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Can 'The Walking Dead' Hold Onto Michonne As 'Star Trek' And 'King Kong' Pursue Danai Gurira?

I told you this was going to happen, and sure enough, here we are. After her scene-stealing appearance as Okoye in <i>Black Panther</i>, and subsequent follow-up role in <i>Infinity War</i>, <i>The Walking Dead</i> actress Danai Gurira is now being pursued by other high profile projects in Hollywood.<p>She is currently in …

The Walking Dead

Danai Gurira in talks for Godzilla vs. Kong and Star Trek 4

<b>The Walking Dead</b> and <b>Black Panther</b> star Danai Gurira could be adding two huge projects to her upcoming slate, with Deadline reporting that the actress …

Star Trek

She Slays: Danai Gurira Is the New Face of Reebok

It’s no secret that Danai Gurira’s fiercely-fit frame is #bodygoals, or that the actress, writer and activist is also a force to be reckoned with, …

African-American News

Danai Gurira Partners With Reebok To Encourage Women To Pursue Their Own Greatness

Source: Danai Gurira for Reebok / Courtesy of Reebok<p><b>Danai Gurira</b> is a game-changing woman known for her strength, activism, and empowering other …

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Danai Gurira of The Walking Dead in talks to join Godzilla Vs Kong

The Walking Dead actress Danai Gurira has a slew of other projects on tap and one of them may be the next installment of the Godzilla franchise.<p><i>The</i> …

The Walking Dead

Danai Gurira in Talks for Godzilla vs King Kong and Star Trek 4, Let’s Put Her in Those & Rom-Coms

Danai Gurira has definitely entered mainstream public culture due to her roles in <i>The Walking Dead</i> and <i>Black Panther</i>, which has led to multiple …

Star Trek

Danai Gurira Is Reportedly Circling a Role in Star Trek 4

<b>Danai Gurira</b> is a busy woman. After many years of kicking all sorts of ass on <i>The Walking Dead</i> she really jumped onto everyone’s radar this year with …

Star Trek

Real-Life Warrior Danai Gurira Is The Newest Face Of Reebok

The ‘Black Panther’ star joins Ariana Grande and Gal Gadot<p>Reebok added a new name to its growing list of celebrity partnerships: Danai Gurira. The <i>Black Panther</i> star, who will appear in the brand's forthcoming campaign later this year, plans to use this new role to inspire women to explore the …

Black Panther

Danai Gurira Is In Talks To Join Both ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’ And The Next ‘Star Trek’!

Everyone’s favorite walker slayer and Dora Milaje is eyeing two major motion pictures franchises. Danai Gurira has her eyes set on some juicy roles …

Star Trek

The Walking Dead's Danai Gurira in talks for Star Trek sequel

Danai Gurira could be gearing up to follow in her <i>Walking Dead</i> co-star's footsteps by jumping ship to boldly go where actually quite a few men (and …

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Reebok Taps Danai Gurira as Ambassador | HYPEBAE

No surprise here.<p>By / Feb 20, 2018<p>534 Hypes<p>Meet the badass women of Wakanda.<p>By / Feb 11, 2018<p>1,448 Hypes<p>She’ll also be the face of the upcoming …


'Black Panther' star Danai Gurira's workout routine is so intense, you'll sweat just reading about it

Danai Gurira has already inspired legions of fans with her star-making turn as the powerful general Okoye in Marvel's "Black Panther," for which she packed on muscle to film fierce fight scenes. But the formidable role — which she will presumably reprise in a sequel, as well as in the next …


The Magazine Stand Is Looking Very Diverse These Days – & It's About Time

I was eight years old when I fell in love with magazines. The glossy pages, slightly sticky and heavily scented perfume samples, and the supermodels …

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#MelaninMagic Danai Gurira Flaunts Her Fit ‘Black Panther’ Physique For ‘Women’s Health’

Danai Gurira Covers Women’s HealthDanai Gurira, 40, is in incredible shape and she’s speaking on the power of fitness with Women’s Health. The “Black …

Women's Health

‘The Walking Dead’s’ Danai Gurira Details ‘Intense’ Fitness & Workout Routine

The actress and activist works with a trainer to keep fit at 40.<p>Danai Gurira plays fierce, walker-slaying warrior, Michonne, on <i>The Walking Dead</i> and …


Danai Gurira Shows Her Strength On Cover Of ‘Women’s Health’

Actress Danai Gurira flaunts her enviable physique on the latest cover of <i>Women's Health</i>. <i>The Walking Dead</i> star is featured posing in a yellow …

Black Panther

Celebs Gush Over Danai Gurira’s EBONY Cover

Actress, playwright, producer and activist Danai Gurira graces the June 2018 cover of EBONY magazine. In between her time fighting for wildlife …

Black Panther

My Interview With Danai Gurira About the Diversity of Black Women in Black Panther

Although the Blu-Ray of Black Panther isn’t available until May 15, Black Panther is now streaming on Amazon Prime. You can now own it and the …

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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Cast Get Disneyfied Fan Art

Ever since the Walt Disney Company bought Marvel Entertainment back in 2009, fans have been wondering when the House of Mouse is going to “Disney up” …

Avengers: Infinity War

‘Black Panther’ Deleted Scene

Okoye (Danai Gurira) and W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) talk about the future of Wakanda in this deleted scene from Marvel’s “Black Panther”.

Black Panther

The Walking Dead season 9 filming has begun and there are photos

Filming for The Walking Dead season 9 has begun and photos from filming made their way to social media.<p><i>The Walking Dead</i> season 9 started filming in …

The Walking Dead

A ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Couldn’t Even Tell Danai Gurira About His ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Role

<b>Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War</b><p>Ross Marquand is best known for his role on <i>The Walking Dead</i> as Aaron, an original Alexandrian scout who inexplicably goes long stretches without appearing in an episode of the AMC series. Outside of <i>The Walking Dead</i>, however, he’s probably best known for his …


Watch Danai Gurira and Daniel Kaluuya argue about Wakanda’s future in a deleted Black Panther scene

Gurira returns in Avengers: Infinity War.<p>On Tuesday, Ryan Coogler shared a deleted scene from Black Panther with USA Today. The clip, seen above, …

Marvel Universe

Chadwick Boseman, Danai Gurira, and Mark Ruffalo on Which Avenger Ruins the Most Takes

Marvel Universe

'Black Panther' deleted scene discusses Wakanda's future


Daniel Kaluuya and Danai Gurira Have a Sexy Fight in Black Panther Deleted Scene

As spectacular as <i>Black Panther</i> was, it didn’t give us nearly enough dish on the the romance between W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) and Okoye (Danai Gurira). …

Marvel Universe

Wakanda Sometimes? See How Danai Gurira Is Switching It Up For The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ World Premiere


Danai Gurira Has A New Hairdo And Its Fly, Of Course

Danai Gurira’s clean-shaven head has long been a staple of her look, only to be outdone by the actress’s sidecut designs which adorned her ‘do while …

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Wardrobe Breakdown: Danai Gurira At Avengers Infinity War Premiere

Actress Danai Gurira attended the world premiere of <b>Avengers Infinity War</b> in total style and looking like a million bucks! She wore a sequins red gown …

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'Avengers: Infinity War': Chadwick Boseman, Mark Ruffalo and Danai Gurira (FULL INTERVIEW)

Chris Pratt to Attempt 'American Ninja Warrior' Course TV 6:30 PM PDT, May 30, 2018<p>What the 'Avengers: Infinity War' Cast Looked Like 10 Years Ago …