A CrossFit Coach Crafted This Workout and It's Going to Kick Your Ass

If you've always wanted to try CrossFit but aren't ready to commit to joining a box, try this workout from CrossFit coach and competitor Dani Horan of Champlain Valley CrossFit. All you'll need is a jump rope and under 10 minutes to get your heart pumping and work your upper and lower body. It may …


Tommy's 17.4 Report Card

It wouldn’t be the Open without a repeat workout, and the 17.4 announcement in Mexico City gave us just that.<p>Week 4 of the 2016 Open was copied and …


90-90 Shoulder Mobility & Stability Matrix


Tips for Crushing CrossFit Open WOD 17.5

This is a straight-up "engine" WOD designed to hurt, and hurt more


The Secret, Off-Menu "Bowl of Doom" That's Become Famous in Dallas CrossFit and Paleo Circles

Kozy Kitchen has been serving healthy Dallas fare for 15 years. CrossFitters could go there before paleo was fashionable because chef Nicholas …


Update Studio: The Service Open, 17.4, presented by 5.11 Tactical

CrossFit Games Update Show host Sean Woodland reports from Madison, Wisconsin, on how service members placed in Open Workout 17.4. Woodland reviews …


A Foodpreneur Uses A Commercial Kitchen And Local CrossFit Gyms To Grow A Paleo Startup

Ryan Brown at Entrepreneur Space<p>Starting a business from the ground up takes a lot of hard work, many long hours and most important, a lot of money. Especially as a small food startup, the first thing I considered was to get either a loan from the bank, borrow from friends/family or somehow raise …


17.4 Workout Analysis

Week 4 of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Open brought us a chipper-style AMRAP of deadlifts, wall-ball shots, rowing and handstand push-ups …


This Is What a T-Rex Doing CrossFit Looks Like — You're Welcome

CrossFit's meteoric rise in popularity has made it so that everyone from pregnant women to younger kids is safely adopting its strengthening exercises. Now, even a T-rex is trying it out.<p>OK, so it's not a real T-rex, as you most definitely should have guessed based on geological history and …


Who Took 17.4?

We’re in the home stretch of the 2017 Reebok CrossFit Games Open, but that certainly doesn’t mean things are getting any easier.<p>Open Workout 17.4 was …


Strength & Conditioning - Pamela Gagnon: Week 3

<i>EDITOR'S NOTE: Pamela Gagnon was introduced to CrossFit in 2010 and recently finished eighth at the CrossFit Games Masters Division. Pamela has made</i> …


The Garage Inspired by CrossFit

The family room at the Compton household happens to be the garage. That’s where Mitch Compton has outfitted a gym with a rowing machine, spin bike, battle ropes and a jujitsu mat. It’s become the Bonita, Calif., family’s go-to space.<p>Mr. Compton, 41, caught the marathon bug in his 30s, but when he …


Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

• <b>Director:</b> Heber Cannon, Mariah Moore, Marston Sawyers & Ian Wittenber<p>The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games were a grueling five-day, 15-event test to find …


Legacy Leaderboard

© 2017 CrossFit, Inc. CrossFit, Forging Elite Fitness, 3...2...1...Go!, Fittest on Earth and Sport of Fitness are trademarks of CrossFit, Inc. in the …


1 Adorable Kid Just Showed Us All Up With His Amazing CrossFit Workout

In a recent viral clip originally posted by Alicia Brogan and later reposted on CrossFit's official Instagram account, we meet a kid who's <i>very</i> focused on his CrossFit routine, which includes sets of squats, weightlifting, and, last but not least, ring pull-ups. "Yeah, that's good!" Brogan says in …


Your CrossFit and Equinox obsession could be helping to boost home prices

Pennsylvania-based Crossfitter and real-estate agent Lindsey Hatfield met her fiancé at the gym, and her social life pretty much revolves around the place where she works out.<p>It only makes sense, then, that Crossfitters like her want to live near a gym. Real-estate agents are increasingly calling …


12 CrossFit Myths Busted

How Athos Helps Improve Your Vertical Jump<p>Views 145,360<p>How the U.S. Men's Water Polo Team Increases Full-Body Power and Strength<p>Views 122,407<p>Daniel …


Quick Tips for Optimal CrossFit Open WOD 17.3 Performance

<b>*Prior to 8:00, complete:</b><p>3 rounds of:<p>6 chest-to-bar pull-ups<br>• 6 squat snatches (men @ 95lbs., women @ 65 lbs.)<p>Then, 3 rounds of:<p>7 chest-to-bar …


How to Keep Breaking Records and PRs at 70+

Laurie Nelson, 72, is a champion athlete and she going to be breaking records for a long, long time to more


10 Things A CrossFit Newbie Should Know

CrossFit can be as dangerous, safe, fun, or healthy as you more


My Journey Into Crossfit

I love working out. I love breaking down my muscles to the point of failure. I love the day after a good workout where my legs hurt so much that walking down a flight of stairs is a chore.Even though it hurts, I love it. I look forward to the next workout. I’m a firm believer that exercise is as …


Noah Ohlsen Sets Amazing score of 223 Reps in 17.2 CrossFit Open Workout!

Noah Ohlsen manages<b> 223 reps</b> in CrossFit Open Workout 17.2!Workout starts at 3:30 on video<br>For more information about the 2017 CrossFit Open, check …


Competitors: Don't Start Eating Clean for the CrossFit Open Now

(Source: Bev Childress)<p><b>It’s a funny time of year, if you’re a CrossFitter.</b> All day Thursday (or Friday, depending on where you live) is filled with …


Bob Harper's Recovery Means Walking Dog Is the New CrossFit

"<b>The Biggest Loser</b>" host <b>Bob Harper</b>'s looking good following his major heart attack, and says he's taking steps toward recovery ... small ones with …


Expecting Dad Tries Simulating Pregnant Workout In Hilarious Video

You like to think of yourself as a real tough guy, but truth be told, you’re on the verge of tears every time you step on a LEGO.. Your wife, on the …


7 Brutal CrossFit Workouts that Are Worth the Pain

Changing your body means pushing your body. And no one knows how to do that better than the toughest CrossFit coaches in the game. We got the most …


I was a stressed-out workaholic. Then I realized that one fear was at the root of my problems

When I was 34, I decided to start seeing a life coach. I had a good career in finance, but I knew I wanted to make a change—and I thought it would help to sort through professional options with a neutral third party.<p>Years later, my coach and I laugh about our first encounter. The first thing I said …


CrossFit for Runners: Kettlebell Swings

Rosa Duarte from CrossFit Advanced in Easton, Pennsylvania, teaches you the proper way to do a kettlebell swing, which builds flexibility, endurance, and strength.


Paleo, CrossFit and the art of joyless living

There is a scene in Curtis Sittenfeld’s last novel, <i>Eligible</i> (a modern update of Austen’s <i>Pride and Prejudice</i>), in which our heroine Lizzy Bennet comes face to face with the insidious fitness trend that has come to dominate our age.<p>“Lydia pointed toward the roll on Liz’s plate. ‘Don’t carbs make you …


Happy-Go-Lucky Golden Retriever Is Ideal Gym Buddy for His Beefy CrossFit Owner

Muscles don’t come from long naps; if that was the case Maximus would have big biceps under that golden fur.<p>His owner, Noah Ohlsen, is a different …