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5 Incredible Superhero Fan Films That You Must Watch

Joker (The Dark Knight) vs Joker (Suicide Squad)<p><b>Why you should watch it?</b> The film was made by Ismahawk, the same team who created the Nightwing: The …


Darth Vader Helmet Armchair: The Dark Side of the Furniture

This Darth Vader armchair is the perfect chair for anyone who is allied with the Dark Side and wants to show it. Emperor Palpatine probably has one …


'Game of Thrones' fans are all making the same joke about the Mountain

We'd never say it to his face, but the Mountain does look just a teeny bit ridiculous in his new battle armour.<p>Not long after the <i>Game of Thrones</i> Season 7 trailer was released, people on Reddit and Twitter began making similar observations about Ser Gregor's shiny near gear:<p>As you can tell from the …


Nobody wanted Star Wars ... (Oh, and Darth Vader was real)

George Lucas was nobody.<p>He was sleeping on his friend’s couch, trying to hustle a pair of movies to any film studio that would hear him out. But there were no takers.<p>The 27-year-old USC film grad did have a new picture under his belt, 1971’s dystopian thriller <i>THX 1138</i>, but nobody really wanted that …

Star Wars

Darth Vader's 'Maury' Paternity Test Goes Viral

"Padme is lying. I never had sex with her. Not once. I can't be the father of her twins."<p>A short, fan-made video of Darth Vader learning he is the …


Has a piece of pop culture ever made you feel physically ill?

Like Nick, my earliest <i>Star Wars</i> memory may as well be my earliest memory; in pinning down a time before <i>Star Wars</i>, I’d have to go prenatal, so suffused was my childhood with Kenner action figures and play sets, building model AT-ATs and X-wings, obsessively listening to John Williams’ scores, and …

Star Wars

‘Star Wars’ Characters Visit Kids in Hospital: ‘Bad Guys Doing Good’

Star Wars turns 40 years old today, but one group of fans celebrates Star Wars every day. The 501st Legion is a worldwide organization made up of …

Star Wars

A New Hope

<i>This article is part of a special StarWars.com series in honor of</i> Star Wars<i>‘</i> <i>40th anniversary today, May 25</i><i>.</i><p>The world changed 40 years ago. The year …

Star Wars

Original 'Star Wars' Movie Released 40 Years Ago Today

It was a long time ago that a story in a galaxy far, far away first captured the imaginations of moviegoers around the world.<p>Today marks 40 years …

Star Wars

'Star Wars': An Early Script, A Different Darth Vader and the Making of a Classic

A humanoid Jabba the Hutt? Pink Death Star walls? A galaxy far, far away originally looked just a little different, 40 years ago... as we know, …

Star Wars

8 'Star Wars' Questions We Still Need Answered

The <i>Star Wars</i> franchise has given birth to one of the most passionate and knowledgeable fan bases in all of pop culture. Each installment has been …

Star Wars

Best Father's Day gifts 2017: 30 fantastic tech presents to get your dad

What could be better than a ‘heart-felt’ card with a rubbish pun, a pack of Mars bars or a pair of slippers for your Dad? Well, anything …

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Darth Vader Reborn: The Story of Hasbro's Stunning New Black Series Figure

<i>This article is part of a special StarWars.com series in honor of</i> Star Wars<i>‘ 40th anniversary on May 25</i><i>.</i><p>When it came to making a certain Sith Lord’s …

Star Wars

Which Characters Should Be Guest Fighters In A New 'SoulCalibur' Game?

It’s been quite some time since a new <i>SoulCalibur</i> game has been released and, with E3 2017 just around the corner, we are really hoping that Bandai …

Assassin's Creed

10 Characters Who Deserve a 'Star Wars Story' Anthology Film

With the success of <i>Rogue One</i> and the excitement of the upcoming Han Solo Trilogy, it looks like <i>Star Wars</i> is set to be around for another forty+ …


Flashback: Our original Star Wars review from 1977

"Special effects the star of these Star Wars" says our original reviewer.

Star Wars

Nock Co Lanier

After funding the Lanier KickStarter in November, it came this last weekend. I have been leaning towards brighter colors that pop out when digging in …

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Dealing With Darth Vader Fears - GeekMom

I was four years old when my father took me to see the <i>Empire Strikes Back</i> in theaters. He wanted to take me for the first one, but I was in utero so …

Imperial Assault'

<i>Star Wars</i> is a big part of why I write for GeekDad. If Tolkien kickstarted a love of fantasy, <i>Star Wars</i> had already set the science fiction engine …

Star Wars

40 Things You Never Knew About the 'Star Wars' Franchise

There's never been a better time to be a "Star Wars" fan.<p>The franchise is currently dominating the pop culture landscape, with "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" hitting theaters December 2017 and the Young Han Solo movie following in 2019.<p>To help fill the wait until those movies finally hit, here are 11 …

Star Wars

The 40 Greatest 'Star Wars' Moments, Ranked

40<p>The trash compactor, <i>Episode IV - A New Hope</i><p>This is the first time the band (Leia, Luke, Han and Chewie) comes together. From the moment they start …

Star Wars

Growing Up with STAR WARS in 1977 Changed My Life Forever

I can’t remember a time in my life when <i>Star Wars</i> wasn’t in it. And with good reason: I became cognizant right at the moment when <i>Star Wars</i> had …

Star Wars

Why Star Wars should have stopped at just one film

All subsequent films undermined the stunning original, which teased viewers’ imaginations by not answering everything, writes Nicholas Barber.<p>Forty years on from the release of the film we’re now supposed to call Star Wars – Episode IV: A New Hope, the ruby anniversary celebrations have tended to …

Star Wars

The FRONTLINE Interview: Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro joined Breitbart as editor-at-large in 2012, when the site was being run by conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart. Weeks later, Breitbart …

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Hotels With Incredible TV-Themed Rooms

Where to stay if you love television history.


Analyzing genre in Star Wars

In <i>Hollywood Aesthetic: Pleasure in American Cinema</i>, film studies professor Todd Berliner explains how Hollywood delivers aesthetic pleasure to mass …

Science Fiction

Finally! These animated movies have no time for pompous princes and sexist conventions

Movies we can actually learn something from<p>Imagine the headlines (especially ours) that would flood the internet if film studios like Disney were to …

The Hunger Games

Parents end up in court after Dad tries to name child after Darth Vader

It’s so hard to pick a baby name which isn’t too trendy, or too weird – so how about naming your child after a heavy-breathing space villain with …

Star Wars

Darth Vader as life saver? An Indian police force meme crusade

<b>"You are unwise to lower your defences," says Darth Vader in one of the Star Wars films.</b><p>A police force in India agrees with him and is using the fictional baddie to drive home a traffic safety message.<p>The rogue Jedi is inseparable from his helmet. In fact, it keeps him alive. So too will yours, …


Reasons Obi-Wan failed to kill off Vader in 'Revenge of the Sith'

“You were supposed to be the chosen one!”

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