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Today in Conservative Media: The Failing Emmys Prove America IsTired of Hollywood’s Politics

<i>A</i> <b>daily roundup</b> <i>of the biggest stories in right-wing media.</i><p>Conservatives sounded off about Sunday’s very political and very underwatched Emmy Awards on …


Hillary’s New Political Group Has Little To Show For In First Four Months — Besides Taking Money

'Onward Together has not given any financial support to us'

Hillary Clinton

Washington Post Writer Says Trump Is Killing Him, Literally

Dana Milbank, a writer for The Washington Post, believes President Donald Trump is literally killing him.<p>Milbank said he discovered Trump’s …

Donald Trump

Bonus Quote of the Day

“He believes that television producers, especially of highly rated shows, understand what the public is interested in — what it fears, what it wants, …

Tucker Carlson

Hypocrites: NYT Furious At GOP For Doing Exactly What NYT Wanted Dems To Do In 2013

Advertisement - story continues below<p>The New York Times editorial board ripped into the GOP Friday for trying to prevent Democrats from obstructing …

Conservative View

Anderson Cooper Asks Hillary If She Forgives Women Who Didn't Vote For Her... She Says No

Advertisement - story continues below<p>Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that she would not grant absolution to women who told her they …

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Car-ramming: The signature move of the American fascist

This week's car-ramming attempt in Vancouver, WA is not the first and will not be the last. So who is responsible?<p>On January 29, Fox News republished a post from conservative mouthpiece the Daily Caller (which was originally founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson) that contained a jocular …

Tucker Carlson

‘Abomination’: Roger Stone Outraged After Trump Wears Blue Suit Jacket With Black Pants

On September 13, <b>Donald Trump</b> met with South Carolina Senator <b>Tim Scott</b>. Scott, the only African-American Republican in the Senate came to “lecture …

Donald Trump

Report: Congressman Chats With WH About Potential Assange Pardon

California Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher spoke to White House chief of staff John Kelly Wednesday about a potential deal with WikiLeaks founder …

Julian Assange

These #1 Bestselling Bluetooth Headphones Are On Sale For Just 20 Bucks Today

These bluetooth headphones promise 8 hours playtime and noise cancellation technology. They are #1 bestsellers.<p>Today only, they are 60 percent …


Daily Caller reporter renounces racist, misogynistic writings

Back in 2010, some blogger wanted to vent about something. “Small towns like the one I’m from in Texas have a fat girl problem. The scent of cheap perfume, sweat, grease … forms a troposphere-like force field surrounding the town that I call ‘that fat girl smell,'” wrote the blogger. At the end of …


EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s Top Campaign Ad Firm Got Nearly $60M In Federal Contracts

'The optics are extremely ugly'


Report: Man Arrested After Threatening To Attack School, ‘Kill All White People’

Louisiana man makes threats


Gameday: Hillary’s Book Is UNREAL [VIDEO]

'Don’t miss Gameday!'

Matt Lauer

Libertarian Journalist Who Was Doxed And Harassed Had The Wrong Politics

One of the worst things that can happen to you on the internet is to be doxed and hounded by people who use your personal information to harass you. …

Social Justice

Breaking: Dem Scandal Takes Sudden Turn After California Official Named

Advertisement - story continues below<p>As a slowly unfolding scandal involving how several technicians mismanaged House Democrats’ information …

Conservative View

FBI Used Grand Jury Subpoenas To Obtain Emails From Hillary Associates

FBI officials used grand jury subpoenas to obtain emails from associates of Hillary Clinton’s, a bureau official revealed in court documents filed on …

Hillary Clinton

Antifa Ramps It Up… Now Openly Carrying Weapons and Communist Flags

Antifa members forced to surrender ammunition at Kansas City protest @NRA https://t.co/NLDq1RI9ld pic.twitter.com/2IqiUQtYYs<p>— Bill Benson …


Gowdy Discusses Susan Rice’s House Intel Interview

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy has had his differences with former National Security Advisor Susan Rice in the past, most notably after Rice gave …

Trey Gowdy

Gowdy Wonders If Democrats Are ‘Fearful’ Trump Dossier Is ‘A Piece Of Fiction’

Democrats are “fearful” that the Trump dossier is “a piece of fiction,” one that the FBI used to form the basis of its investigation into whether the …


Hillary Blames Media For Her Loss

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton puts part of the blame for her loss to President Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election on the …

Donald Trump

Hillary Says ‘Putting Coal Out Of Business’ Remark Was Her Biggest ‘Regret’

The biggest regret former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had during the presidential campaign was telling blue collar people in Ohio that her …


Miss America Gets Political As Judges Grill Contestants On Trump

The 2018 Miss America contest turned highly political Sunday night when pageant finalists had to answer question about Donald Trump’s presidency.<p>It …

Miss America

Students Shut Down ‘Cops And Robbers’ Party For Making ‘A Joke’ Of A System That Kills Minorities

University of Virginia students shut down a “cops and robbers”-themed party at a campus fraternity Thursday, with one student group claiming the …


In Honor Of The Soon-To-Be-Released iPhone 8, Here’s A Look Back At Every iPhone

The iPhone, arguably Apple’s most revolutionary product, turned 10 years old earlier this year and the next version, the iPhone 8, is set to be …

Steve Jobs

The opioid crisis is having a staggering impact on the US workforce

More than 1 million working age adults are currently missing from the U.S. workforce, and experts are blaming the opioid crisis.<p>Princeton Economist Alan Krueger released a study this month partially attributing a 20 percent drop in the labor force participation rate for prime age men between 1999 …

Opioid Crisis

Tim Kaine Doesn't 'Know Enough' About Antifa — But His Son Certainly Does

In a statement to The Daily Caller, former Vice Presidential Candidate, Tim Kaine, explained that he didn't know very much about the violent antifa …

Tim Kaine

Tim Kaine Breaks Silence After His Antifa Member Son Gets Arrested - It's A Doozy

Advertisement - story continues below<p>Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., refused to condemn the far-left street organization antifa on Thursday, claiming he …

Conservative View

BREAKING NEWS: Daily Caller News Foundation sues DOJ over Comey memos — DETAILS…

The Daily Caller News Foundation sued the Department of Justice Thursday, demanding copies of three unclassified memoranda written by former FBI …


New details in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s IT staffer case should worry Democrats

New details uncovered this week about the scandal surrounding the computer tech of former DNC Chair and current Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) will be very troubling to those wishing the story would go away.<p>According to a report from the Daily Caller, Imran Awan, the tech who was arrested …

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