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Kevin Feige Confirms The Fan Theory About Stan Lee’s Cameos In Marvel Movies

Almost every Marvel movie, whether it’s the R-rated <i>Deadpool</i> with Stan in da club or <i>Spider-Man</i> with him saved from being crushed, has the presence of one Stanley Lieber, better known to comics fans as Stan Lee. A fan theory has been going around for a while that Stan is some sort of greater cosmic …

Marvel Universe

15 MCU Fan Theories That Will Freak You Out!

What Marvel movie secrets are hiding right in front of our eyes? These 15 fan theories about the MCU might just blow your mind!

Marvel Universe

5 Movies Marvel Studios Must Release To Launch The MARVEL COSMIC UNIVERSE

It appears as if Phase 4 could transform the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the Marvel Cosmic Universe. Here are five movies we need to see be a huge …

Marvel Universe

Guardian 2’s End Credits Scenes Explained

The end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 had big consequences and a whopping five post-credits scenes to set up what’s coming next. Let’s break down …

Guardians of the Galaxy

Morena Baccarin is glad some sex scenes were cut from Deadpool

<b>Deadpool</b> was obviously an adult-oriented superhero movie (arguably the first of its kind) and naturally dabbled in some sexual content, most notably …

Marvel Universe

13 Easter eggs from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Celestials, Super-Egos and spacemen.<p>Any MCU movie worth its salt will come stuffed with Easter-eggy references to Marvel Comics and other films in …

Marvel Universe

Why Marvel Films Don't Overlap As Much Anymore

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige reveals why the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe films tend not to overlap.

Marvel Universe

Marvel's The Defenders picks up one month after the events of Iron Fist

Marvel’s The Defenders will finally see the street-level superheroes join forces, and now we know where it falls on the timeline: The Defenders takes …

Luke Cage

Potential SPOILERS For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Revealed In New Set Video

A new <i>Avengers: Infinity War</i> set video has surfaced offering a closer look at that kiss between The Vision and Scarlet Witch, but it may reveal some …

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Two 'Wonder Woman' Promos Tease Ares Fight

Her name is Diana, Princess of Themyscira. Eh, just call her Diana Prince. Or better yet, "Wonder Woman."<p>Two new TV spots are promoting the upcoming DC Comics superhero flick. Most of the footage has already been seen in the trailers, but the first promo does have the briefest glimpse of an epic …

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Who Is Marvel's Adam Warlock?

<i>Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2</i>, which is in theaters internationally now and comes to the US on May 5, expands upon the Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing new characters of the cosmic variety. The newest film in the studio's constantly growing universe debuts a slew of new characters during …

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'The Flash' season 3 episode 22 spoilers: Barry Allen seeks 'Cold' favor to save Iris West

Wentworth Miller is slated to return on "The Flash" for episode 22 of season 3, partnering with Barry in an effort to save Iris West from "Savitar."


In superhero comics, outer space is super weird: Here’s why

Space, superheroes and the king of comics, Jack Kirby<p>This week, on Issue at Hand! We explore space — or, at least, the space setting in superhero comics, and why it’s so different from a lot of other modern science fiction.<p>And in our space explorations, I touch on one creator whose career charted …


Marvel and Pixite launch Marvel: Color Your Own app

Marvel Entertainment and Pixite have announced the launch of <b>Marvel: Color Your Own</b>, a free to download app that lets users become part of the …


What’s Going on with Wonder Woman?

Fans are wondering if the superhero movie is getting the short marketing shrift.<p>Happy Friday! The sun has returned to New York and my succulents are thriving once more. Plus, I’m not at Fyre Festival, so the day’s off to a great start.<p><b>Yohana Desta</b> here today (don’t worry, the inimitable <b>Rebecca</b> …

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Get to know the new Wonder Woman and Spider-Man

LOS ANGELES (AP) — You know the names and you've met them briefly before, but this summer Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Tom Holland's Spider-Man take center stage in blockbusters all their own. Both face the gargantuan task of revitalizing brands and properties that could use some help: For "Wonder …


The Woods creators tease the final arc: It’s ‘emotional, beautiful, and weird'

The woods have long been home to not only adventurous teens but also fears of things that go bump in the night. It’s also one of the featured locations in James Tynion IV and Michael Dialynas’ long-running (and aptly titled) comic series, <i>The Woods</i>.<p>“It’s about a high school in the suburbs of …


Momoa’s Aquaman Is an ‘Outsider’ Who Can’t Control His Powers

Momoa will play the Atlantean as a king coming of age in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the forthcoming Aquaman solo film.

DC Comics

'Wonder Woman' Ad Spending Outpacing 'Suicide Squad'

Cheer up, fanboys — Warner Bros isn’t trying to strangle “Wonder Woman” before it even hits theaters. In fact, five weeks out from release WB is …

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On National Superhero Day, here are the dumbest superhero powers

It's National Superhero Day, but, man, are there some ridiculous superpowers out there.


Patty Jenkins Already Has A Great Idea For ‘Wonder Woman’ Sequel

Even before “Wonder Woman” makes its way to the big screen, the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, has already been cooking up exciting plans for its …

DC Comics

Diana Finds a Reason to Fight in Kickass New Wonder Woman Footage

It’s been a while since we last got to see the <i>Wonder Woman</i> movie in action, and it’s still looking damn great.<p>Warner Bros. dropped two new TV spots …

DC Comics

Watch Diana Prince throw a man through a wall in these new “Wonder Woman” teasers

Hip, hip, hooray! The new <i>Wonder Woman</i> movie is just around the corner and we’re finally getting some awesome new teasers to get us pumped. In these …

DC Comics

2 New WONDER WOMAN Spots Want Us to Find Power Together

Did you know we were less than two months out from the premiere of <i>Wonder Woman</i> (which hits theaters June 2nd)? You certainly wouldn’t know it from …

DC Comics

“The Flash” #21

As the World’s Greatest Detectives continue their investigation, questions need to be answered and it isn’t the ones you’re thinking of.<p><b>Written by</b> …

DC Comics

Are You Wondering Where the Wonder Woman Marketing Is? Yeah, Us Too

We’ve got just over a month before <i>Wonder Woman</i> hits theaters. By this time in a mega-blockbuster superhero movie’s gestation cycle, potential …

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Videos: 10 Movies That Low-key Hides Superhero Weaknesses

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 movies that low-key hides superhero weaknesses. Comic book superheroes are super powerful, but …


Stan Lee’s Got A Cameo In Bryan Singer’s New X-MEN Show

You're never going to believe this, but - according to Bryan Singer's Instagram account - Stan Lee has a cameo in FOX's upcoming <i>X-Men</i> TV series, …


5 Things a Good HE-MAN/MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Movie Needs

The director’s chair for a new <i>Masters of the Universe</i> movie continues to revolve, with McG being the latest to depart the project even as Sony has …


Maggie and Supergirl Team Up to Save Alex in New Photos

Following the promo <b>earlier this week</b>, The CW has released the first batch of photos for the next episode of Supergirl. Check them out in the gallery …

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