Cultural Appropriation

How some people are missing the point on cultural appropriation

It seems increasingly clear cultural appropriation’s champions aren’t interested in nuance or even free speech—they’re interested in hegemony<p>There is …


When it comes to Korean food, there is no such thing as cultural appropriation

A few weeks ago, I shared a recipe for a Korean stew with an American friend. It was a family favorite: Growing up, my brother and I would huddle around the steaming pot, ladling spoonfuls of the pork-fat-thickened red broth into our bowls of white rice. Instead of thanking me for passing on my …

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Cuthand: Appalling ignorance on display in appropriation debate

As a commentator on Indigenous issues, I am often appalled by the monumental ignorance that exists among the public when it comes to First Nations …

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What you need to know about the cultural appropriation debate

Here is a recap of the cultural appropriation debate controversy.

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COMMENTARY: Let’s start with what cultural appropriation is not

Cultural appropriation is not about marginalized group misappropriating culture from a dominant group.

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On Cultural Appropriation, Canadians Are Hypocrites

<i>Harry and the Hendersons</i> is a 1987 fantasy movie about a Seattle family’s encounter with a friendly bigfoot (Harry) and their efforts to protect him …

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You mean cultural appropriation isn’t about free speech?: Salutin

<b>Editor’s note: The opinions in this article are the author’s, as published by our content partner, and do not represent the views of MSN or Microsoft.</b><p>…


The cultural appropriation debate is over. It's time for action

<i>Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm is an Anishinaabe writer and editor from the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation, Saugeen Ojibway Nation. She is the founder and managing editor of Kegedonce Press, a publishing house devoted to Indigenous writers.</i><p>In 1989, my cousin, Chippewas of Nawash poet Lenore Keeshig, took …

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Opinion: What is cultural appropriation?

Anishinaabe comedian and writer Ryan McMahon joins Dakshana Bascaramurty, Hannah Sung and Robyn Doolittle of The Globe to explore the meaning of the term 'cultural appropriation'


Don’t throw Boydens out with bathwater!

Maurice Switzer, gives his Ajijaak (Crane) Clan teachings on wampum belts. – Photo by Stan Wesley<p><i>By Maurice Switzer</i><p>Anishinabek broadcaster Jesse …

Joseph Boyden

Chanel, Boomerangs and the Importance of Cultural IQ

Chanel is the latest fashion brand to be embroiled in a fiery cultural appropriation controversy. The fallout underscores why cultural IQ matters more than ever.<p><i>Hello BoF Professionals, your exclusive weekly briefing is ready.</i><p>This week, Chanel became the latest fashion brand to be accused of …


In wake of cultural appropriation debate, who will take helm of The Walrus?

Onstage in Surrey, B.C., on Monday, Shelley Ambrose was charismatic and cheery. “Who knows about The Walrus magazine?” Hands flew up. “That is excellent. Who subscribes?” Fewer hands in the air. “Pretty good; we can get that number up.”<p>Ambrose, publisher of The Walrus and executive director of The …


Cue the eye rolls: this is a piece about cultural appropriation

Indigenous people have long voiced their concerns about this, but people are only now starting to listen<p>When a handful of editors and senior staff in …


Forget ‘cultural appropriation’ -- it’s about censorship

It seems to me the debate about so-called “cultural appropriation” is really about censorship.


If The Cultural Appropriation Prize Is A Joke, We Are The Punchline

Noting the tendency of Canadians to retort, "At least we're not like Americans!", when faced with evidence of Canada's racist treatment of black and …

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Twitter Users Accuse ASOS Of Cultural Appropriation For Selling This Hair Clip

<b>ASOS recently</b> started selling a hair accessory that they called the “chandelier head clip”, and shoppers were not happy about it.<p><b>The accessory is</b> …


John Robson: While you're all freaked about appropriation, I'll just read some Shakespeare

Can I say one thing about this ruckus over “cultural appropriation”? Namely O theoi. Or Ω θεοι if my editors will permit specialty characters saying …

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Miley Cyrus Faces Rightful Backlash in Light of Past Cultural Appropriation

It seems cultural appropriation isn't profitable for her anymore.<p><i>In this op-ed, Michael Arceneaux explores how young, white stars like Miley Cyrus co-opt black culture as a means of marketable rebellion.</i><p>When Miley Cyrus revealed a newfound appreciation for twerking and producer Mike WiLL Made-It in …

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Cultural appropriation: Against inspiration? - Allegra

This blog post comes from a debate organised by the University of Manchester Anthropology undergraduate society. The title of the debate was “This …


3 Indigenous writers discuss cultural appropriation with CBC's Rosanna Deerchild

'You can't just take Indigenous esthetics and culture and claim it as your own,' Jaimie Isaac says<p>The fallout from the "appropriation prize" …


"That's Not Racist": Cultural Appropriation Edition

Our friends over at <i>TheBlaze</i> are launching a video series called “That’s Not Racist” in an attempt to “debunk myths, legends, and lies from the social …


This Aboriginal activist is calling Chanel's new $1325 boomerang "so wrong it is almost absurd"

A cool $1325 can bag you Chanel's new spring-summer 2017 pre-collection wood & resin black boomerang. Absurd? Perhaps. Unthinkable? Hardly. …


Chanel’s Boomerang Comes Back to Hit It

Another day, another brand being called out on social media for a misbegotten product.<p>The latest name in the cross hairs is Chanel, and the latest offering in question is a glossy black wood-and-resin boomerang sporting the double C logo and priced at $1,325. In Australia, home of Aboriginal …


What cultural appropriation is, and why you should care: Paradkar

The first time I came across appropriation was when I came face to face with Gwen Stefani. It was 1997, and the white pop star with the bindi was in …


Q and A: Hal Niedzviecki, the writer behind the recent controversy over cultural appropriation

Print<p>Hal Niedzviecki resigned as editor of the Writers’ Union of Canada magazine last Wednesday after complaints about an opinion piece in which he …

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If we can’t agree on cultural appropriation, can we at least agree to disagree?

Print<p>It is curious that the issue of “cultural appropriation” should arouse such controversy when in fact we are all agreed. Here’s Buzzfeed’s …

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Apologies over cultural appropriation debate ‘insufficient’: Indigenous scholar

Aaron Mills was grateful to be invited to deliver a Walrus Talk in Surrey, B.C., on Monday night. But as a heated disagreement about cultural appropriation turned nasty, and the editor of The Walrus magazine became involved, Mr. Mills considered pulling out.<p>A member of the Bear Clan Anishinaabe …


Dear Fellow Canadian White Authors, Can We Talk?

This has been a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week for Canlit. I’ve been leaving ranty screeds on Facebook pages belonging to writers I …

'Emerging Indigenous Voices' award to counter 'cultural appropriation' prize

Lawyer Robin Parker wants to help create space for Indigenous artists, not argue<p>A Toronto lawyer has started an online fundraiser to support young or …

Can mainstream journalism survive identity politics?

The past month has seen the departures of two Canadian journalists long considered provocative, both over the contentious subject of identity politics. The burnt and pitted landscape that remains has me wondering about the future of what’s considered the mainstream media in Canada.<p>The first was …