Coral Reefs

A moment that changed me: seeing my first moth fish

I was 22 and my life was at a crossroads. Holding that fish carcass and speaking to Amanda Vincent, a truly inspirational conservationist, sent me on the right path<p>Like many of the most important occasions in my life, the moment that changed me involved fish. Holding the desiccated carcass of a sea …


The Growing Islands Of Plastic

<b>People are becoming increasingly aware of environmental issues, including the pollution of our oceans. The seas are becoming a dumping ground for</b> …


These Stunning 3-D Models Are Helping Unravel the Mysteries of Coral

Coral isn’t what you think it is. It isn’t a plant, but an animal. It doesn’t just grow in shallow, tropical waters, but also hundreds of feet deep …


Australia and Malaysia working on reef and marine issues

Australia and Malaysia have signed an agreement to work together on marine conservation issues, including coral reef restoration and techniques to …

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Military jet lowered into sea in bid to create new coral reef

A Jordanian Air Force plane was lowered into the Gulf of Aqaba on Thursday in an attempt to create a new coral reef on the sea bed that will provide …


How Much Is the Great Barrier Reef Worth? Economists Just Figured it Out

As mankind puts the world’s largest living structure at risk, economists have come up with a new solution: put a price tag on it.<p>Australia’s Great …


Malaysia and Aust to save reefs

Malaysia and Australia will work together to save coral reefs.


David Suggett – AMP’s Tomorrow Fund

David has devoted his career to studying coral reefs, which are home to more than a quarter of the world’s marine life. With the Great Barrier Reef …

Great Barrier Reef

Explainer: mass coral spawning, a wonder of the natural world

During the late spring, corals on the Great Barrier Reef release little balls that float to the ocean surface in a slow motion upside-down …


Scripps scientists use photomosaic technology to find order in the chaos of coral reefs

First results from the 100 Island Challenge<p>In a study published recently in <i>Coral Reefs</i>, scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC …


COP23: Restoring coral reefs in Belize - United Nations Sustainable Development

Lisa Carne works to restore coral reef habitats and advocates for the sustainable management of these beneficial habitats with her organization, …


Study urges global-change researchers to embrace variability

Findings portend benefits in restoration and aquaculture<p>Scientists typically make every effort to keep all factors but one constant when doing an …

Climate Change

Climate change endangers quarter of world’s heritage sites: report

Climate change imperils one in four natural World Heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands - nearly double the number from just …

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Coral Reef Bleaching: How Climate Change Threatens Marine Ecosystems

As global temperatures rise and our oceans heat up, we can expect more and more bleaching to occur at coral reefs around the world. But what are …


Climate change imperils one in four UNESCO natural sites

Climate change imperils one in four UN-listed natural heritage sites, including coral reefs, glaciers, and wetlands -- nearly double the number from …

Climate Change

Watch the Great Barrier Reef create new life

Footage shows the Great Barrier Reef's annual coral spawning, in the wake of devastating bleaching events in 2016 and 2017.

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Barrier reef not dying, but changing, says leading scientist

Microbial populations could be the key to survival for coral species in a warming ocean. Gabrielle Ahern reports.


Fish 'could be as intelligent as primates', scientists predict, as Blue Planet II footage shows collaboration with octopus to hunt

Fish may be as clever as primates, scientists now suspect, after new footage showed octopus and grouper fish communicating and collaborating to catch prey.<p>The astonishing partnership was captured for the first time by filmmakers shooting on the Great Barrier Reef for BBC Blue Planet II.<p>Grouper and …


Move over Jaws: This week's Blue Planet villain is an 'evil' phallic-shaped worm named the... Bobbit - Mirror Online

Each week there seems to be a standout character in BBC's Blue Planet II that encapsulates audiences from beneath the sea.<p>Be it the transgender …

David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough on episode three of Blue Planet 2: Seven wonders of coral reefs

Sunday’s episode of Blue Planet 2 sees Sir David Attenborough profile the colourful and varied species that make their home in the world’s coral …


Resilient oceans: We can’t live without them

As world leaders gather at COP23 in Bonn, Germany for the latest round of UN climate talks, there’s a topic that needs to rise to the top of the agenda: the effects of climate change on our oceans, and how that needs to inform our actions on climate.<p>Though we may more easily see and feel the …

Climate Change

Resolve Marine Joins Pacific Paradise Salvage Effort

The long-running effort to remove the fishing vessel Pacific Paradise from a reef off Waikiki continues, the Coast Guard said in an update Friday. …


The Evolution of a Reef Aquarium

In the late 1970s, Walter Adey, a paleobiologist and coral reef researcher at the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), wanted to build a tank …


Great Barrier Reef researchers race to capture coral spawn in bid to boost resilience

Australian marine scientists are racing against time to collect data as coral spawns on the Great Barrier Reef, simultaneously mating and …


Research examines impact of coral bleaching on Western Australia's coastline

Researchers from The University of Western Australia (UWA), ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and Western Australian Marine Science …


You May Be Running Out of Time to See Hawaii's Coral Reefs

Coral bleaching, a widespread environmental issue, is plaguing the U.S. state.<p>Travelers know Hawaii for its bright blue waters and coral reefs. Scientists, however, are more concerned with the environmental problem brewing beneath the waters' surface: coral bleaching—a phenomenon that occurs when …


Zinke Recommends Opening Up Pacific National Monuments to Commercial Fishing

By David Leestma<p>The Trump administration is considering cutting protections for two national monuments lying south of Hawaii in the central Pacific. …


Enigmatic coral recorded for first time in Malta

Researchers from the Marine Ecology Research Group at the Department of Biology of the University of Malta have documented the presence of stony …


Coral Reefs May Not Survive Due To Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The continued existence of coral reefs is not guaranteed. In fact, new research has revealed that they may very well disappear unless a significant …


Half of Hawaii's Coral Bleached in One Year

Heatwaves and the resulting increase in sea temperatures caused more than half of Hawaii’s coral to bleach over a one-year period.<p>The data was just …