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Anderson Cooper Tells Conan Haiti Is 'Among The Richest Countries I've Ever Been To'

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday gave Conan O’Brien a glowing review of Haiti before the talk show host’s trip there. In a chat on “Conan,” Cooper declared the Caribbean nation “among the richest countries I’ve ever been to.”<p>O’Brien announced he was visiting Haiti for a “Conan Without Borders” …

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2018’s Record Number of Women Candidates Are Set to Blow Up Politics As Usual

The Oprah idea was, admittedly, imperfect. The antitoxin for one rich celebrity president is not likely to be a <i>different</i> rich celebrity president …

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Talking Points: Did you see what they said?

<b>"North Korean propaganda is in a category all its own.</b> It is not surprising that North Korea is sending more cheerleaders and musicians than …


8 Influential Haitian Americans You Should Know

There's plenty to be learned from these legends with Haitian ancestry.

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The GaryVee Audio Experience by Gary Vaynerchuk on Apple Podcasts


Conan: Trump's comments are irrelevant

CNN's Anderson Cooper sits down with show host Conan O'Brien to discuss his upcoming trip to Haiti following President Trump's comments about the country.

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Samantha Bee Weighs In on the Claims Against Aziz Ansari

<i>Welcome to Best of Late Night, a</i> <i>rundown that lets you sleep — and lets us get</i> <i>paid to watch comedy.</i> <i>What do you think of it? What</i> <i>else</i> <i>are you interested in? Let us know:</i> <i></i>.<p><b>Bee Is Not ‘Sorry’</b><p>The public conversation around sexual misconduct has grown more nuanced recently, particularly …

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50 Cent takes a pop at Jay Z's new album: 'They don't wanna hear that s**t. They just wanna have a good time'

50 Cent is still poking fun at JAY-Z's 4:44 album, insisting he felt like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's nerdy character Carlton Banks when he …

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Conan Gets Some Help To Send A Very Special Message To Haiti Ahead Of His Visit

Conan O’Brien announced his latest travel special over the weekend, tweeting that he’d be heading to Haiti in response to President Trump’s “sh*thole” comment about the country. The response to the president’s remarks has been highly negative, but Conan seems to be focused on bringing his comedic …

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50 Cent Explains How Kanye And Trump Are Similar, And Why JAY-Z's '4:44' Is 'Golf Course Music'

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson recently appeared on TBS' late night show <i>Conan</i>, and he and host Conan O'Brien got to discussing the President Donald Trump. …


Wolff's book party; Amazon's reboot; NBC's "Today" show shakeup; Murdoch's back injury; NYT's experiment; Flake's speech

<b>Exec summary:</b> Lots of news about <b>Rupert Murdoch, CBS, Amazon, the NYT, etc.</b> And scroll down to the very end of tonight's newsletter to find out how …

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Interview: Comedian Selena Coppock on her better days

Comedy is one of the hardest talents to come by naturally. It’s an impossible skill to master without being comfortable with the art of …


7 Epic Clapbacks to Trump’s Racist ‘S–thole Countries’ Remark

The nation is still seething over President Donald Trump’s reported inflammatory remarks about countries populated by black and brown people. During …

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DIY Network apologizes for airing footage of host making anti-Semitic slur

The DIY Network is apologizing for airing an anti-Semitic slur on one of its shows, explaining that editors missed the comment while preparing the footage.<p>"Texas Flip N Move" host Toni Snow made the comment while bargaining for an item during the Jan. 12 season 7 finale, "Snow Sisters' School Bus …

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Somebody Made a 46-minute 'De-Feminized' Version of 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

An apparent anti-feminist decided to cut a pirated version of the movie to deemphasize the role of women<p><i>(Some big spoilers ahead for “Star Wars: The</i> …

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Trevor Noah Is Skeptical About Trump’s Health Report

<i>Welcome to Best of Late Night, a</i> <i>rundown that lets you sleep — and lets us get</i> <i>paid to watch comedy.</i> <i>What do you think of it? What</i> <i>else</i> <i>are you interested in? Let us know:</i> <i></i>.<p><b>‘Shaped Like a Food Pyramid’</b><p>The results from President Trump’s first physical examination in office were released …

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Watch the Cranberries’ play ‘Conan’ in 1993 American TV debut

Music lost an icon on Monday when Cranberries singer Dolores O’Riordan unexpectedly passed away in London. The band is one of the most memorable of …

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Conan to film show in Haiti in response to Trump's 's---hole' comments

Late night host Conan O’Brien will film shows in Haiti later this week in response to President TrumpDonald John TrumpHouse Democrat slams Donald …

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How Late Night Handled Trump’s Physical

Tuesday night, checking late-night television for vital signs and symbols, I began with “Conan” (TBS), where an angsty Conan O’Brien wandered a redesigned stage set. “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s very collapsed,” he said, in a prelude to celebrating a new intimacy with the studio audience. He …


Stephen Colbert Hammers Trump for His Vulgarity (Again)

<i>Welcome to Best of Late Night, a</i> <i>rundown that lets you sleep — and lets us get</i> <i>paid to watch comedy.</i> <i>What do you think of it? What</i> <i>else</i> <i>are you interested in? Let us know:</i> <i></i>.<p><b>‘Hole’? ‘House’? Who Cares?</b><p>Media outlets still haven’t fully processed the news that President Trump called Haiti …

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Vancouver's Canuck the crow now a sought-after film star

Canuck the crow, the East Van bird who rides SkyTrains when he’s not meddling in crime scenes, now finds himself flying in Hollywood circles.Canuck …

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Late-Night Hosts Poke Fun at Trump's Physical Exam

“Despite all evidence, Donald Trump does have a heart.”<p>Late night hosts across the dial teed off on President Donald Trump's physical exam on …

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Conan O’Brien explains why he’s traveling to Haiti this week

After President Donald Trump reportedly called Haiti and African nations “shithole countries” last week, Conan O’Brien is taking his show to Haiti …

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A Republican Star Fallen, Chris Christie Leaves Office

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose popularity soared during his first term but then fell from grace, leaves office Tuesday.<p>The Republican served a term-limited eight years in a majority blue state and spent much of that time in the national limelight as he built a reputation as a …


Conan O'Brien Says Seth Rogen Is 'Almost An Argument In Favor Of Smoking Marijuana'

Comedian Conan O'Brien just endorsed Seth Rogen as the face of recreational marijuana in America. While chatting last Friday with actor Josh …


FOX NEWS FIRST: Trump turns tables on Dems on DACA; Hawaii missile false alarm under investigation

Welcome to Fox News First. Not signed up yet? Click here.<p>Developing now, Monday, Jan. 15, 2018, Martin Luther King Jr. Day:<p><b>With the possibility of a government shutdown looming, President Trump doubles-down on blaming Democrats for stalled negotiations over DACA, insisting he's 'not a racist'</b>• <b><br>Worker</b> …

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Conan Heads To Haiti To Mercilessly Mock Donald Trump

Host goes tropical to stay topical.<p>Conan O’Brien is hitting the road again to hit back at President Donald Trump in a “Conan Without Borders” episode.<p>The late-night host said Sunday he will visit Haiti after Trump reportedly called the country a “shithole” as he discussed immigration protections …

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'Conan' Heading to 'Shithole' Haiti Despite Trump's 'Negative Yelp Review'

Alleged POTUS remarks only ensure that Conan O’Brien will “love it” there<p>President Trump may think Haiti is a “shithole,” but Conan O’Brien is much …


What I learned; Trump v. WSJ; Flake's speech; Conan's trip to Haiti; Wahlberg's donation; media week ahead calendar

What I learned this weekend...<p>-- <b>President Trump</b> says he's "the least racist person you will ever interview..."<p>-- Because of Trump's comments about …

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Bob Odenkirk To Star In Thriller From John Wick Writer

Bob Odenkirk has had one of the most fascinating careers in Hollywood.<p>He started as potentially the best comedy writer in the business by writing for …