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Marketers Are Not Yet Ready For GDPR: Experian Study

Email marketers have been told many that they must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) if they’re doing business in Europe. But …

General Data Protection Regulation

Landmark $115 million settlement reached in Anthem data breach suit, consumers could feel sting

Per agreement, lawyer fees will soak up a third of the $115 million fund, boiling down to less than a dollar each for the 78.8 million breach victims.

Identity Theft

Anthem Agrees to Settle 2015 Data Breach for $115 Million

Like many companies hit by data breaches, Anthem, the United States’ largest for-profit health care company, has been forced to watch from the …


Anthem to stump up record $115 million in data breach lawsuit settlement

Don’t read wrongdoing into the agreement, however…<p>| June 26, 20175:31 pm | Filed under: Data loss, Privacy 0<p>A judge is expected to review a …


Security Overhauls Are More Essential Than Ever For Financial Companies

As every new data breach story hits the news, we become a little more horrified. We are surrounded by corruption, with hackers looming over every process. From email servers to bank accounts to the State Department itself, we are vulnerable, and the truth is that the IT security companies we trust …


Experian 2017 Global Risk Study

<b>Only 9 percent of companies are prepared for the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) half don’t know where to begin</b><p>The study, Data Protection …


This Week In Credit Card News: Beware Of Deferred Interest Offers; Venmo To Introduce A Debit Card?

<i>Beware Deferred Interest Credit Cards—They’re Not 0% Interest</i><p>“No interest if paid in full within 12 months.” Or, “0% intro APR on purchases for 12 months.” They sound like great deals. But the offers aren’t the same, and one can cost you considerably more over time. Both credit cards, usually …


Health Insurance Giant Agrees to Record $115 Million Payout Over Data Breach

Holy crap, that is a huge friggin’ payout.<p>Health insurance giant Anthem Inc. will cough up $115 million to end a court battle over a 2015 data breach …

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Anthem Agrees to $115 Million Settlement of Data Breach Lawsuit

Anthem Inc. has agreed to pay $115 million to settle a class-action lawsuit filed after a 2015 cyberattack exposed personal information of more than 78 million people, the company said Friday.<p>The proposed settlement was filed Friday and requires court approval, said plaintiffs' attorneys.<p>"We are …

Anthem Inc.

Anthem will pay $115 million in largest data breach settlement in history

Anthem Inc. agreed to pay $115 million in a deal to end a court battle over the 2015 data breach where hackers gained access to sensitive records for …


Anthem will settle data breach for $115 million

Anthem is expected to settle its class-action lawsuit tied to its massive 2015 data breach for $115 million, lawyers said Friday. The cyberattack …


Anthem to Pay Record $115M to Settle Lawsuits Over Data Breach

Anthem Inc, the largest U.S. health insurance company, has agreed to settle litigation over hacking in 2015 that compromised about 79 million people's personal information for $115 million, which lawyers said would be the largest settlement ever for a data breach.<p>The deal, announced Friday by …

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Average Cost of Breach Goes Down For the First Time Ever

The good news is the cost of a data breach is down double-digits, the bad news the size and scope of breaches is creeping up.


Want to Avoid a Data Breach? Start By Taking a Close Look at Your Vendors

Here's what you can do to offset breach risks that accompany outsourcing<p>It has been almost four years since the massive Target data breach. Astoundingly, managing third-party risks still does not command the vigilance it should in all too many organizations.<p>The latest proof: ten states neglected to …


What Not to Do After a Data Breach

Thousands of words have been written about how to prevent cyberattacks and what to do if you've been targeted. You're probably already familiar with terms such as endpoint protection and data backup and recovery. These solutions and services are great for protecting you and helping you get back up …


This Startup Just Fixed the Most Annoying Thing About Credit Cards

Why should you have to update all your payment information every time you cancel a credit card? You don't anymore.<p>The 2013 hack of its customer service database was an $18 million debacle for Target and a major nuisance to the 41 million customers affected. For the founders of credit card startup …

Credit Cards

Watchdog penalises firm for data breach

The Personal Data Protection Commission imposed a $3,000 financial penalty on DataPost, a business printing and mailing solutions provider, for a …


What Should (And Shouldn’t) Worry You in That Voter Data Breach

The recent news that a conservative data analytics firm left 198 million voter records unsecured online for nearly two weeks should give every …


Data Breach Costs Drop Globally But Increase in US

The average total cost of a data breach declined 10% year-over-year around the world, but in the US edged upward by 5%.<p>The average cost per data …


Average data breach cost declines 10% globally

The average cost of a data breach is $3.62 million globally, a 10 percent decline from 2016 results. This is the first time since the global study …


Google Takes Measures to Remove, Prevent Terror Content Online

Today’s topics include Google’s four measures to prevent and remove online terror content, Ponemon’s first-measured decline in the average cost of a …

Windows Server

Thinx period panties company seeks records after data breach

It's unpleasant to Thinx about, but a company that specializes in period panties has been hacked, a new court papers reveal.

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Data breaches setting Australian organisations back AU$2.5m: IBM

A report from Big Blue has said the total average cost spent by a company in Australia as a result of a data breach is AU$2.51 million.<p>Data breaches …


Know the Odds: The Cost of a Data Breach in 2017

We’ve all heard that when it comes to experiencing a data breach, the question is not <i>if</i> it will happen, but <i>when</i>. You may be wondering about the …


Voter Registration Data Breach: Unsecure Server Leaves Info On Nearly 200 Million Americans Exposed | International Business Times

A massive collection of nearly 200 million voter registration files that can be used to identify American voters have been discovered online on an …


The hospital hacks you don't hear about

Large ransomware attacks — in which hackers encrypt hospitals' data, then make them pay to de-encrypt it — aren't always reported to the Health and …

Health Care

Massive US voter data breach, FTC to block fantasy sports merger

Today's major tech stories include a massive data breach that exposes American voters, Time Warner's new content deal with Snap and the FTC moves to block a big fantasy sports merger.

Fantasy Sports

Cost of data breaches declines globally, India bucks trend with 12.3 percent increase: Report

While the average cost of a data breach in 2017 saw a 10 percent decline globally when compared to 2016, for the Indian enterprises, it grew 12.3 …


Average Global Cost of a Data Breach Now $3.6M, IBM Reports

The IBM-sponsored Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Study reports its first ever decline in the global average cost of a breach, though the …


Firms Go on the Defense in the face of Cyberattacks

Related Articles<p>Cravath Swaine & Moore, Weil Gotshal & Manges, Mossack Fonseca, Johnson & Bell. Prestigious names indeed, but you don’t want to be on …