How Does the Annovera Contraceptive Ring Actually Work?

The manufacturers of the new, long-lasting contraceptive ring Annovera argue that the device, which is self-insertable and can be worn internally for up to a year, will revolutionize birth control for low-income women.<p>Although the burden of contraception continues to fall disproportionately upon …

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5 Things You Learn About Your Body When You Start Using The Fertility Awareness Method

The latest way to avoid pregnancy? It actually isn't new at all. Fertility awareness is a method that women "have historically used to track their …

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What's next for Texas abortion rights activists

Reproductive Rights<p>Governor breaks abortion law promise again<p>04:51<p>GOP women reject abortion bill, end debate<p>01:35<p>Slightly NSFW ad argues …

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You Can Now Download Contraception Straight To Your Phone

With this new FDA-approved app<p>Many period-having individuals are familiar with cycle tracker apps, but what if technology could go one step further and predict <i>exactly</i> how likely getting pregnant would be on any given day? That’s what app Natural Cycles claims to do (well, 93 to 99 percent of the …


Birth control app blamed for unwanted pregnancies gets green light from regulators

A birth control app under investigation in the UK for causing unwanted pregnancies has been given the green light to be advertised as a contraceptive by American drug regulators.<p>The Food and Drug Agency said the app, called Natural Cycles, was the first of its kind to be marketed in the US.<p>Natural …


The FDA approved an app to prevent pregnancy. Can an app do that?

Contraception? Yes, there's an app for that.<p>And an FDA-approved app at that. Last week, Natural Cycles became the first app approved by the government to prevent pregnancy. The Swedish-based company had been cleared in Europe in 2017 and is an emerging name within the "Femtech" industry - a …


The CDC Tweeted A Warning Not To Wash & Reuse Condoms — And It's More Important Than You Think

At roughly $1 per, condom costs can quickly add up — especially if you use them as your primary form of contraception, and especially if you have sex …

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FDA okays 'digital birth control' app Natural Cycles despite ongoing European investigations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has, for the first time ever, allowed an app to market itself as a contraceptive. Natural Cycles brands itself …

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The FDA Approved a Birth Control Ring That Lasts a Whole Year. Here's What You Should Know

Annovera is reusable and only needs to be replaced once every 12 months, unlike its counterpart, NuvaRing.<p>For women who don’t want to have to …

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The CDC released new Zika virus guidelines — here's what you need to know

• <b>Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its guidelines for preventing sexual transmission of the Zika virus.</b>• <b><br>Before,</b> …

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An App Tells You When To Get Pregnant Or Avoid Sex

Aug 14, 2018<p>For women trying to get pregnant, or women who don't want to get pregnant, there's now an app for that.<p>There's now an app to determine …

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Vulnerable mums in Wigan to be helped if they agree to long-term contraception

Women whose children have been taken into care are being offered the chance to go on a scheme which could change their lives – as long as they agree …


Should You Adjust Your Birth Control Pill Schedule When Travelling Overseas?

Image: Getty Images<p>If you’ve used birth control pills for any length of time, you may have been told to take it at the exact same time every day to …

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Zimbabwe:Vendors Loot Free Condoms to Make Floor Polish

MaronderaClinics and bars here have run out of free condoms distributed by the National Aids Council (NAC) amid reports that vendors were taking them …


You Won't Believe What Vendors in Zimbabwe Are Doing With Condoms

You Won't Believe What Vendors in Zimbabwe Are Doing With CondomsIf you thought the only way condoms could be used is for protection during sex, …


What are the long-term side effects of birth control?

Hormonal methods of birth control are considered safe for most people. But is there a limit to how long you can safely use birth control?<p>Some people …

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Prescriptions should not be necessary to get the pill

Contraceptives must be made available over the counter at pharmacists


Opinion: Many Cubans using abortion as birth control

Abortion can sometimes carry major health risks. The lack of availability of either condoms or contraceptive pills means that many Cuban women …


Bayer faces class-action suit over birth control implant

Australian women are joining a class-action suit against the maker of the Essure permanent birth control implant, which they say has injured …

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Trojan Man returns as open-robed guru to offer sex-positive advice while promoting safe sex

Over 20 years ago, Trojan Man gave confidence to safe sex practitioners everywhere with the catchy, and manly, ‘Trojan Man’ mnemonic on radio, then …


FDA allows marketing of contraceptive app for the 1st time

Dr. Jennifer Ashton discusses what to know about a new birth control app that was just approved by the FDA.

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These are the products Tesco, Sainsbury's and Lidl have issued urgent recalls on

Frozen veg, condoms and cough syrup are just a few of the items that have been recalled by supermarkets this month after they were found to have …

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Mark Gatiss on John Minton – TV review: ‘A sympathetic portrait of a troubled artist’

Mark Gatiss on John Minton BBC4, 9pm<p>The painter John Minton was sent a love letter across the decades by Mark Gatiss in a BBC4 documentary subtitled</i> …

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Opposition calls on ACT to rule out P-plater curfew

P-platers could be banned from driving between midnight and 5am, under radical changes being considered by ACT Road Safety Minister Shane Rattenbury.


This Period-Tracking App Is The First Of Its Kind To Ever Receive FDA Approval

These days, there’s pretty much an app for everything. Relocating your house keys, figuring out where the heck your friends are when it’s 7 p.m. on a …


Year Long Contraceptive Approved

Just Now<p>The Population Council is a global nonprofit research organization.<p>It has received FDA approval for Annovera. It is a soft, reusable, …

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Let's use reason, not religion, to set the laws on contraception, abortion

Anti-choice advocates are fond of using scripture to support the thesis that their god is anti-abortion (“On closer reading, Bible favors protecting …


State HPV vaccine laws do not appear to influence teen sex

(Reuters Health) - State laws designed to increase teen vaccination against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV) don't appear to influence adolescents' choices about whether to become sexually active or use condoms, a U.S. study suggests.<p>HPV is among the most common sexually transmitted …

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11 things you think are vegan that actually aren't

1/<p>Certain beers and wines contain animal products.<p>While you may not have thought your alcohol of choice contained any animal products, certain brands …


Bayer sued over Essure contraceptive that allegedly caused nickel poisoning

Australian women have been urged to join a class action against the manufacturer of a permanent contraceptive device that has left tens of thousands of patients worldwide with perforations, nickel poisoning and chronic pain.<p>The device, known as Essure, is a soft, flexible insert placed into each of …

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