23 Plant-Based Protein Recipes If You're Cutting Back On Meat

No meat? NBD.


19 Quick And Healthy Recipes You'll Want To Make All Year Long

Meals that make eating healthy seriously easy... and tasty.

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Southerners Know This is The Secret Ingredient for Amazing Chocolate Cake

Whether you’re a fan of Duke’s, Blue Plate, or Hellman’s, there’s no question that mayonnaise is an essential pantry staple in the South. It’s a key …


Oil-free Super Garlic Hummus (Low Fat, Vegan)

My favorite hummus from a store comes from the deli counter of a small local shop. The owner confidently states "If you come back for anything, it'll …


What Is Greek Yogurt? And How Is It Different Than Regular Yogurt?

How does the thick, creamy yogurt we love to use in dips and dollop on grilled meats get to be the way it is?<p>A decade ago, before Greek yogurt had reached full ubiquity, there's a good chance that people bought it by mistake, thinking it was the plain old yogurt they were used to. They took it …


5 Vegetarian Recipes That Actually Pack a Ton of Protein

These delicious options will feed your muscles and your appetite<p>Protein is the powerhouse behind your gains. When you lift heavy, protein repairs the tiny tears that strength training creates in your tissues, which helps your muscles grow bigger, faster. You already know that meat is your friend …


No-Bake Chocolate Espresso Mascarpone Cake

This chocolate espresso mascarpone cake is so rich, creamy, and delicious! An ideal choice for the holidays. Easy, simple, creamy, and no-bake – this …


Adding potato chips to eggs is the ultimate hack for making a Spanish tortilla

Spanish tortillas are nothing like the thin corn-based flatbreads used in Mexican cooking. Tortillas españolas are hearty slices of omelet stuffed …


Four of the Bay Area’s best clam chowder spots

You don’t have to be a Bostonian to revel in chowdah. Clam chowder is every bit as beloved on the West Coast, where chefs at waterside restaurants — …

San Francisco Bay Area

Healthy Avocado Recipes

<i>Nutritious and delicious avocado snacks, salads, and starters</i><p>The humble South American avocado has taken the food world by storm in recent years with …


4 Reasons It’s Harder to Lose Weight in Winter—and What You Need to Do Differently

There's no question it's easier to make healthy choices in spring and summer: There's an abundance of produce in season. The sun is shining, the days …

Weight Loss

Where to Enjoy Creamy, Decadent Mac And Cheese In Dallas

There’s something special about a hot vessel of noodles blanketed in ooey-gooey cheese. Whether its made with penne, elbow, shells, or curly cavatappi, the right bowl (or skillet) of macaroni and cheese is always decadent and approachable, not to mention delicious.<p>With temperatures this chilly, …


Creamy Tomato Soup

Instructions<p>In a large pot, heat oil over medium heat, and cook onions in oil until completely soft and translucent. Add garlic, red pepper, and bay …


Too Faced's long-awaited White Peach eyeshadow palette just landed at Sephora

The latest addition to Too Faced’s Peaches & Cream collection is a highly-anticipated eyeshadow palette called White Peach, and we are pleased to …


Use Your Instant Pot's Porridge Setting For Creamy, (Mostly) Hands-Off Polenta

Certain dishes just aren’t destined for Instant Pot greatness, particularly those that get their magic from constant stirring and slow, controlled …


Vegetarian family classics

No one need miss out on family favourites with our veggie twists on traditional recipes. The Good Food cookery team have come up with clever …


8 Toppings To Try On Toast Tuesday

Runners are no strangers to #ToastTuesday. But the perfect piece of crunchy bread topped with plain old PB&J can get old quickly. It’s time to up …


I Went to Ohio to Track Down Chipotle's Secret Burger Lab

Hiding out in a small town near Columbus, Tasty Made is like Chipotle, but for burgers. Literally.<p>On a scale of one to looking to disappear forever, …

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This incredible £4 dupe concealer is getting the Internet all stirred up

A good concealer can make the difference between a good and a bad skin day. But, the quest to find the perfect one that doesn't go cakey, that …


Best vegan food and restaurants in New York

Here is our guide to the best vegan and veggie places to eat, drink and shop in New York, where a seriously cool plant-based revolution is underway. …


Book Your Table for White Castle's 27th Annual Valentine's Day Dinner

The romantic event, which you can now book through OpenTable, includes hostess seating and tableside service<p>Netflix's <i>The Crown</i> may have you dreaming …


10 Ideas for Totally Portable Homemade Breakfasts

These healthy, homemade treats (many make-ahead) are ready to fuel your commute.<p>1 of 10<p>Peanut Butter Granola<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 10<p>Whole-Grain Banana …


25 Easy, No-Cook Recipes

Refreshingly easy recipes for when it’s too hot to cook.<p>1 of 25<p>Crab Rolls<p>Advertisement<p>2 of 25<p>Sesame-Lime Chicken Salad<p>3 of 25<p>Zucchini and Bean Salad …


This Anti-Aging Serum Was Developed By Harvard Scientists—and I'm Obsessed With It

<i>This article originally appeared on Health. For more stories like it, visit</i><p>One of the many reasons why I love working in beauty? In …

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29 Delicious Vegan Soup Recipes For Cold Winter Months

Whether you're dairy-free, lactose intolerant, or just looking to try something new.


9 Great Coffee Beers and Why You Should Try Them

Here are nine of the best coffee beers on the market today.<p>You love coffee. You love beer. Combining stuff you dig doesn’t always work out well, but …


36 Taco Recipes So Good You’ll Never Want to Make Anything Else

Need a standout “Taco Tuesday” recipe? With these cheesy, meat- and veggie-packed tacos on the menu, you’ll want to have one (or three) every night.<p>1 …

Mexican Food

Why (and How!) to Make Mascarpone at Home

Mascarpone, that creamy, decadent cheese, is a staple element of tiramisu, where it sits firmly between layers of coffee-soaked ladyfingers and lends the dessert its characteristic creaminess. Otherwise, the spread moonlights in a variety of other tarts and cakes, and adds silk to an omelette. It’s …


6 healthy ways to indulge your sweet or salty cravings

Need a tasty treat you can snack on when a food craving strikes? I've got you covered. Indulge in these satisfying swaps the next time you have a hankering for something sweet, salty or chocolatey. And you’ll feel good knowing that each Joy Food option is less than 200 calories and offers a dose of …


11 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Load up on fruits and vegetables with a nutritious blended drink every morning.<p>1 of 12<p>Spinach, Grape, and Coconut Smoothie<p>Advertisement<p>2 of …