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California’s new report cards: Which districts don’t make the grade?

California has rolled out an updated school report card, a color-coded matrix that rates student and school performance in several areas, replacing …


Post-Common Core, U.S. Kids Slide On Another Academic Measure

International test results released this week show U.S. students losing ground on yet another measure in the Common Core era, reading test results …


5 Warning Signs Your Child Needs Tutoring

Is your child disinterested in learning, losing confidence and always handing in incomplete homework? They might need some help. [SPONSORED]<p>It's easy …


What Does Betsy DeVos' Take on Rising Grad Rates, Stagnant Test Scores Tell Us?

American education got some good news this week—rising graduation rates—and some not-so-hot news: sluggish scores on the Progress in International …


The College Board monster and why it’s time to $lay the dragon

OPINION by Michael Hynes |<p>Reader beware. Before you read my thoughts about the educational sacred cow and standardized testing machine known as the …


Reducing the Need for Intervention

Quick Win<p><i>Drop the labels.</i> Labels predispose a mindset that may not be accurate and may limit our expectations for that student.<p>Kathy's story is a …


Teacher: We didn’t sign up for this

Teachers in Anchorage recently rejected a tentative agreement on a new contract that failed to include a sought-after 3 percent salary increase — but, according to news reports, money was not the only issue. Sagging morale was another factor.<p>KTUU in Anchorage quoted Corey Aist, a teacher in the …


The Stories We've Been Told (in 2017) about Education Technology

Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2017: The Stories We’ve Been Told<p>At the end of every year since I founded Hack Education in 2010, I’ve reviewed what I think …


State ratings for New Orleans schools are on a three-year slide

State rankings for most New Orleans schools are on a three-year slide, with 65 percent dropping from 2014 to 2017.<p>The drop in School Performance …


How to Get Your Mind to Read

Americans are not good readers. Many blame the ubiquity of digital media. We’re too busy on Snapchat to read, or perhaps internet skimming has made us incapable of reading serious prose. But Americans’ trouble with reading predates digital technologies. The problem is not bad reading habits …



<i>early elementary school activities</i><p><b>FOR GRADES PreK-2</b><p>Brand new for early education! We have a limited supply of Puzzlets for Dash, which allow for …


The school change paradox: To innovate (and avoid fads!), go slow - Trusted

<i>It’s no secret: America’s K–12 schools face a slew of challenges. From increasing competition to rapidly changing technology to increased diversity</i> …


Zapzapmath App- More Math Games Elementary School Kids Will Enjoy

Math is such an important subject for kids to master. You don’t want them to struggle early on because all math skills build upon the basics and it …


To Be 'Proficient' in Illinois, You Have to Be More Than College-Ready

Illinois sparks controversy by setting its bar for proficiency higher than the college-readiness score on the SAT.


Educator-Led Projects Aimed at Improving Public Schools Showcased in AFT Report

In the seven years since its start in 2009, the American Federation of Teachers' Innovation Fund has awarded grants totaling $16 million, pinning its …


Teaching Parents the Right 'Questions to Ask' in Schools

A long-running California program teaches parents how to advocate for their children and navigate a sometimes-unfamiliar school system.


Report: In making changes, many states leave key Common Core components intact

While it doesn't make direct comparisons, Achieve's new report finds the standards mostly remain as intended following adjustments in states that …


Even When States Revise Standards, the Core of the Common Core Remains

Printer-Friendly<p>Email Article<p>Reprints<p>Comments<p>For a while, the Common Core State Standards seemed to teeter on the brink of the abyss. State lawmakers …


Roy Moore on Fair School Funding, Doug Jones on DeVos in the Ala. Senate Race

It's fair to say that education is not the biggest issue in the Alabama special election for the U.S. Senate. But where do Republican Roy Moore and …


#15 Terps Take Down Niagara, 92-65

Stat Comparison<p><b>Category</b><p><b>MD</b><p><b>NIA</b><p>Scoring<p>92<p>65<p>Rebounding<p>42<p>30<p>FG Pct.<p>56.7%<p>35.9%<p>3FG Pct.<p>45.5%<p>50.0%<p>FT Pct.<p>82.6%<p>71.4%<p>Points in the Paint<p>46<p>24<p>Bench …

College Basketball

Illinois Lawmakers Poised to Mandate Cursive Lessons in Schools

« Are Science Fairs Worth All That Trouble? Study Seeks Some Answers | Main<p>Illinois lawmakers are considering a signature issue: Should the state …


Advice for Secretary DeVos: Remember the Trump Base

Commentary<p>To advance her agenda, Betsy DeVos needs to improve her relationship with the Right<p>Printer-Friendly<p>Email Article<p>Reprints<p>Comments<p>—Photo: …


Dreaded graduation exams are out, SAT is in for Indiana high school students

CLOSE<p>Indiana will soon scrap the much-maligned ISTEP achievement test. Its replacement, ILEARN, will roll out in the spring of 2019. Here's what is …


How Do Trump's K-12 Campaign Promises Hold Up a Year After His Election?

« Raging Tax Debate Sucks In Teachers' Deductions, School Choice | Main | Betsy DeVos to Visit Schools in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands …


Thousands of parents are enrolling their children in online preschool

LeMya Vaughn completes an activity on her kindergarten readiness program, UPSTART. Photo: Jackie Mader/The Hechinger ReportJACKSON, Miss. — LeMya …


Online programs are filling a preschool gap, but experts see pitfalls in screentime and social skills

JACKSON, Miss. — LeMya Vaughn, wearing a pink shirt, her hair braided neatly, sat in a large red armchair, her feet swinging far above the floor, …



Common Core State Standards. Professional Development. Evaluation. Planning. Data teams. Standardized testing. And so on, and so on. In education …


Bill Gates is spending $1.7 billion to fix the US education system—here's how

Bill Gates has been an<p>education-focused philanthropist since 2000<p>and over the next five years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans to invest …


My Scarecrow's 5 Senses Emergent Reader Booklet

Reinforce lots of <b>Common Core State Standards</b> with this sweet, scarecrow-themed emergent-reader, that incorporates the <b>5 senses</b> and plenty of <b>Dolch</b> …

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Encouraging students to make mistakes to improve math outcomes

San Francisco Unified incorporates social and emotional learning in math curriculum to provide richer academic lessons and improve student outcomes.