British Airways cancels ALL flights from Heathrow and Gatwick until 6pm after 'cyber attack' crashed systems across the world

BRITISH Airways have cancelled all flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports until 6pm following a suspected cyber attack that crashed their systems …


International offers to assist probing cyber attack on Qatari sites

A number of Western countries announced their support for Qatar in the face of the cyber attack on its official news agency earlier this week, noting …


FBI Probing a New Overseas Cyberattack Targeting President Trump

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Conservative POV

Eric Trump dismisses alleged attempted hack on Trump Organization as “crazy”

It’s not, which is why the FBI is reportedly investigating it.<p>The FBI is probing an attempted foreign cyberattack on the Trump Organization, …

Donald Trump

Newly Discovered Vulnerability Raises Fears of Another WannaCry Cyber Attack

A newly found flaw in widely used networking software leaves tens of thousands of computers potentially vulnerable to an attack similar to that …

Information Security

BA has no good excuse for the chaos at Heathrow

The airline must show that it deserves its privileged position<p>People can be remarkably tolerant of long travel delays when they are clearly …


Russian postal service hit by same cyber attack that brought chaos to NHS

Russia's postal service was hit by Wannacry ransomware last week and some of its computers are still down, three employees in Moscow said, the latest …


WannaCry worm is a wake-up call for investors

Shareholders could face big losses if companies suffer serious breaches<p>The WannaCry cyber attack that infected many hundreds of thousands of …


The cruellest office prank: Changing your colleague's PC wallpaper to WannaCry

It's the sight many office workers would dread after coming into work on a Monday morning: the red WannaCry ransomware taking over their computer.<p>The cyber attack, which locks a computer's files and demands they pay hundreds of pounds in Bitcoin, sparked a global security crisis earlier this month, …


Inside Bitcoin's Crazy Run: 4 Reasons the Digital Currency Has Surged

Bitcoin — the digital “cryptocurrency,” popular online for its anonymity — has been on a massive run, with the price of a single bitcoin jumping by …


Mega Cyber Attack on Health Systems Worldwide Sparks Fears

A cyber attack on health systems worldwide sparked fears last week as IT systems all over were affected. It left doctors unable to access patient’s …


Cyber attack threat to law firms prompts warnings

Law firms are at risk of cyber attack and there is a disturbing lack of awareness, technology lawyers warn as they push general counsel of companies …


WannaCry and now EternalBlue threats prove cybersecurity review is a must

First National Technology Solutions says software updates, constant patching and employee education are musts.


Five Queensland hospitals affected after cyber attack

Queensland Health has fought off a cyber-attack on the systems of Cairns Hospital, but those security measures are now impacting IT services.


Why Companies Shouldn’t Try to Hack Their Hackers

During a recent cybersecurity competition, teams of students conducting a mock exercise unintentionally caused the U.S. to start a (fake) war. The students were given a variety of options, including diplomatic ones, for responding to a cyberattack by China. The majority of them took an aggressive …


Economic and political uncertainty drives organisations to rethink IT strategies

Organisations are responding to growing political and economic uncertainty over the past 12 months by spending more on innovative, quickly adaptable …

Business Technology

U.N.'s North Korea sanctions monitors hit by 'sustained' cyber attack

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - United Nations experts investigating violations of sanctions on North Korea have suffered a "sustained" cyber attack by unknown hackers with "very detailed insight" into their work, according to an email warning seen by Reuters on Monday.<p>The hackers eventually breached …

North Korea

North Korean group 'likely' behind ransomware attacks: Symantec

WASHINGTON - Cyber security firm Symantec said on Monday it was "highly likely" a hacking group affiliated with North Korea was responsible for the …


Global Ransomware Cyber Attack Hits More Than 100 Countries

In recent years, the cyber world witnessed an increase in the number and sophistication of cyber attacks.<p>However, all these attacks pale in …

Information Security

Cyber specialists warn against ‘ransomware’ attacks on connected devices

The massive global cyber attack that wreaked havoc in computer systems earlier this month caused plenty of visible disruption, not least in Britain’s …


Trump executive order aims to protect US from ‘catastrophic’ cyber attack

President highlights threats to military and crucial infrastructure<p>US President Donald Trump this month signed an executive order that aims to …


Businessman's ransom nightmare at the hands of cyber hackers

Michael Mansvelt paid $1000 to a hacker who infiltrated his businesses through an email posed as NZ Post.<p>A Taranaki businessman was forced to hand …

New Zealand News

WannaCry ransomware: French researchers have found ‘fix’ that will restore files

Meanwhile, North Korea said reports linking it with the global cyber attack were ‘ridiculous’.<p>A group of French researchers on Friday claimed they …

North Korea

Bitcoin Price Breaks $2,000 in Historic All-Time High

Bitcoin price has, for the first time in its history, reached $2,000 and beyond during trading on Saturday.<p><i>Get exclusive analysis of bitcoin and</i> …


Antivirus firm warns of cyber attacks on home appliances

DStv Explora. (Duncan Alfreds, Fin24)<p>Prague - Avast, the company behind the leading antivirus software, on Thursday warned against attacks on home …


WannaCry cyber attack compromised some Russian banks: central bank

MOSCOW (Reuters) - The WannaCry ransomware attack compromised the systems of Russian banks in some isolated cases, the Russian central bank said on Friday in the first official acknowledgement by Moscow that the virus had an impact on the country's banking system.<p>In a statement, the central bank …


The new tool that can restore computers infected during the massive cyber attack

A security researcher claims to have created a new tool capable of restoring computers infected by WannaCry ransomware.<p>Adrien Guinet has released …


Cyber Attack Fallout: Technology Is The Master of Modern Slavery

As cyber warfare is turned against ordinary citizens, businesses and organizations, it imposes a form of digital slavery that may be unbreakable. …


US Congressman pushes to let companies ‘hack back’ after WannaCry

Tom Graves says ransomware attack could have been prevented<p>WannaCry, the ransomware that ransacked servers from hospitals to telecoms, could have …


Sophos Group finance chief Nick Bray sells shares worth £3.2m

Sophos Group's finance chief has cashed in on a boom in the British computer security firm's stock following last week's global cyber attack.<p>Nick …

Personal Finance (UK)