Yiannopoulos will speak at Australia's Parliament House next month at the invitation of libertarian senator David …

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Milo Yiannopoulos' invitation to speak at Australia's Parliament House sparks anger

An Australian senator has courted controversy by inviting far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos to speak at Australia's Parliament House next month.<p>Yiannopoulos, who is set to tour Australia with his "Troll Academy" show, was described by senator David Leyonhjelm as "a thought-provoking …

Milo Yiannopoulos

The problem with Australia’s left-ride divide

This was the generation that either saved the world from itself or stuffed it up for the rest of us, depending on who you ask. The generation of the …

Jacqui Lambie

Nationals leader accused of 'encouraging vigilantes' with gun self-defence inquiry

Deputy Premier John Barilaro has been accused by Labor of encouraging vigilantes and seeking to foster "an American-style guns culture" after calling …

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Barnaby Joyce moves to cancel $40,000 Gina Rinehart cheque

BARNABY Joyce says he’s moving to immediately cancel a $40,000 award given to him by mining and agricultural magnate Gina Rinehart at a gala dinner …

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Thanks for smoking

Speaking in the Australian Senate, David Leyonhjelm thanked the smokers: “Your generosity to the nation’s Treasury is truly staggering.”<p><i>Originally</i> …

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Who should we elect to represent us? - On Line Opinion - 21/11/2017

When the authors of the Australian Constitution were writing the bit about dual citizenship, I'm pretty sure they weren't thinking about the …

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China pressure helped put Taiwan FTA on hold

Plans to negotiate a free trade agreement with Taiwan were put on the backburner several years ago so as not to offend mainland China, sources have …


Helmet law survey results released

A survey of almost 20,000 people has found that nearly two-thirds don’t believe you should have to wear a helmet every time you ride a bike in …

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Tobacco companies could be sued for billions in healthcare costs, experts warn

Health experts are urging Australian governments to sue international tobacco companies for billions of dollars in healthcare costs for treating …

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Coalition's crisis is simple: it keeps supporting deeply unpopular policies

The times are a' changing. Australians voted overwhelmingly for equal marriage; the NSW and Victorian parliaments are achingly close to legalising …

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Australia's new faultlines: What we now know

Like other Australians living near the CBD, Ariadne Vromen was swamped by the Yes campaign during the same-sex marriage postal survey. From her …


APRA to target banks trying to duck BEAR pay reforms

The prudential regulator will take a dim view of banks that boost fixed pay to avoid the Banking Executive Accountability Regime's tougher …


'We need to be picky': Leyonhjelm takes a swipe at migrants over same-sex marriage vote

Australia must continue to be "picky" about who becomes a citizen if it is to maintain the type of tolerant society which supported same-sex …

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Cotton farmer Peter Harris receives summons for alleged water theft

Moree cotton farmer and irrigator Peter Harris received a summons demanding the return of more than five billion litres of water after alleged water …

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Ex-One Nation senator looking for a party

The One Nation senator sensationally cut loose from the party an hour after being sworn-in to parliament may not be a "lone ranger" for long.

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Greens: 'Don't be afraid of boat people trying to reach our shores'

The Green Party says New Zealand should be proud of its more humane approach to refugees and asylum seekers and should not be afraid of boat people …


Is the Parliament in chaos? Here's how the government's numbers look

The opposition is doing everything it can to exploit the uncertainty surrounding the Turnbull government following the High Court's decision on …

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UN urges Australia to accept New Zealand's Manus refugees offer

The United Nations refugee agency has urged the Australian government to accept Jacinda Ardern's offer to take in 150 refugees as the Manus crisis …


Unwrapping the economy - On Line Opinion - 13/11/2017

The crippling effects of red tape on the economy are unfortunately not restricted to the NSW housing sector.<p>As chair of the Senate Select Committee …

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Co-founder of Swiss assisted suicide organization Exit dies aged 100

Rolf Sigg, one of a group of people who founded the assisted suicide organization Exit in 1982, has died at the age of 100, according to reports.

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Grattan on Friday: Voters just want citizenship crisis fixed – but it isn't that easy

The citizenship crisis is politics at its worst, has been unresolved far too long, and is a distraction from much more important issues. That’s the …

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Some are more innocent than others

A few days ago, Attorney-General George Brandis got a bit confused. He said that the debate about the citizenship status of politicians was becoming …

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He was abusing her for one reason: Because she was a journalist

He called her fat, ugly and a bitch and gesticulated wildly at her with his middle-finger. Yet as far as she knew she had never met him before in her …

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First home buyers scheme in trouble

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson gestures during a press conference at Yeppoon, Wednesday, November 8, 2017. Hanson is conducting a regional tour of …

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Was Jesus a terrorist?

I had an opportunity to consider this recently when I launched 'Kingdom of the Wicked', a novel written by my former staffer, Helen Dale.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok: Stop worshipping the Constitution. Please start thinking.

Citizenship is meaningless if it does not include the right to represent the community in parliament. Australia citizenship is arguably worthless …

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Indulgence Tax

Some background …..Sydney has two world class and perfectly functional sporting stadiums; the Sydney Football Stadium (known as Allianz Stadium) and …

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Should the ACT be able to make euthanasia laws?

Federal laws prohibiting the ACT government enacting legislation to allow voluntary euthanasia in Canberra could be overturned as early as next …

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