Cultural Appropriation

Meet YesJulz: Social Media’s Fresh Princess of Cultural Appropriation

The Iggy Azalea of Snapchat, known for selfies of her killer bod and partying, has gotten into trouble for racially problematic tweets and petty feuds with rappers.<p>Has anyone ever had a more eventful Pride/BET Awards weekend than Joe Budden? The Jersey rapper turned <i>Love & Hip Hop</i> star couldn’t even …


Artists’ Cultural Borrowing

<b>To the Editor:</b><p>Re “In Defense of Cultural Appropriation,” by Kenan Malik (Op-Ed, June 15):<p>As an author of numerous books that deal with people from cultures different from my own, I am appalled at the suggestion that one can write only from one’s own specific experience. This defies the idea that …


We Need to Discuss Cultural Appropriation at Pride Parades

"We’re not holding ourselves to the same standards that we expect of others."<p><i>Don't Do It, Girl is a Teen Vogue series on the damaging impact of cultural appropriation.</i><p>Every year, drones of people take to the streets of cities all across the world in rainbow tutus, tight swimsuits, tie-dye T-shirts, …


Letters to the Editor

<b>You Can Call Him President Al</b><p>To the Editor:<p>Randy Newman’s 50-year-old song “Love Story” is sung by a narrator envisioning his future marriage and fatherhood. Of his (as yet theoretical) child, he sings “Someday he may be president, if things loosen up.”<p>Things have loosened up. In 1987, a nominee …


Halsey Is Throwing MAJOR Jabs at Iggy Azalea Over Cultural Appropriation

If you thought Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had bad blood, just wait until you hear the jabs Halsey just threw at fellow musician Iggy Azalea!<p>In a new interview with <i>The Guardian</i> to discuss her new album, <i>Hopeless Fountain Kingdom</i>, the 22-year-old took a swing at the “Switch” performer, going so far …


Why Cultural Appropriation Is Given a Pass in Porn

A film in which a man uses a didgeridoo as a sex toy has thrown up all sorts of questions around why porn isn't treated the same as other media.<p>The didgeridoo is a wooden instrument of immense cultural significance to Australian Aborigines, used for around 1,000 years in a number of traditional …


Balenciaga Accused of Cultural Appropriation

When will it end?<p>Well, here we go again. Luxury French Fashion House Balenciaga is being accused of cultural appropriation. In the past the brand sent Bernie Sanders campaign style gear down the runway and even recreated the iconic Ikea bag as a fashionable tote. But this week, they went too far …


Miley Cyrus Is Trying To Change, But Will We Let Her?

The 24-year-old has gone from wholesome pop star to sexed-up wild child and back again.<p>The typical pop star reinvention cycle is something we’ve seen many times before. Madonna’s done it, Lady Gaga’s done it, Britney Spears has done it — the list goes on. It’s a pattern that’s existed for years: A …


The Culture of the Millennials

Culture<p>22 June 2017 | 9:06 am<p>Take a trip down memory lane and remember your first understanding of culture. It revolved around the concept of …


Social Goods | Patagonia's Bid to Protect Public Lands, the Legality of Cultural Appropriation

This week, Patagonia's CEO plans to sue the White House to protect 500 million acres of land, while the UN discusses the legal consequences of aesthetic 'borrowing' from indigenous cultures.<p><b>Patagonia’s CEO is Ready to Lead the Corporate Resistance to Donald Trump</b> <i>(Huffington Post)</i><br>"Patagonia has …


5 african-german women on natural hair and cultural appropriation

In Germany the body-positive movement is finally tipping over into mainstream consciousness, but it has some glaring limitations. "Love your body and forget about the BMI," says the average thin white girl. Growing your body hair long is not the big deal it used to be for most young German women. …


Kim Kardashian Responds To Accusations She Used Blackface In Beauty Ads

"I have learned from it"<p>Last week, Kim Kardashian posted a photo of her heavily contoured, Photoshopped self on Instagram, announcing she'd be launching her own makeup line, KKW Beauty. Some people were taken aback by how dark her skin appeared in the image, with a lot of people accusing her of …

Kim Kardashian

What Isn’t Cultural Appropriation?

Traveling and experiencing different cultures are amazing opportunities to learn more about the world, and there are lots of ways to do that …


​At the heart of cultural appropriation

<b>Why can’t I read this article?</b><br>This article is considered premium content, which is available to subscribers only during the week of publication under …

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The United Nations May Soon Deem Cultural Appropriation To Be Illegal

<b>After dozens of</b> designers and celebrities have come under fire for alleged cultural appropriation, indigenous groups from around the world are …

Marc Jacobs

Can the United Nations Fix Fashion’s Cultural Appropriation Problem?

Fashion continues to face a problem with cultural appropriation, as designers and magazines “borrow” elements from other cultures, resulting in …


This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things: Group Says the UN Needs to Ban Cultural Appropriation

A large group of Native American advocates has come together to petition the United Nations to put an end to “cultural appropriation.”<p>CBC News …


UN Could Clamp Down on Cultural Appropriation by Trademarking Indigenous Expressions

Indigenous advocates are petitioning the United Nations to address what some call “cultural appropriation,” requesting that they be granted …


THE SAAD TRUTH 463 - Katy Perry And I Join Forces Against Cultural Appropriation by The Saad Truth Podcast - Listen to music

Katy Perry

The Moment That Embracing My Colors Wasn't an Option Anymore

This was the turning point that led me to realize the importance of self-identity.


Great news. The United Nations will try to outlaw cultural appropriation

Like me, I’m sure most of you feel that the issue of “cultural appropriation” is one of the defining debates of our time, far more so than petty …


The United Nations may soon make cultural appropriation illegal

Cultural appropriation is a hot topic right now — especially as festival season continues on in full swing. While retailers continue to sell pieces …


Conrad Black: This summer’s most maddening pests are on the climate-crusading, Trump-hating, culture-censoring left

It being the verge of summer, it is time to be ready to repel insects and philistines. One current infestation of philistines has raised the fatuous …

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15 Celebrity Cultural Appropriation Mistakes We Should All Learn From

Image Source: Getty / Kevork Djansezian<p>Image Source: Getty / Kevin Winter<p>Image Source: Getty / Peter White<p>Image Source: Getty / Dimitrios Kambouris


5 things you may have not realized are cultural appropriation

There are so many cultures around the world that we’re curious about. While it’s perfectly okay to be interested in the way others live, there’s a …


Roundtable: Oops! Jackson Did It Again

<b>Pepsi</b> seems to be making all the bad advertising decisions — although this time, involving <b>GOT7</b>’s <b>Jackson</b>. After a picture of Jackson wearing locks for …


Miley Cyrus Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Her Pride Concert Outfit

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to criticism, especially when it comes to her fashion sense.<br>She wore a bindi for her Pride Month concert performance in …


UN Actually Hears Arguments to Ban ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Worldwide

Delegates from 189 countries are meeting in Geneva this week where Indigenous advocates from around the world have called on a United Nations …


Indigenous people ask UN to outlaw cultural appropriation

Looking at you, headdress-wearing Coachella bros<p>Indigenous advocates are calling on the United Nations to make cultural appropriation illegal across the world, as a way of protecting intellectual property. Send those insufferable festival dudes wearing Native American headdresses and crying to Bon …


Katy Perry Apologizes For Cultural Appropriation, Rocking Cornrows

The singer revealed a list of regrets during a recent chat with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson.<p>At this point it's never surprising to …

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