This CrossFit Athlete Just Dropped A Truth Bomb About Before-And

Don't believe everything you see.<p>Body transformation photos on Instagram can be incredible, but they’re not always totally accurate.<p>Crossfit athlete Jennifer Smith knows this all too well and decided to show her followers on Instagram how deceptive these photos can be. So, this week she got real …


Pros and Cons of a Garage Gym

Without question, there are pros and cons to owning your own garage gym. Many swear that switching to a garage gym was one of the best decisions of …


Crossfit athletes 5 reasons theyre fitter than you

Chest day, back day, leg day, repeat. If your routine is getting stale, you could do a lot worse than a workout of the day (or WOD) courtesy of the …


Tip: Improve Your Squat Mobility

Fix your ugly squat by squatting. Here's how.<p>Let's say your upper back is like a rusty hinge and can't get into position to hold the bar properly. …


Love To Lift Challenge - Day 94 Of 100

Somewhere in the middle, breaking things up is a Romanian more


Subversive Fitness: Day 174 of 360

Choices today are: Kettlebell snatch (from floor), dumbbell power snatch, kettlebell clean + press/ push more


What A CrossFit Competitor's Stomach Looks Like When She's Sitting Down

The human body can be an enigma. For some, it's prone to build rock-hard muscle, and for others, it prefers to remain in a softer, curvier state. Either way, bodies are gorgeous and rad.<p>Sometimes it's easy to get swept into the mindset that bodies need to fit a cultural standard of beauty and …


Rotation Training for Athletes & Lifters

The 7th Functional Movement Pattern<p>The 7th Movement Pattern<p>Rotation is actually NOT one of the 6 foundational movement patterns (squat, hinge, lunge, …


Teen Has Best Answer to ‘What Did You Do this Summer?’

CrossFit®<p>Teen Has Best Answer to ‘What Did You Do this Summer?’<p>Posted by: Maureen Quirk<br>Global Newsroom<p>Most teenagers spend their summers lifeguarding …


We've Never Seen Anyone Do This With a Hula Hoop and a Pull-Up Bar

Pull-ups are hard enough on their own, without adding a . . . wait for it . . . hula hoop to the mix! This video of Getti Kehayova floored us! She's a hard-working mom with two jobs, one of which is a stage rigger for Cirque du Soleil. As you can see from the above video, she has a few impressive …


AP PHOTOS: Sweat and guts on display at CrossFit challenge | Miami Herald

"Get back to the beast mode!" an observer shouts in the face of a sweating athlete. "Stop wallowing in self-pity!"<p>In a nearby competition, a …


Progression and the Hierarchy of Needs

Good programming is essential but is still secondary to an understanding of quality movement and intelligent more



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Mobility clinic reminds people to move in life

Jamie and Jennifer Urey are married parents with diverse job descriptions but a common challenge: mobility.<p>Jamie Urey spends 80 percent of his …


A 4-Year-Old Gymnastics Whiz Can Do More Pull-Ups Than We Can

In addition to learning gymnastics, an adorable 4-year-old girl casually crushes it at the gym with her impressive pull-ups. Her dad, James Townsend, shared a video of his daughter completing five pull-ups all on her own. In his caption, he said he loved her "determination."<p>It's not entirely …


The 3 Most Effective Ways to Waste Time in the Gym | Mark Rippetoe

The Three Most Effective Ways to Waste Time in the Gym<p>by Mark Rippetoe | August 15, 2017<p>Mark Rippetoe reads his article on the best time wasters in …


The Best Weightlifting Shoes to Power You to Your Next PR

Trainers swear by these lifting kicks for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and CrossFit<p>Whether you’re a seasoned weightlifter or just starting out, getting the right pair of weightlifting shoes is important—and the best pair for you depends on what sort of lifting you’re performing. A proper …


Dorsiflexion: Injuries and mobility exercises

Dorsiflexion is the action of raising the foot upwards towards the shin. It means the flexion of the foot in the dorsal, or upward, direction.<p>People …


This Athlete Used CrossFit to Get Over Her Competition Anxiety

Find out how transitioning to CrossFit helped a former gymnast cope with her fear of competitions.<p>After a decade of competitive gymnastics, Shelby Neal decided she'd had enough. She was strong and flexible, but she had come to fear the training that occupied 40 hours of her time every week.<p>"One …


All-Round Weightlifting championships host Australians snatching world records

Women and men of all shapes, ages and sizes gather to compete in the Australian All-Round Weightlifting championships in Bunbury.


The best CrossFit Shoes

All-Around: Reebok Nano 6.0<p>Head into any box, and you’re bound to see Nanos everywhere. Essentially the “unofficially official” CrossFit shoe—Reebok …


What Your Deadlift to Squat Ratio Can Tell You About Your Olympic Lifts

This week I will return to Anatoli Chernyak’s work to take a further look at the relationships between the lifts and what they should be. I have …


Fitness and You: Age not a barrier to being active

<i>Editor’s note: This is the first of a three-part series on fitness and how it can benefit you.</i><p>Tom Muhlbeier can shimmy up a rope faster than most men …


Saudi coach reveals secret to her success

Amal Baatia, a Saudi CrossFit and calisthenics coach in Jeddah, has been a role model, encouraging women in Saudi Arabia to engage in fitness …

Saudi Arabia

Power up Your Training With the Strict Overhead Press

Taking a look at how the strict overhead press should be executed and implemented effectively in an exercise more


How One Bucks Guard Is Using Diet And Crossfit To Get An Extra Edge This Offseason

The NBA is littered with stars and incredibly talented players, but a majority of the league is players on the fringe. A lot of guys are an injury, a falling out, or an extended shooting slump away from being on their way out the door. And no one is necessarily safe from losing out on their job to …


How to Start - CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness

Join a Local Affiliate<p>There are more than 13,000 licensed CrossFit affiliates worldwide, and the number is growing. Run independently by credentialed …


Tip: 300-Pound Clean Complex

This complex (a series of exercises using the same weight) consists of a 1 clean deadlift, 1 hang clean, 2 front squats, and a jerk.<p>I got this …


How to Easily Improve Your Ankle Mobility For Better Squats

It takes less than five minutes a day—no equipment needed<p>Improving your squat’s range of motion—the depth you’re able to achieve without sacrificing form—can result in all kinds of benefits, spanning from athletic performance to muscle growth.<p>Tight hips are the biggest culprit when it comes to …


Gold Powers To 11th Place In Crossfit Games

Newtown’s Romy Gold competed in a grueling four days of fitness challenges in the Crossfit Games, at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisc., …