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How to View (and Monitor) Your Credit Report For Free

If you keep a regular eye on your credit report, you’ll notice when identity thieves open accounts in your name and when errors are listed that might …

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How to check your credit report for free, without hurting your credit score

What is it about credit reports that makes some people avoid them like the plague?

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7 common myths about how bankruptcy affects credit

<b>Filing for bankruptcy is devastating to your credit and can cause your credit score to plummet more than 200 points. But for people in dire straits,</b> …

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7 Signs the Credit Repair Business is Running a Scam

How to Recognize a Credit Repair Scam<p>Updated March 12, 2018<p>When you're struggling with bad credit, credit repair companies sound like the perfect …

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Conquer your finances one question at a time

<i>The following article is part of "Real Money/Real Talk," a series presented by Chase Slate, and originally appeared on BuzzFeed.</i><p>For a lot of people, …

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How Long Do Hard Inquiries Stay on Your Credit Report?

With so many websites offering free financial tools, it can be hard to know whom to trust. At NerdWallet, we thoroughly research financial products …

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Which Credit Report Does Barclaycard Pull?

As one of the country's largest credit card issuers, it wouldn't be surprising that you're considering a credit card issued by Barclaycard. When you …

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How to fix an error on your credit report

<b>Staying on top of your own finances can be challenging enough; the last thing you need is someone else’s mistake bringing you down. And yet, it</b> …

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12 Credit Myths and Truths You Should Know

Building and maintaining great credit is an important part of your financial life. But there are loads of myths and misunderstandings about credit …

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Half of the U.S. Adult Population Is Making This Critical Mistake

Are you making it, too?<p>Having a good credit score isn't just a matter of pride; it's a matter of saving money and having borrowing options. The …

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Hard inquiries and your credit report

Q. Are there any way to have hard inquiries removed from my credit report?<br>-- Borrower<p>A. We're glad to see you're paying attention to your credit …

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How to calculate you credit score and how to improve it

An excellent credit score is one of the most priceless assets a potential home buyer can have. This tool has the power to secure favourable mortgage …

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Why you need to check your credit report regularly

It's been almost six months since Equifax announced a massive data breach that exposed the personal information of as many as 145 million Americans.<p>So now's a good time to ask yourself if you're being proactive about protecting your financial health.<p>Not sure where to begin? Here are some tips, as …


Which Credit Report Does American Express Pull?

American Express has long been known as a premium credit card provider that gives cardholders a wide variety of perks. Given its reputation, wanting …

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Why you should check your credit report today

When’s the last time you checked your credit report? A new report by found nearly half of adults haven’t checked their credit report …


5 Simple Steps To An Excellent Credit Score

Whether you like it or not, your credit score matters. A good score is critical for affordable mortgages and auto loans. But it can also play an over-sized role in determining your auto insurance premium. There are hundreds of scores in the market, but most (including FICO and VantageScore) focus …

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How to send a credit report dispute letter (with scripts)

Your credit report dispute letter is a letter you send to credit bureaus to dispute any errors that are on your credit report.And it can be CRUCIAL …

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What Is A Business Credit Report | Spark IQ

A lot of business owners—45% according to the Small Business Administration—don’t know they have a business credit score or report. A business credit …

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Is your child a victim of identity theft?

Finding out someone has already established your child's credit for them is a nightmare to try and clean up after years of damage already done.

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How to Find Out if you Already Have a Pre-Approved Credit Card Offer

Using a credit card responsibly is one of the best ways to improve your credit score over time. However, anyone who’s been working to push that …

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The Equifax “Lock & Alert” app works, but what does it do? | Ars Technica

Equifax’s new free phone app can “lock” your Equifax credit report. Just beware of typos.<p>Last week, I reported about the travails I and others …

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Credit Report vs. Credit File: What’s the Difference?

While it may sound like semantics, the terms <b>credit report</b> and <b>credit file</b> describe two very different things in the world of consumer credit.You don’t …

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How to raise your credit score after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy isn't the end of your credit score. It's just the beginning.

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Did You Freeze Your Credit? Watch Out for These Pitfalls

If you put your credit reports on ice, watch out for these slippery spots.<p>After a data breach at credit agency Equifax exposed the personal data of …

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Protecting kids from identity theft

Identity theft is a growing problem, and thankfully there are dozens of services, public service announcements and commercials about how to protect …

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The only thing Equifax's new credit app locks is itself

Equifax still appears to have trouble wrapping its head around the concept of trustworthy software following its massive security breach. The company has launched its promised free credit report locking service, Lock & Alert, but there's one overriding problem: at least initially, the mobile app …

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Equifax, still having problems computering, releases credit locking app that doesn’t [Updated] | Ars Technica

It's supposed to lock reports for free but doesn't work as advertised—or at all.<p><b>Update, February 5, 5:00 PM— We've got our installation of the Lock &</b> …

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Which Credit Report Does Citi Pull?

If you’ve ever applied for credit or a loan, it’s a feeling you’ll know well. Submit your application, hold your breath, hope that it goes through as …

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Equifax will offer free credit freezes for five more months

Still haven't signed up for Equifax's free credit freeze? You just got a second chance.<p>After disclosing a massive data breach last year, Equifax said it would waive the fee for credit freezes through January 31. But as the deadline approached this week, the company extended it to June 30.<p>Personal …

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Know your credit score before you shop for vehicle finance

Image Credits: Pixabay<p>First, we need to face the facts. These days there are not a lot of people who will be able to whip out the cash for a new, or …

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