Now, TMC turns to cows ahead of panchayat polls

In an apparent bid to counter the BJP, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) government in West Bengal has unveiled a fresh strategy with the cow at its …


Musician Serenades His Cows With an Impressive Slap Bass Solo That Makes Them Run Away

In the past we’ve posted about musicians who have serenaded shy but appreciative cows who leaned in close to enjoy the music. Unfortunately, Danny …


Country comes to town: Dairy cows primped and preened before Canterbury A&P Show

They get scrubbed and shampooed, painted and preened, and a person armed with a bucket deals with their bowel movements 24 hours a day.

New Zealand News

M5 closed near Weston-super-Mare junction while police round-up loose herd of cows

A section of the M5 has been closed after a herd of cows managed to get on the motorway.<p>Lanes were closed in both directions between the junctions …

Horse and Cows Together - Yes or No?

Question!<p>Cows and Horses - do they make good pasture buddies?<p><b>MEH….yes and no.</b> There are a few good reasons to pasture them together, and a few not so …


Cow screamed during beating, trial told

A worker says she heard a cow scream during a beating by farm manager Carl Ryan McNaught.

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Stretching your cattle's hay supply with straw

Travis Peardon, the regional livestock specialist in Outlook, Sask., says few producers were reporting an abundance of hay this year, so he presumes …


Farm puppy gets nosy with the cows

As a young hand on the farm, it's important to introduce yourself to all the animals to make sure they get used to your presence. Sometimes this …


10 cows die after 18-wheeler overturns on I-20 near Monroe: sheriff |

Authorities in Louisiana say 10 cows have died in an interstate wreck after an 18-wheeler that was carrying them overturned.<p>Richland Parish Sheriff …

New Orleans

800 Dairy Cows Find New Homes After Wis. Barn Fire

<b>MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) —</b> Hundreds of cows are settling into new homes after a fire at a century old dairy farm. The fire started in a barn that houses …


Tech Talk: Shared work spaces

In November 2017, BE ALL will open its largest shared work space complex in Israel.<p>A unique project for the production of cow embryos by means of egg …

16 Cows That Are Too Friggin’ Cute For Words

I'm eMOOtional.


So This Is Why Everyone in the Country Calls Cows "Boss"

Does the phrase "come boss" ring a (cow)bell?<p>A couple of weeks ago, there was a cow loose in Brooklyn, New York, where I live. My boyfriend, who …


Rajasthan: Vigilantes allegedly kill Muslim man in Alwar for transporting cows

Ummar Khan’s body was found on the railway tracks on Friday evening.<p>Cow vigilantes shot dead a 35-year-old Muslim man, and critically injured his …


Watch as 50 escaped cows run riot in suburban streets and trample gardens

A herd of 50 cows ran riot through suburban streets after escaping from a nearby farm.<p>The animals stampeded down roads in Trafford, Greater Manchester, to the astonishment of residents.<p>Video captured the moment the cows trampled through gardens and damaged at least one vehicle on the Sale housing …

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Stampede of 50 escaped cows run riot through the streets of Greater Manchester

Video shows the cows wandering through the streets of Sale.<p>Their owner believes the cows were intentionally let out of the field.<p>A stampede of 50 …


Men get purposely trampled by cows for ‘luck’

Despite knowing the danger, groups of men in India allowed themselves to be trampled by cows because they believe it will bring them good luck. This …


Creative work of the week APAC: Havmor taps animated cows to promote real milk ice cream

The winner of this week's creative work of the week in Asia Pacific is Havmor, which launched its #MadeOfMilk series with two animated Cool Gaiz …


These Real Life ‘Okja’ Pigs and Cows Are Bred to be Abnormally Muscular to Fuel the Demand for Meat (VIDEO)

What people do to animals in order to turn a profit never ceases to shock and disturb those who care about animal welfare. A Netflix film released …

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It's not just cows: unlikely climate change culprits are lurking on the seafloor

Cows have a bad reputation when it comes to climate change because they produce epic amounts of methane gas. The problem has inspired scientists to …

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Alwar police take away Muslim dairy farmer’s 51 cows

For the last 10 days, Rajasthan dairy farmer Subba Khan has been running from pillar to post to get back 51 of his cows allegedly “snatched away” …


Woman claims attack by mob for trying to rescue cows

A 45-year-old techie and her friend were assaulted by a mob when they went with the police to Avalahalli near Talaghattapura where cows were …


Cows block traffic on Tennessee highway after semi overturns

<b>NASHVILLE, Tenn. --</b> A semi-truck hauling multiple cows has overturned on a highway in Tennessee, subsequently blocking several lanes of traffic in …


Hindu vigilantes are attacking Muslims in the name of protecting cows

World India Cows Hinduism Muslims Modi<p>Close


Capital Voices: 'Your life is dictated by cows'

<i>To mark Canada’s sesquicentennial, the Citizen’s Bruce Deachman met and photographed 150 people in the Ottawa area, encouraging them to tell their</i> …

Canadian News

Test finds dangerous Salmonella in cows much faster - Futurity

A speedy Salmonella test could help spare animals—and people—infection with one of the worst strains of the bacteria.


Your grass-fed burger is making climate change worse

We can’t have our steak and eat it too.<p>Grass-fed beef products are contributing to climate change, according to a new study.<p>Environmentally-conscious …


Milking 4,500 cows in the US with some help from Irish students

Irish dairy farmer Rodney Elliott was milking 140 cows in Fermanagh before he moved in 2006 to South Dakota.

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2 cows, 2 car crashes within minutes

<i>Image: iStock</i><p>Related Links<p>Maine - A pair of cows are responsible for a two car crashes in Maine.<p>Police say one driver who crashed into a black Angus …

English cows' milk is being exported to sanctions-hit Qatar

Milk from cows on Midlands farms is making a 3,000-mile trip to Qatar as it faces sanctions imposed by four neighbouring Arab states.<p>It takes four days for the goods - exported by Birmingham company Y International - to arrive there, where a two-litre bottle of milk from sites in Shropshire and …