Natural ways to boost your immune system this winter

In the darkest depths of winter, it may seem like cold and flu season will never end. But preventing these illnesses doesn’t have to mean enclosing …


Create the perfect natural outdoor skating rink this winter

Just like a recipe for cooking, there’s a recipe for creating a natural — and safe — outdoor skating rink. Watch the video to learn what conditions …

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Mysterious “ice quakes” crack the ground open in Alberta

Canada’s cold-weather streak is becoming positively apocalyptic. Aside from “bomb cyclones” and record-breaking freezing temperatures, the cold snap …

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Canada’s most treacherous roads for winter driving

Winter driving is a fact of life for Canadians and, if you have a cottage that’s open year-round, you may do more of your fair share of slogging …

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This fox was nurtured back to health after being hit by a car

Watch as this brave vet works to bring this hurt fox back to good health.<p>Tags<p>fox<br>• Hope for Wildlife<p>Comments

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7 ways to upgrade your traditional hot chocolate this winter

There’s no question — true hot chocolate connoisseurs will agree that any recipe needs to start with real chocolate or, barring that, cocoa powder. …


Parks Canada wants to know what you think should replace iconic Glacier Park Lodge

The green-roofed Glacier Park Lodge and gas station was a common stop for those who took the Trans-Canada Highway through Rogers Pass in B.C.’s …

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What you need to know before taking the Polar Bear Dip

Because Canadians are a surprisingly contrary bunch, one of our yearly traditions is to strip off our clothes and plunge into icy cold water in the …

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Tucker Lake Cottage

This project is a perfect execution of how old can meet new. The clients wanted to expand the program of their existing cottage. The existing building, a traditional log cabin with a pitched roof, originally housed all the necessary functions. With the expansion of the program, came the need for …


Lake of the Woods igloo bar offers food, drink, and indoor ice fishing

About 15 kilometres south of the Canadian border sits an igloo-shaped bar where you can fish straight from your seat—can you imagine the stories that …

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This adorable pine marten was rescued by Hope for Wildlife

Meet Gretel, an endangered pine marten that has been rescued and brought back to health by Hope for Wildlife.<p>Tags<p>Hope for Wildlife<br>• pine marten<p>Comments

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Ontario dad makes backyard Zamboni with bucket of hot water, valve, wagon, and rag

When the ice on the backyard rink or lake are a little bumpy, some will pull out an old hose and bucket to flood and resurface it. But a dad from …

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Groundhog rescued from Nova Scotia blizzard

Atlantic Canada saw what Environment Canada called a “bomb cyclone” last Thursday. Heavy snow and hurricane-force winds reaching as high as 140 km/h …

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Quebec city ice hotel catches fire, somehow

You can probably guess the risks of staying at an ice hotel: hard beds, cold toes, and hot chocolate that won’t stay warm. But rarely does anyone …

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Model T snowmobile rides again in Labrador

Abandoned 90 years ago by a group of American scientists in the woods outside Nain, Labrador, a Model T snowmobile has been restored to its former …

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“Super blue blood moon eclipse” to grace western Canadian skies

On January 31, Canadians in the western provinces will get to see a rare lunar event: the “super blue blood moon eclipse.”<p>Yes, you read that …


Watch as this adorable baby moose acts like a puppy

The team rescues and rehabilitates Ester, a baby moose found tied up at the end of their driveway.<p>Tags<p>baby moose<br>• Hope for Wildlife<br>• moose rescue<p>Comments

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More tales from Canada’s cold snap

In the past month, Canada has seen all kinds of cold weather: temperatures far below freezing, snow bombs, and blizzards of every variety. And in the …

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Scientists may have made a discovery that will help save Canada’s bat population

Researchers have discovered that ultraviolet light may be the key to combatting a disease that is threatening bat species.<p>White nose syndrome is a …

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Hilarious news report from the ’80s shows the hostility between skiers and snowboarders

“It’s like snow-surfing!” exclaims a reporter in this retro news clip. The segment, filmed in 1985, was introducing an exciting and controversial new …

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Good samaritans rescue elk herd from frozen reservoir

A group of volunteers, including biologists and law enforcement, came together to stage a dramatic rescue of a herd of elk that had fallen into a …

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These are some of Canada’s most spectacular lakes for ice fishing

In Canada, we have an almost endless supply of beautiful lakes. In winter, though, some of them take on special significance: when the word …

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Snowy owl rescued from truck grille in Regina

When a driver traveling south of Regina saw an owl fly in front of her Tahoe truck, she expected the worst.<p>But, when she pulled over to investigate …

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10 times geese were the least Canadian animals ever

Deservedly or not, Canadians have a reputation for being reasonably polite and a little reserved. They’re the kind of people who if you met them in a …

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10 of the most beautiful birds you’ll find in Canada

When <i>Canadian Geographic</i> named the gray jay (a.k.a. the whisky jack) our national bird last November—beating out Canadian icons such as the snowy owl …

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10 items every Canadian should keep in their car when driving to the cottage this winter

Even for Canadians who grew up driving through the whitest of blizzards and across the blackest stretches of ice, travelling in winter is no easy …

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Watch a group of snowmobilers rescue a moose stuck in deep snow

A group of snowmobilers came to the rescue of a stranded moose just outside Gros Morne National Park on New Year’s Eve.<p>The troop, which included …

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117 smuggled turtles intercepted at Windsor border since 2012

We see them lounging on logs, crossing the road, or quietly swimming around our docks. But many of us are unaware that slow moving turtles are a hot …

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Over 100 Nova Scotians work together to save beached whale

On New Year’s Day, a pilot whale was found stranded on a beach just east of Halifax. The animal, who was assessed as a mature male, did not appear to …

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8 foods that taste delicious on the grill in winter

You may think the unifying characteristic of Canadians coast-to-coast might be a love (or tolerance) of hockey, a tendency to be polite, or a Justin …

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