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Man who blocked traffic on Hoover Dam bridge wanted release of government report

<b>(CNN) —</b> The armed man who for more than an hour blocked a highway near the Hoover Dam with an armored truck and held a sign that said "Release the OIG report" is in an Arizona jail accused of several felonies, police said Saturday.<p>Matthew Phillip Wright, 30, of Henderson, Nevada, is accused of …

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Colorado immigrant rights advocates demand end to ‘cruel’ child separations

As the immigration debate has evolved from that of Dreamers wanting their fair shot at the American Dream to sobbing children being separated from …


Colorado Snow Sports Museum open after renovations

The museum in Vail underwent a $2.4 million renovation project that forced it to close for more than a year.<p>Published: 8:48 AM MDT June 20, …

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The POLLS Are In on Border Family Separation

Republicans will reportedly be meeting with President Trump Tuesday evening to “confront” him on his new policy of kidnapping and caging children.<p>It …


Hoover Dam Shutdown, Man Barricades Himself in Armored Truck Demanding ‘Release the Report’

Officials Saturday remained unclear about the motives of an armed man who blocked traffic on the Hoover Dam and demanded the release of a report that …

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Trump trapped by his own desire for success

The word of the day from pundit-world seems to be "snookered," which is being used to describe Donald Trump's, uh, accomplishments in Singapore, …

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Williams charges improper Democratic Party interference in CD2 primary, Neguse camp denies

Mark Williams charges that national and Colorado Democratic Party "insiders" have been meddling in his 2nd Congressional District primary election …


Where the Bernie-Crats At? The Top Progressives in the Primaries

The rift between so-called establishment Democrats, i.e. Hillary Clinton and her ilk, and a new wave of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders-inspired …


As Fracking Takes Center Stage in AG Race, Where Do the Democrats Stand?

In one corner is Joe Salazar, the Thornton state representative who has been an outspoken critic of the oil and gas industry and pushed to codify an …


9News's Kyle Clark on Why Walker Stapleton Is a Liar

It's not often that a TV-news anchor essentially agrees with those calling a leading gubernatorial candidate a liar. But that's exactly what 9News' …


Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un come together for momentous summit

<p>President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un kicked off a momentous summit Tuesday, with Trump declaring the two would have a "great …

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AP Top Stories June 11 A

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Trump Signals Possible Support for Bipartisan Marijuana Legislation

Gardner is co-sponsoring the legislation with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat.<p>The bill would amend the federal Controlled Substances …


Fareed Zakaria: For Democrats the tide is still against them

NEW YORK — With their successes this week in the California primaries, Democrats are increasingly optimistic about their prospects for the midterm …


Federal cannabis bill would help California marijuana businesses get banking - San Francisco Chronicle | San Luis Obispo NORML

San Francisco ChronicleFederal cannabis bill would help California marijuana businesses get bankingSan Francisco ChronicleA bipartisan effort in …


To put a Republican in the governor’s mansion after 20 years, candidate must be flawless

Will Colorado Republicans elect a new governor for the first time in twenty years in 2018? Are Colorado Republicans capable of nominating a candidate …


Donald Trump would "probably" support legalizing Colorado's marijuana industry - through bid by Cory Gardner and Elizabeth Warren

<p>A bill that would protect state marijuana laws from federal interference received a major plug on Friday when President Donald Trump said he …


Republicans are giddy for Western Conservative Summit (and so are Democrats)

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt are scheduled to speak Friday at the Western …

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Golden State Warriors, Cleveland Cavaliers stars say they’re not going to White House

CLEVELAND — Stephen Curry and LeBron James spoke their minds last year. They have not changed their minds this year.No matter whose team wins the NBA …

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NORML's Jared Polis Endorsement and Growing Power of Marijuana Voters

The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law's political action committee has endorsed Representative Jared Polis's 2018 campaign for …


Chad Brown calls White House statement on Philadelphia Eagles visit “a bunch of B—S—”

The former NFL player and CU alum not shy about his feelings towards President TrumpAmong the people that took to Twitter to express frustration with …

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CCU's Jeff Hunt on Samantha Bee Press Credentials, Ted Nugent Use of C-Word

Jeff Hunt, among the main coordinators of the Western Conservative Summit at Colorado Christian University, says comic Samantha Bee's recent …


Presidents are not above the law, ever

If it wasn't an open, oozing sore in our body politic before this, the current administration's position that President Donald J. Trump is above the …

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FBI Backflipper's Gun Fires at Mile High Spirits: Twenty Craziest Tweets

The story of an FBI agent whose gun accidentally discharged while he was backflipping at a Denver nightclub is continuing to spread today. But as …


Trump's accuser Stormy Daniels stops in Denver

Stormy Daniels appeared at Denver's Diamond Cabaret for two nights this weekend.

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Secretary Zinke Announces $1.1 Million Reclamation Contract to Navajo Nation Tribal Government for Assisting San Juan River Basin Recovery

Date: June 4, 2018<br>Contact:<p><b>WASHINGTON</b> – U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced today that the Bureau of …


Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Launch Big PAC Attack in Debate Tonight

Did Cary Kennedy break the Clean Campaign Pledge?


Do you want a good person or a good president?

"Faith without deeds is dead"<p>— James 2-26<p>Those words were spoken about 2,000 years ago by a Jew to other Jews in their ancestral home and capital, …


Korea summit after all? Trump says 'everybody plays games'

"Everybody plays games," President Donald Trump declared Friday as he suggested the potentially historic North Korean summit he had suddenly called …

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Walk with us, Ryan Zinke, and see the folly in what you’ve done

<i>Kim Heacox’s most recent books are “Rhythm of the Wild: A Life Inspired by Alaska’s Denali National Park” and the novel “Jimmy Bluefeather.”</i><p>Let us be charitable and forgive Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke for his blunder last month when he proudly placed on his head a U.S. National Park Service flat …