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Pitbull owners fire back at controversial ‘Super Bowl commercial’ with adorable doggie pics

Kenneth Phillips, whose Twitter says he is an attorney for dog bite victims at Dog Bite Law, shared a video last week that he advertised as a “Super …


28 Captions For Pictures With Your Dog That Are Pawsitively Adorable

Dogs are full of the purest kind of devotion and so much positive energy that there's no doubt we could all learn a thing or two from them. TBH, dogs …


This adorable seal pup was spotted on NC beach. Now warnings are being issued.

A seal sighting reported by the National Park Service on North Carolina’s Outer Banks has prompted a warning to tourists: Seals bite.<p>“In case you …


Here are the racists on Twitter who hide behind their pets

Being a racist on Twitter is bad enough, but hiding behind a picture of your pet while tweeting racist sentiments? That’s cowardly and nonsensical. …


Perth Zoo proud parents to red panda cub

A bouncing baby male red panda has played up for the cameras at Perth Zoo as he was given his first health check-up.

Bear Cubs

College student learns why you shouldn't drink heavily around people who sell goats.

Texas Tech undergrad student Annie Swartz is "5'2" and bad at math," according to her Twitter profile. She also loves animals (she's human) and …


During Disney Trip, Man’s Service Dog Becomes Best Friends With ‘Pluto’

<b>1010 WINS</b>– When Julian Gavino of Parrish, FL took his service dog, Atlas, to meet Pluto during a trip to Walt Disney World, the dogs immediately …


Adorable orphaned monkey who lost his mum to wild dogs now has a teddy bear mother

Monkeys are pretty cute. Baby ones, even more so.<p>This very young dusky langur was left alone and injured after its mother was attacked and killed by …


Service dog meets Pluto at Disney World in adorable viral video

A service dog had a magical experience on a recent trip to Walt Disney World after meeting his favorite character, Pluto, and video of the encounter has gone viral.<p>Atlas, a Golden Retriever, accompanied his 22-year-old owner Julian Gavino on their weekly visit to the theme park Friday night.<p>Gavino, …

Walt Disney Company

Have I just bought a new kitten or a basket of death?

People say that the point of getting a pet for a child is that it’s practice for grief, but I’m not so sure now<p>Since our family cat died, I’ve been fairly quiet about the fact that, at my three-year-old’s insistence, a large portion of my time has been spent pretending to be a new one. The benefits …


Chelsea Handler Rescues Two New Dogs After the Deaths of Her Beloved Pets Tammy and Chunk

Chelsea Handler is mom to two new dogs.<p>After the deaths of her beloved pets Tammy, who she lost in August, and Chunk, who passed away on Thursday, …

Chelsea Handler

You Don't Have to Either Like a Cat or a Dog, You Can Like Both!

I've never understood why some people either like one animal or the other. Personally, I love cats and dogs! They're both so cute! In fact, I own …


Help your kids get through flu season with these thermal stuffed animals

Heads up: All products featured here are selected by Mashable's commerce team and meet our rigorous standards for awesomeness. If you buy something, …


Are you ready for kids? Mini-goat breeders share advice about taking them on as pets

Goats are adorable and their antics have made them social media stars, but are you ready for kids of your own?<p>Carl and Jan Roberts breed miniature …


4 Gross Things Couples Do That Single People Hate

It is a universal truth that the more shade one slings at happy couples, the more of a disgruntled single person one is. As a human sans partner, I …


Ed Sheeran Got Engaged And Posted This ADORABLE Photo!

We are SO excited for our friend Ed Sheeran who proposed to his girlfriend Cherry at the end of the year and JUST posted this amazing photo! OMG they …

Ed Sheeran

This adorable puppy has a very important job at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts

The latest staff member to take up a position at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is definitely the most adorable. But don’t let the sweet eyes and floppy ears fool you. Riley, a Weimaraner puppy, is currently in training for the very serious job of detecting bugs that could potentially harm …


Big Cats viewers have found their ultimate spirit animal in this ‘adorable’ grumpy kitty

Big Cats viewers have found an adorable hero in the Pallas’s cat, who have a certain grumpy quality to their noggins.<p>The BBC documentary series …


Kitty Carrier Cat-in-the-Bag Is Pretty Much a Snuggie for Felines

The cat’s out of the bag on the secret weapon it takes to get your cat <i>in</i> the bag.<p>Kitty owners know one of the biggest struggles of cat ownership is …

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Tom Hardy is now helping dogs find their forever homes, because he's a very good dude

We knew Tom Hardy was a real-life hero even before he stopped an actual robbery last spring. Now Super Tom is back at it, saving the world one …

Tom Hardy

Big Cats viewers in awe of ‘adorable’ cat that disguises itself as a rock to hunt

Big Cats viewers were left in awe of an “adorable” cat that disguises itself as a rock in order to hunt its prey.<p>The BBC documentary showcases a …


Scots dog owner gets hilarious surprise as cocker spaniel finds SEX TOY on walk

Sophie McGrattan's adorable cocker spaniel Bella found the sex toy in a nearby field.<p>Most dogs love a good stick but a young dog owner got an awkward …


Making vet visits fun and stress free

MINNEAPOLIS - Kathryn Newman of Augusta Dog Training and Poppy the Golden Retriever Puppy is here to discuss preparing your puppy for their first vet …


What a sea-prise: Cheeky penguin hops onto Antarctic research boat 'to check on work'

Eight adorable penguins dropped in to say hello to researchers on an expedition in the Antarctic.


Introducing the Real Shelter Dogs of Core Paws — They're Looking For Forever Homes

Have no fear … underdogs are here!<p>Everybody loves an underdog. We certainly do. It’s why on every franchise of the <i>Real Housewives</i> we always root for …

Bravo TV

Meet the adorable baby hippo born at Disney's Animal Kingdom

It's the first hippo born at the park in 13 years.

Walt Disney Company

Adorable crippled hedgehog gets swimming lessons - and the photos will melt your heart

Animal welfare officers rescued the tiny critter in the Highlands last year and realised he couldn't use his legs.<p>A crippled hedgehog has been given …

Michael Phelps

10+ Hilarious Cat Snapchats That'll Make You LOL

10 Snapchats That Prove Cats Are The Rightful Rulers Of The Internet<p>Giddy'up!<p>In the 1993 family classic "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey," the …


Kitten With Toothy Smile Was Brought Back From the Brink and Fights to Live

It was mid December, 2017 when three little kittens were found behind a building. The property manager contacted Friends for Life Rescue Network (a …


Tom Hardy helped find homes for these adorable puppies that were abandoned in a London park

Tom Hardy is pretty much a modern-day, real-life superhero. He’s made himself a killer movie career. He’s chased down moped thieves and handed them …

Tom Hardy