'The Witcher's' Triss In True 'Cyberpunk 2077' Style Thanks to This Cosplay

With casting news for Netflix's <i>The Witcher</i> series still up for grabs and no particular actress nailed down for the stunningly enticing Triss …

Cyberpunk 2077


WWG<p>This 'Fallout 4' Hancock Cosplay Is Ghoulishly Stunning<p>WWG<p>'The Witcher's' Triss Re-Imagined In 'Cyberpunk 2077' Thanks to This Cosplay<p>WWG<p>Yennefer …

Cyberpunk 2077

Cosplayer Transforms Into Mai Shiranui, Thanks to Plenty of Padding

Australian cosplayer A.K. Wirru pulled off a terrific cosplay of iconic fighting game character Mai Shiranui. Here’s how he did it.<p>For his Mai …

Gaming (UK)

What It Takes To Be The Master of Cosplay

Award-winning cosplay artist Samantha Bork transforms Snow White from a delicate princess into a fierce warrior. We meet her in Toronto as she competes in the first-ever Master of Cosplay competition.

Snow White

IN PICTURES: Comic Con Africa’s best cosplay

Comic Con Africa – South Africa’s first ever Comic Con – closed its doors in Johannesburg last night, after offering punters a weekend of gaming, VR …

Comic Books

Cosplay at Africa's first Comic Con

Comic Con Africa was filled with enthusiasts all dressed up in their favourite characters from the world of comics and superheros.<p>The three-day event …

News (South Africa)

This 'The Witcher' Yennefer Cosplay Is Bewitching

With <i>The Witcher</i> Netflix show officially underway and only one major character revealed, many fans are interested to know who will be playing our …

The Witcher

Weekly Cosplay - Hey Jay is the Best Jeanist, Naturally

<i>Weekly Cosplay</i> is a new series of weekly profiles focusing on diverse groups that make up the fandom community. These profiles will highlight …


Philadelphia Comic Con Draws Pop Culture, Cosplay Fans


This 'Diablo III' Demon Hunter Cosplay Looks Straight Out of the Game

Cosplay is an amazing way fans can share their love for a specific franchise with the world. Through incredible creations, whether true to form or …

Nintendo Switch

New Tomb Raider Cosplay For A New Tomb Raider Game

With <i>Shadow of the Tomb Raider</i> out this week, a couple of cosplayers took to nature to pay tribute with their own takes on 2018's version of Lara …

Tomb Raider

'The Witcher's' Ciri Is Ready for 'Cyberpunk 2077' With This Incredible Cosplay

With casting news all over the internet regarding Netflix's <i>The Witcher</i> and rumors about who will play Ciri, fans of the iconic franchise are showing …

Cyberpunk 2077

This May Be the Greatest Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Cosplay You'll Ever See

Every year there are articles covering the best cosplay outfits at Comic-Con International in San Diego, and rightly so — it’s arguably one of the …

Dragon Con

Lady Kayleen Busts Out Some Super Sexy Cosplay

Lady Kayleen Cosplay<p>COGconnected loves cosplay and each week we turn our spotlight onto one of the amazing cosplayers from all over the world. Over …

Final Fantasy

Deadpool Co-Creator Shares Amazing Wade Wilson Baby Legs Cosplay

One of the more memorable sequences in <i>Deadpool 2</i> is when Wade has to grow back his legs, and one fan took that baby legs moment and turned it into …


Cosplay Shines At DragonCon

Dragon Con was held in Atlanta over Labor Day weekend, attracting over 80,000 pop culture, fantasy, and sci-fi fans. The convention spanned five days and five host hotels. Uniquely fan-driven, Dragon Con also organizes a city parade and runs a TV station that streams panels to rooms in the host …

Dragon Con

Dragon Con: General Leia Cosplay That’ll Make You Cry

We’re still going through our mountains of images from this year’s Dragon Con (2018), the annual convention that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia.<p>As …

Dragon Con

Cosplay auf der Gamescom (24.08.18 NDR Info)


Bad & Blerdy: Meet The Geeky Delicious Cosplay Baes Who Wowed Dragon Con 2018

Baddest Cosplay Baes Of Dragon Con 2018Blerdy baes flooded Atlanta’s epic GEEKtravaganza Dragon Con and slayyyed in dazzling costumes while proving</i> …

Dragon Con

My Hero Academia, The Ancient Magus' Bride, and More Fantastic Cosplay from Crunchyroll Expo

Crunchyroll held its second convention this past weekend in San Jose, California, with all sorts of guests from the anime and wider entertainment …


Instagam Feature of the Day: Beke Cosplay

Sep 5, 2018<p>From Listener Kayla:<p>Rod we are Way Overdue for some Cos Play up in this Instagram feature of the day. You have been slacking so I chose …

Harley Quinn

Dragon Con ’18: Our favorite comics cosplay

Most popular cons have a unique strength for which they’re known, and Dragon Con’s is indisputably the intricate and vast array of costumes worn by …


PHOTOS: A tour inside Dragon Con's incredible cosplay scene

Atlanta's Dragon Con attracts over 80,000 attendees each year, and pretty much all of them cosplay.<p>Seriously. You're the weird one if you're not …

Dragon Con

Our Last Round of Cosplay from Dragon Con 2018!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW<i></i>Our last round of Cosplay from Dragon Con 2018! attended this year’s Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia and now we have our …

Dragon Con

Dragon Con 2019 Cosplay Parade

Dragon Con

This Mojo Jojo Cosplay Is Actual 'Powerpuff Girls' Goals

A cosplayer made every <i>Powerpuff Girls</i> fan's dreams -- or nightmares -- come true this week with a spot-on Mojo Jojo cosplay.<p>The self-repeating …


The Top 5 Sexiest Female Cosplays At CrunchyRoll Expo 2018 On Instagram

As the Crucnhyroll Expo 2018 is coming to a close, the top 5 sexiest female cosplays at the event have been narrowed down. The Crucnchyroll Expo, …


Cosplaying While Fat Roundtable: Experiences With Community and Cosplay

When I decided to do my first full-on cosplay at Flame Con, rather than just pulling pieces from my wardrobe for simple closet cosplays, several …


This 'Pokemon' Cubone Cosplay Redefines Pet Goals

<i>Pokemon</i>'s one of the most popular franchises around because fans often wonder what it would be like to befriend the titular pocket monsters in real …


The Coolest Cosplay at PAX West 2018

PAX West 2018 has offered no shortage of awesome-looking new games, breaking news, and exciting panels, but for those walking the showfloor, there is …