Absolutely everything you need to know about condoms

From the different sizes available to where to find ones that are latex-free.<p>Condoms are one of those things we learn about as teenagers (anyone else still cringing at how badly taught those PSHE lessons were?), but there's actually so much more to them than 'put on penis and you're good to go'. So …

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Teens helped come up with some of these crazy condom names, including 'Drip Catcher' and 'Ham Holster'

Fishing for free condoms in health clinics is hardly fun. But a Milwaukee-based nonprofit is trying to make condoms cool.<p>LGBTQ-focused nonprofit "Diverse & Resilient" is partnering with ad agency Cramer-Krasselt to launch a new brand of condoms called "Naughty Bags."<p>With names like "Scuba Gear," …


Free Condoms Are No Longer Boring, Now With Fun Designs & Joke-Filled Labels

Composite image by DesignTAXI. Images via Naughty Bags<br>More often than not, free condoms take the joy out of something that’s meant to be enjoyed. …


These Are the 10 Best Places to Get Condoms for Free

The best things in life are free. Okay, not ALL the best things. I still haven't found a way to get free Chipotle burritos with extra guac (but I …


Why are STIs on the rise in Australia?

Sexually transmissible infections are nothing new, but in recent years, STI rates in Australia and other developed nations have been rising at an …

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The Adult's Guide To Using Condoms

It's easy to gripe about condoms, how they're inconvenient or they dull sensitivity, but the reality is they can be much more pleasurable than most …


34% Of Men Are Still Making This Big Mistake In Bed

A new report shows that not enough guys are using condoms—and here's why that's a big problem<p>Condoms are one of the best forms of STD prevention and birth control out there—but only about one-third of guys are consistently using condoms, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease …

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Could Luwi Be the Nonhormonal Birth Control of My Dreams?

Since I don't want to be on hormonal birth control and find condoms a bit of a nuisance, I'm always looking for alternatives. When I learned about Luwi, a disposable "pleasure protector," which lines the vagina during sex and works similarly to a female condom, I really, really wanted it to be the …


US Men's Condom Use Is on the Rise

More than one-third of adult men in the United States now say they use condoms during sex, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for …

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Only one-third of Americans use condoms: CDC

Only about a third of Americans use condoms, a new federal report shows.

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Condom use on the rise, but still only a third of men wear them

An alarming number of people are still having unsafe sex.

On the Rise

Condoms now accessible at schools

Condoms will soon be accessed by teenagers at their schools.


‘Jiftip’ Wants to Be an Alternative for Condoms, But Experts Say Hold Your Horses

A new bedroom product that promises to deliver a "higher form of intimacy than condoms" is a misleading advertisement for an ineffective contraceptive, experts say.<p>The product, called "Jiftip," is being marketed as a “contraceptive," and has been gaining attention on the internet. Its creators …


How to put a condom on the *right* way

Because if you get it wrong you won't be fully protected.<p>Condoms are one of those things we just automatically think we know how to do, like making a brew (milk after hot water, always) or putting on mascara. But chances are, your year seven sex education class was pretty crap or you've forgotten …


‘Uncomfortable and disgusting’: Uganda's 1.2m unwanted condoms

The government has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on female prophylactics, but poor take-up is sparking concerns of a rise in HIV infections<p>Uganda has been left with a mountain of unused female condoms after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars buying in more than a million of the …


In Insecure, Where Are the Condoms?

For the past two weeks, I’ve been recapping the latest episodes of <i>Insecure</i>. This week I’m going to do a little of that, but there’s something much …

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Man Tries to Cheat Drug Test With Urine-Filled Condom: DA

A prosecutor says a popping sound thwarted a Pennsylvania man's attempt to cheat on a court-ordered drug test.<p>The Monroe County district attorney …

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Men Are Using 'Jiftip' to Cork Penises Instead of Using Condoms

"It is on par with suggesting men use a balloon or cling wrap."<p>Condoms are safe to use and effective at preventing pregnancy and the spread of …


Manforce Introduces Achaari Condoms, and We Have Questions We Need Answered NOW

Our evening was rocked by the news of Manforce Condoms launching “<i>desi</i> and sexy” achaari condoms. While flavoured condoms are great, we're not …


A condom to save a new mum's life

Many women in the developing world die during childbirth. A cheap kit containing a condom could save hundreds of thousands of lives.<p>A film by Richard Kenny for BBC World Hacks. Like, Share, Engage.


Demystifying Female Condoms: Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know and Ask about Them

If you've been wondering how to take a little more control of your sex life, then you would be happy to know that female condoms exist. For a long …


What's The Deal With Magnum Condoms? An XL-Sized Primer

Here's the lowdown on larger condoms.<p>Magnum condoms ― and other condoms marketed as larger than your average rubber ― have <i>huge</i> appeal. (Pun entirely intended.)<p>Between 2001 and 2010, Magnum sales grew over 14 percent. By the start of this decade, Magnums made up 18.8 percent of overall condom sales …


Horrified woman 'bit into condom buried inside cream doughnut' before store staff 'casually blamed randy workers'

A horrified woman claims she sank her teeth into a condom which was buried inside her cream doughnut.<p>America Leal was at home when she planned on …


Let’s Talk About It…What’s Up With The Lack Of Condoms On ‘Insecure’

HBOWhat’s Up With Condoms On InsecureInsecure absolutely blew up the internet again this week with men and women going back and forth fighting over …


How Often Should You Get Tested for STIs? | Times Square Chronicles

How Often Should You Get Tested for STIs?<p><b>If you’re having casual sex</b><p>Routine STI tests are advisable for everyone. But what does ‘routinely’ mean? …


This startup could change the sexual health game by delivering condoms and Plan B

A drugstore that delivers? It’s a thing, and it’s making convenience stores exponentially <i>more</i> convenient. But beyond the obvious benefits of getting …

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9 common condom mistakes you're probably making

Don't be having sex for a bit AND THEN putting it on.<p>Using condoms (and therefore minimising the risk of unwanted pregnancies and STIs wahey!) seems pretty simple right? Pop one on the end of a penis and you're good to go? Well... not really, no. We hate to break it to you but sexual health charity …


This Online Service Is Basically Uber But For Plan B and Condoms

Why ever leave bed again?<p>Even more than the ability to go out and experience culture and see museums and whatnot, the best thing about living in a city is the ability to literally never leave home and have everything you need delivered directly to you. Now, thanks to a new delivery service called …


MIT May Have Found the Secret to Better Condoms

Researchers developed a durable gel coating that reduces friction.<p>July 19, 2017, 10:13 a.m.<p>Photo by Felice Frankel<p>The brilliant scientific minds at …


Meet Malaysia's condom king: '1½ grams of rubber can change the world'

The head of condom giant Karex talks about the changing business of pleasure<p>Sat, Jul 15, 2017, 06:30<p>There can’t be that many people whose business …

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