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Meet @itscolinmiller, the Photographer Giving You Concert FOMO on IG

<i>#GramGen is a series profiling the most radical characters in youth culture, who continue to shape trend behavior and spark controversy through their</i> …


Influences: Etch

Zak Brashill knows what makes the floor tick.<p>Zak Brashill knows what makes the floor tick. No, really, he does. As a producer he has released music …


10 iconic Sasha moments

The original superstar DJ

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Austin's Dance Scene Is as Weird as the Rest of the City

Austin's known as the live music capital of the world, which puts DJs and underground dance music in a tough position. Traditionally the city's sound has always centered around guitar-wielding songwriters like Stevie Ray Vaughan, which leaves nightlife without the cultural context or or historical …


IMS Asia-Pacific 2017 Announces First Round of Speakers Including Axwell & Ingrosso

The International Music Summit returns to Shanghai, China, in 2017 to explore and enjoy the fastest-growing market in dance music and it's bringing …

Asia Pacific

Sisters are doing it for everyone: Is female equality still a concern in electronic dance music?

Culture is an aspect of life where people identify themselves under a unifying, often artistic banner; where one can feel a sense of belonging that …


View From The Side: Why Thump’S Closure Matters For All Of Us

I already know what you’re thinking. Embittered music writer complains that no-one is reading, and blames the public for the crass state of the …

Ed Sheeran

We spoke to the artists with the worst names in dance music

Just what inspires an individual to call themselves 'Maximum Bellend'?

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Renegade Master

DJ Mag follows the Numbers boss from Glasgow to Glasto to hear about his unstoppable rise....<p><b>Jackmaster has hit the big league in recent times. The</b> …


Avicii - Without You ft. Sandro Cavazza (Vanity X Kevin Peels Remix)


Pure fire! deadmau5 just got married and his wedding was as OTT as his mau5head

<b>Dance music megastar and Twitter troll deadmau5 has just got married to his girlfriend in a wedding that nearly comes close to his sensory depleting</b> …


Lauren Lo Sung's sultry, groove-laden house is making an Impact

The high-rising UK talent offers up a new mix and interview

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KSHMR: Giving Dance Music the Human Touch

Producer/DJ KSHMR reveals his tips on making synth-based music sound human and crafting ‘perfect imperfections,’ while still making the tracks sound …

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Welsh superstar DJ High Contrast on his new album, working with Underworld and Trainspotting 2

For a man who performs in front of thousands and is universally acknowledged as one of the world’s leading DJs, Lincoln Barrett lives something of an …


Why B-more’s underground dance music scene makes Moonrise Festival holy grounds

When considering the East Coast dance music scene, Baltimore is rarely among the first three cities that come to mind. NYC, DC and Philly all compete …


Liam Gallagher: ‘I’m not arsed about dance music’

Or new cars, or new rock 'n' roll, or reggae, or...<p>Thanks to the success of his legendary '90s rock group Oasis, Liam Gallagher continues to have a …


Kommode embraces all that is good in the world on Analog Dance Music

Kommode's Analog Dance Music is simply the feel good record of the summer.


Review: Dekmantel offered up yet another joyous weekend in the forest

It's hard not to fall in love with the Dutch event

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Builders perform incredible dance music using piano and wooden box

Two builders created amazing dance music using only a piano and wooden box in Liverpool city centre .<p>The two men launched the impromptu performance …


CL Premiere: Caramel Smooth Heaven | Shallows (Azure Remix)


MUST LISTEN: REZZ opens a new era of dance music [LP REVIEW+INTERVIEW]

<i>How does one define REZZ?</i>It’s a question that musicians, critics, and fans alike have pored over throughout the artist’s brief, but momentous musical …


'What Would Diplo Do?' is the TV show dance music never asked for but probably needed

Using Diplo as the butt of the joke, the Viceland series might actually succeed

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Music For Your Weekend

I know it’s only the first week of August but the month is starting off with a bang! Maybe that explains these unusually balmy, humid days we’ve been …


Getting Jiggy with it - taking trad music to a new dimension

<b>Acclaimed percussionist Robbie Harris writes for Culture about his exciting new fusion project, Jiggy...</b><p>Brian Eno once remarked for the world to be …

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Tonka's Week: 04.08.17

​< > I've not been away for the last couple of weeks because I've forgotten how to use a pen, or because I'd done so many ket-laced pingers at Farr …

Klaus - Cry Tuff / Gus / Bela

In a recent conversation on his No Symbols blog, the London-based Beneath suggested that the UK had become a..

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A new project wants your 90s rave memories

The Lapsed Clubber Heritage Map is set to document memories from the golden age

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Mixmag Names Dirtybird Label Of The Decade

Every year the popular <b>Mixmag</b> lets readers to vote online for the record label they think has been the most impactful over the last decade. The last …

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​Spotify playlist: 50 overlooked classics that are truly timeless

Old-school Roman Flügel, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Âme and more


Hot property: The unstoppable rise of Mall Grab

23-year-old Jordon Alexander has seemingly come from nowhere in the past year

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